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Qualcomm-NXP: Another Testosterone-Driven Deal?
Bolaji Ojo  
10/27/2016   (1) comment
Hard questions are arising. It comes back to finding the justification for this deal. Does this deal really make sense for Qualcomm?
Conflict Minerals Resolution for Supply Chain?
Bolaji Ojo  
2/28/2013   (9) comments
Could new extraction technology eliminate the conflict over conflict minerals?
The Smart Watch Is Already Here
Bolaji Ojo  
2/26/2013   (33) comments
If Apple plans to make a splash in the smart watch market, it will first have to dislodge some innovative products already available from competitors.
Dueling Swords in EMS market
Bolaji Ojo  
2/22/2013   (7) comments
With margins extremely tight, contract manufacturers are learning to dump some contracts while expanding services in other areas.
EMS Capability vs. OEM Pedigree
Bolaji Ojo  
2/13/2013   (3) comments
What are electronics manufacturing services providers looking for in their OEM customers?
Who's at the Heart of the Supply Chain?
Bolaji Ojo  
2/12/2013   (4) comments
By moving to the core of the industry and offerings services that keep the system humming, a group within the electronics market has rendered irrelevant the question of ownership and control of the supply chain.
PAPP: Sixth-Sense Solution for the Supply Chain
Bolaji Ojo  
2/4/2013   (10) comments
The smartest supply chains rely on the sixth sense of managers to forecast and minimize the impact of natural and unnatural disasters.
The Case for a Multiple Supply Chain System
Bolaji Ojo  
2/1/2013   (11) comments
Manufacturers need multiple supply chains even for a single product, and picking which to deploy will depend upon numerous factors.
Don't Crown China Yet
Bolaji Ojo  
1/30/2013   (9) comments
The conclusion that China will soon be the top global economy is premature, as it faces major structural and geo-political problems.
Lifting the Veil Over Pricing Secrecy
Bolaji Ojo  
1/29/2013   (13) comments
A new tool from UBM partner Lytica promises much needed pricing visibility into the buying and selling of electronic components.
Is the Quest for Supply Chain Visibility Unrealistic?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/25/2013   (15) comments
Supply chain visibility has become a must-achieve goal for manufacturers, but could we possibly be chasing the wrong objective?
Rethinking Intel's Greatest Asset
Bolaji Ojo  
1/23/2013   (14) comments
Intel is working to liberate itself from challenges in the PC market, but with the size of the investments, failure could be catastrophic.
Why Manufacturing Matters & Where Best to Do It
Bolaji Ojo  
1/18/2013   (14) comments
Manufacturing is important to economic development, but each country should examine carefully what type of production to be involved in.
When Is Excellence Not Enough?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/17/2013   (10) comments
In 2013, manufacturers will need not just an excellent supply chain, but one that works closely with other departments.
IDC Sees Higher PC Processor Sales in 2013
Bolaji Ojo  
1/16/2013   (6) comments
PC microprocessor sales and shipments are projected to rise in 2013 as vendors counter inroads by smartphones and tablets.
A Private Buyout Won't Cure What Ails Dell
Bolaji Ojo  
1/15/2013   (24) comments
A leveraged buyout by private equity firms won't resolve the problems facing Dell, but it might still go ahead all the same.
Suppliers Squeezed as Apple Cuts Components Orders
Bolaji Ojo  
1/14/2013   (14) comments
Apple's suppliers are being squeezed after the company slashed components orders due to slower than expected sales of its iPhone 5.
Samsung Becoming the Apple of Our Eye?
Bolaji Ojo  
1/9/2013   (22) comments
Apple is the toast of the industry, but Samsung is now getting as much attention. Who will be the next darling of the supply chain?
Manufacturing on a Roll
Bolaji Ojo  
1/2/2013   Post a comment
Global manufacturing stabilized in December, sparking hope 2013 could be better than currently forecast despite weakness in Europe and Japan.
Economic Humpty Dumpty
Bolaji Ojo  
1/2/2013   (9) comments
Congress scaled the "fiscal cliff" while ignoring problems such as the debt ceiling. These other cliffs will imperil the global economy.
ST Conundrum: Break Up or Tweak?
Bolaji Ojo  
11/29/2012   (6) comments
ST isn't ready yet to break into two separate companies, but it cannot continue with business as usual. Start with getting rid of ST-Ericsson.
So You Think Apple Is Invincible...
Bolaji Ojo  
11/12/2012   (29) comments
If your company appears as dominant as Apple is today, beware how you treat suppliers because no enterprise is invincible or unbeatable.
China's Top 10 Economic Challenges & the High-Tech Implications
Bolaji Ojo  
11/8/2012   (16) comments
Economic developments in China will impact many of its trading partners and business sectors, including electronics.
Kodak Bankruptcy Ruling: Lessons for Business & Workers
Bolaji Ojo  
11/6/2012   (16) comments
Kodak is shelving many retiree benefits to cut costs, reinforcing the notion that employer and employee objectives aren't always in sync.
Crack Opens in Apple's Tablet Armor
Bolaji Ojo  
11/5/2012   (6) comments
Apple's tablet shipments grew in the third quarter, but its marketshare fell sharply as rivals increased penetration.
