George Karalias
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Semiconductor Packaging Is No Longer 'Standard'
George Karalias  
2/16/2014   (15) comments
Standard packaging is no more, and package obsolescence will drive product EOL at a more frequent rate going forward.
Managing the Unmanageable: Customers & PLM
George Karalias  
11/7/2013   (6) comments
By working with the right suppliers, customers can get critical components even after they are obsolete.
PLM: Creating Happy Component Endings
George Karalias  
9/18/2013   (12) comments
Using smart product life-cycle management, component manufacturers are making life easier for their customers.
Get Smart About Green
George Karalias  
9/9/2013   (13) comments
Choosing the right partner for obsolescent and EOL parts is important, both for your business and the environment.
Memorial Day Thoughts for the Electronics Industry
George Karalias  
5/27/2013   (15) comments
As the US honors those who gave their lives to defend freedom, itís time for the electronics industry to take meaningful steps to reduce the use of dangerous counterfeit parts in military equipment.
Earth Day 2013: The Supply Chain's Role in Reducing E-Waste
George Karalias  
4/29/2013   (18) comments
The supply chainís role in reducing e-waste.
Sequestration Impact for the Supply Chain, Part 2
George Karalias  
3/5/2013   (4) comments
Uncertainties over the impact of the budget cuts raise questions about end-of-life decisions and counterfeiting exposure.
Sequestration Impact for the Supply Chain, Part 1
George Karalias  
3/1/2013   (2) comments
Whether sequestration takes effect is almost irrelevant -- budget cuts are coming in 2013. What does it mean for the electronics supply chain?
Don't Keep Quiet on Counterfeits & Counterfeiters
George Karalias  
1/23/2013   (14) comments
Reports indicate counterfeiting is still a growing problem but the industry needs people willing to speak out about its dangers.
Securing the Supply Chain Against Counterfeiters
George Karalias  
12/18/2012   (4) comments
Finding a safe, reliable source of semiconductors in a changing supply chain is a continuing quest for the electronics industry.
NDAA, DLA, DNA... Still Clear as Mud
George Karalias  
12/4/2012   (5) comments
Parts of the National Defense Authorization Act are still open to interpretation, and questions linger about DNA as an anti-counterfeiting measure.
After Electronica: Jet-lagged but Ready for Business
George Karalias  
11/26/2012   (2) comments
The contacts made and transactions conducted at trade shows like Electronica justify the investment in these events.
Raising the Awareness of Component Obsolescence
George Karalias  
11/14/2012   (4) comments
The industry's Components Obsolescence Group created a forum where equipment manufacturers, users, and solution providers could share information on obsolescence.
Electronica 2012: Good Vibrations
George Karalias  
11/13/2012   (2) comments
Despite industry reports of slowdowns in production for the semiconductor industry, and economic challenges, companies are optimistic and making the investment for the future.
Counterfeiting Hurts the High-Tech Supply Chain
George Karalias  
10/11/2010   (10) comments
Counterfeiting is not new, but despite corporate and regulatory efforts, it is polluting the high-tech supply chain

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