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Know What High-Tech Online Shoppers Want
Change in the Chain  
12/3/2014   (23) comments
Electronics OEMs need to pay attention to consumer experience in order to win the race to capture customer loyalty.
Waste Not, Want Not: Sustainability in the Supply Chain Pays Off
Change in the Chain  
11/10/2014   (9) comments
Electronics OEMs have a bunch of reasons to build sustainability into the supply chain. Being a good corporate citizen is just the tip of the iceberg.
Risky Business: 3 Strategies to Keep Your High-Tech Supply Chain Safe From Disruption
Change in the Chain  
10/9/2014   (6) comments
Smart OEMs are finding ways to streamline their supply chain operations to meet market demands, reduce costs, and become more customer-centric.
Turning Growing Pains Into Global Gains
Change in the Chain  
9/10/2014   (1) comment
Global initiatives can yield big business benefits, but only if they are done right. Here are a handful of methods for evaluating the potential of new markets.
High-Tech Execs Offer Lessons Learned in Emerging Market Expansion
Change in the Chain  
4/10/2014   (1) comment
OEMs are eying emerging markets as a valuable and profitable new venue to sell their wares.
PLC: How Does Your Company Stack Up?
Change in the Chain  
3/13/2014   (2) comments
Product lifecycle management, from design to end of life, is especially critical to success in the high-tech industry. It's time to close the gaps in your PLM activities.
Customer-Centricity Takes Top Spot for High-Tech Supply Chain Principles
Change in the Chain  
3/5/2014   (20) comments
Customer service is becoming a huge differentiator in the quick-moving electronics world. That's certainly going to impact the supply chain.
Nearshoring Still Searching for Adoption
Change in the Chain  
2/26/2014   (3) comments
As much as we talk about nearshoring as an idea whose time has come, most organizations are taking a wait-and-see attitude.
Supply Chain Strategy Changes Ahead for the High-Tech Aftermarket
Change in the Chain  
10/9/2013   (2) comments
The post-sales supply chain is evolving rapidly, and companies will have to change with it to thrive.
Bringing Omnichannel Experience to Electronics Customers
Change in the Chain  
8/7/2013   (7) comments
Shoppers are searching for an omnichannel experience. Electronics OEMs need to consider that in their reverse logistics planning.
How to Overcome the 4 C's in Global Technology Shipping
Change in the Chain  
5/23/2013   (7) comments
Mitigating unnecessary costs, protecting high-value products, navigating customs processes, and ensuring end-to-end visibility across the supply chain are all key challenges of international shipping.
Major Sourcing Shifts Coming in Next 5 Years
Change in the Chain  
2/19/2013   (11) comments
It’s critical for high-tech companies to continually examine their sourcing strategies; here are some significant trends to consider today.
Reclaiming Value Through Reverse Logistics
Change in the Chain  
1/31/2013   (4) comments
Don't wait for problems. Identify potential challenges in your reverse logistics and returns processes.
Time to Focus on Returns
Change in the Chain  
1/29/2013   (5) comments
Without a good returns management policy, manufacturers can see their costs go up unnecessarily. A logistics expert can help.
Growth Opens for High-Tech in Emerging Markets
Change in the Chain  
12/10/2012   (2) comments
Focusing on the right emerging markets at the right times can result in new and large business opportunities for high-tech companies.
Going Global: Is Your Supply Chain Ready?
Change in the Chain  
6/28/2012   (10) comments
Expansion into global markets shouldn't cause a company's operations to falter, but the supply chain and logistics must be prepared.
Reverse Logistics: an Underused but Highly Effective Tool
Change in the Chain  
6/4/2012   (3) comments
A strategically managed reverse logistics program can produce profits rather than waste, reduce liability, and improve customer satisfaction.
What We Learned From Japan Earthquake
Change in the Chain  
5/2/2012   (12) comments
Effective risk management is still a weak point in the electronics supply chain, even after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Customers Are Changing the High-Tech Game
Change in the Chain  
2/21/2012   (16) comments
Customers are calling the shots on when, where, and how goods and services are delivered and what will succeed in the marketplace.
Shifting Sourcing Strategies Drive Supply Chain Change in Asia
Change in the Chain  
11/9/2011   (8) comments
Rising costs in China are prompting high-tech companies in Asia to explore alternative sourcing locations within the region as well as in North America.
5 Tips for Setting Up Shop in China
Change in the Chain  
10/26/2011   (19) comments
China is attracting electronics makers, but it is a tough market. Here are some suggestions for setting up there.
It's July: Are You Ready for Christmas?
Change in the Chain  
7/25/2011   (11) comments
It's time to start planning for the seasonally strong end-of-year sales. Here are some tips to get you started.
Get the Most From Returns
Change in the Chain  
6/27/2011   (9) comments
Reverse logistics has significant top- and bottom-line impact and should be a high priority for high-tech companies.
Don't Let a Business Boom Be a Supply Chain Bust
Change in the Chain  
5/23/2011   (4) comments
How to overcome logistical challenges when business is booming.
Managing Supply Chain Risks With a Business Continuity Plan
Change in the Chain  
4/19/2011   (4) comments
Does your company have a business continuity plan in the event of an unexpected disaster? Here are a few suggestions to implementing one
4 Steps to a Successful Post-Merger Supply Chain Integration
Change in the Chain  
4/6/2011   (6) comments
Four steps to avoid critical supply chain disruptions and gain a competitive advantage during mergers and acquisitions
Involve Your 3PL in Package Testing & Design
Change in the Chain  
2/8/2011   (8) comments
Packaging and transportation costs can be dramatically reduced by involving the logistics services provider at the product design stage
A Successful Supply Chain Starts With Value Mapping
Change in the Chain  
12/6/2010   (3) comments
Supply chain value mapping defines how to arrive at desired outcomes by critically analyzing every business function and process
Survey Reveals Need for Flexible, Variable-Cost Supply Chain
Change in the Chain  
11/10/2010   (4) comments
Survey respondents say achieving a flexible supply chain through a completely variable cost structure is critical to business success
The ABC of Streamlining the SMB Supply Chain
Change in the Chain  
10/22/2010   (11) comments
Smaller businesses can lower supply chain costs by automating inbound visibility, briskly processing orders, and enabling customer tracking
Logistics: The Powerful Force Reshaping Business Today
Change in the Chain  
10/1/2010   (9) comments
Logistics, a powerful tool that companies can successfully use to differentiate their operations, is now available to most companies – and not just the few that can afford proprietary logistics operations

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Live Chat 11/12: Examining the Cyberthreat to Supply Chains
The number of cyberattacks is on the rise and hackers are targeting the supply chain. Drew Smith, founder and CEO of InfoArmor, will be on hand to discuss the reality of today's threat landscape and what to do about it.