Higher Consumer Confidence May Jolt Electronics Sales
Bolaji Ojo  
11/2/2012   (4) comments
The Electronics market could still close 2012 in better shape if consumer confidence remains upbeat through the end of the year.
China & the Electronics Supply Chain: What's Next?
Bolaji Ojo  
11/1/2012   Post a comment
Now that China appears dominant in electronics manufacturing, what does the future hold for the country and the extended supply chain?
IHS: 'High Risk' Suppliers Threaten Defense Supply Chain
Bolaji Ojo  
10/29/2012   (11) comments
Research firm says the number of component makers it classifies as "high-risk suppliers" to the US government is on the increase.
When China Bites...
Bolaji Ojo  
10/29/2012   (22) comments
Offering potentials and jeopardy at the same time, China is a conundrum for Western companies.
Apple in a Bind as Courts Wrangle Over Patents
Bolaji Ojo  
10/26/2012   (40) comments
Apple is forced by a UK court to say Samsung tablets did not infringe on one of its patents, in spite of contrary rulings in Germany and the US.
Electronics & the Unending Economic Crisis
Bolaji Ojo  
10/26/2012   (35) comments
Persistent weakness in the global economy is hurting electronics manufacturers. Get used to it. There's no quick fix in sight.
The Matchmaker
Bolaji Ojo  
10/24/2012   (16) comments
Finding a home for tech innovation is the business of matchmakers like John Lyons, but getting introduced only starts the process.
Has the West Given Up on Manufacturing?
Bolaji Ojo  
10/15/2012   (8) comments
Will China continue to dominate manufacturing, or is there still a role for high-cost countries like Germany and the United States?
Google vs. Microsoft: The Making of an Epic Rivalry
Bolaji Ojo  
10/4/2012   (35) comments
Google and Microsoft are rivals seeking unorthodox ways to diversify operations. Their moves are exciting and their clash will be epic.
Velocity in October: Is this Distribution's New Golden Age?
Bolaji Ojo  
10/3/2012   (1) comment
Regional and global sales and growth opportunities are opening up for distributors, but how prepared is the industry to exploit these?
Saving a 'Fundamentally Flawed' Business
Bolaji Ojo  
10/1/2012   (6) comments
Some technology companies are so "flawed" they may be beyond saving, despite repeated cost-cutting and other reorganization efforts.
Trying to Be Like Apple Can Harm Your Business
Bolaji Ojo  
9/24/2012   (32) comments
The desire to be like Apple is spreading across the economy, but for many companies, the quest can be disastrous.
Escatec: Survivor Strategies for the Western Manufacturer
Bolaji Ojo  
9/18/2012   (11) comments
A specialized design services and electronics contract manufacturer is showing what it will take for manufacturing to thrive in the West
A Bruising War for Resources Looms
Bolaji Ojo  
8/31/2012   (3) comments
Economic turmoil is here, but so is fierce competition for resources. What does this conflict mean for businesses and the environment?
Apple Scores a Pyrrhic Victory
Bolaji Ojo  
8/27/2012   (17) comments
Apple triumphed over Samsung in its US patent battle, but the buzz on the Web indicates many consumers aren't too happy with the verdict.
Green Requires a Corner Office Champion
Bolaji Ojo  
8/21/2012   (6) comments
Achieving lasting compliance with environmental rules and getting the most out of the efforts require the support and leadership of the CEO.
Illusions of 'Conflict-Free' Minerals
Bolaji Ojo  
8/16/2012   (22) comments
A report touts progress in curbing the spread of "conflict minerals" in the electronics supply chain but highlights continued challenges.
Apple-Samsung: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Bolaji Ojo  
8/14/2012   (20) comments
The Apple/Samsung war over patents and designs may titillate audiences, but the real war for marketshare is taking place elsewhere.
Avnet's Vallee Passes the Torch
Bolaji Ojo  
8/13/2012   (6) comments
Roy Vallee helped consolidate and reshape the components distribution market; as he moves on, the sector confronts the start of a new era.
Cutting Down on the Cost of Green
Bolaji Ojo  
8/9/2012   (3) comments
Achieving compliance with environmental regulations can be costly, but companies can reduce this by tapping existing resources.
This Month on Velocity: Green Compliance
Bolaji Ojo  
8/2/2012   (9) comments
Our supply-chain-focused site will this month examine environmental compliance and other green issues facing electronics manufacturers.
The Customer Sneezed: What Happens Next?
Bolaji Ojo  
7/31/2012   (8) comments
High-tech and electronic equipment vendors are hurting due to the cloudy economic situation. How is this affecting the supply chain?
TI to Beef Up Cash With $1B Offering
Bolaji Ojo  
7/30/2012   (12) comments
Texas Instruments plans a $1 billion debt offering that will barely increase its leverage. It may use the money for acquisitions.
Is Apple Becoming Too Human?
Bolaji Ojo  
7/26/2012   (56) comments
Apple betrays its humanity by missing analysts' forecast, but it was never invincible, and it will slip in some markets it now dominates.
Nokia Gets Slapped Down, Again
Bolaji Ojo  
7/23/2012   (17) comments
Moody's and Fitch have reduced their debt ratings for Nokia again, citing concerns about its profit outlook.
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