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Making Sense of Supply Chain Sustainability
Wade McDaniel  
6/27/2014   (3) comments
To catch on, supply chain sustainability projects need to demonstrate that they are inherently better business. The "green" benefits, then, are an added bonus.
Production Volumes Will Test B2B Omnichannel
Wade McDaniel  
6/3/2014   (1) comment
Real-time, multi-channel availability is happening, but hasn't come into full-blown reality yet. It's going to take time to get to the full potential of omnichannel.
When Politics Make the Supply Chain Risky
Wade McDaniel  
5/7/2014   Post a comment
Recent headlines about political and international instability provide opportunity for supply chain insight.
Curing Supply Chain Tunnel Vision
Wade McDaniel  
4/14/2014   (1) comment
Supply chain professionals need to look beyond their own industry to spot important issues that will affect the electronics supply chain.
What’s Tax Got to Do With It?
Wade McDaniel  
3/10/2014   (4) comments
Staying aware of and up-to-date on country-specific regulatory mandates has become a critical part of being a supply chain professional.
Shaping the Workforce of the Future Through Collaboration
Lalit Wadhwa  
2/24/2014   (17) comments
Finding strong supply chain candidates is no easy task. One answer is close collaboration between industry and educational institutions.
Open Sesame: Alibaba Enters US Market
Wade McDaniel  
2/17/2014   (8) comments
11Main.com is lingering in the shadows of the e-commerce marketplace, but this consumer site will likely make a splash in the supply chain world.
Supply Chain: How Much Can Sales Be Trusted?
Pascal Fernandez  
2/6/2014   (5) comments
Supply chain professionals need to integrate sales people into their process. Here are a few quick tips on how to make that happen.
If It’s on NPR, It Must Be True
Wade McDaniel  
1/29/2014   (5) comments
As organizations talk about re-shoring, labor costs should only be part of the discussion. Taken as a whole, this is a movement whose time has come.
So You’ve Got Metrics… Now What?
Wade McDaniel  
1/16/2014   Post a comment
The biggest secret to the best metrics is to keep it simple. Everything gets better from there.
Get Beyond the Crystal Ball: Leverage Big Data in B2B
Lalit Wadhwa  
12/12/2013   (1) comment
Organizations used to have little real usable direction in making important decisions. However, big data and analytics begin to offer a solution.
Supply Chain Remains a Risky Business
Wade McDaniel  
11/18/2013   (13) comments
Current evidence leads possible conclusion that although there is a lot of interest in managing supply chain risk,but not much action being taken,
Big-Data Initiatives Drive Procurement Strategies
Lalit Wadhwa  
10/4/2013   (11) comments
Big-data initiatives allow procurement organizations to transform planning, procurement, inventory management, and supply risk management by leveraging supply side analytics.
Is It Time to Invest in Your Supply Chain?
Wade McDaniel  
10/1/2013   (5) comments
Even with all of the turmoil in the world, the macro numbers are encouraging. Now could be the time to invest and to make some big innovative changes in supply chain capabilities that will directly help customers.
Getting More for Less out of Your Logistics Operations
Gerry Fay  
9/4/2013   (4) comments
Although costs are rising in the supply chain, smart logistics professionals can fight the trend with good practices.
Tables Turning in Shipper/Carrier Relationship
Gerry Fay  
8/6/2013   (5) comments
It is more critical than ever that today's shipping customers make a concerted effort to be good customers.
Logistics: One Size Does Not Fit All
Gerry Fay  
7/12/2013   (16) comments
With any new venture, organizations must do their due diligence before committing to set up shop in emerging markets.
Everything Has a Cost
Gerry Fay  
6/11/2013   (4) comments
Failing to plan may represent the greatest risk of all to the global supply chain.
What’s 'at the Heart of It All' for FedEx
Gerry Fay  
5/10/2013   (6) comments
In North America, the electronics supply chain relies heavily on ground shipping. Avnet's Gerry Fay interviews Dave Kevern, vice president, World-Wide Services at Federal Express to get insights.
Get Supply Chain Analytics on Your Roadmap
Lalit Wadhwa  
4/12/2013   (1) comment
Technology plays a critical role in assimilating large and complex data sets from upstream and downstream members of the value chain, analyzing it and modeling it to optimize the supply chain.
Pandemics' Lessons for Supply Chain
Gerry Fay  
4/4/2013   (2) comments
Being vigilant and planning for the mitigation of likely risk scenarios allows us to all improve our outcomes.
Making the Right Transportation Modal Decision
Wade McDaniel  
3/29/2013   (11) comments
Truck or rail? Air or sea? The mode of transport can offer competitive advantage for organizations to increase profit margins through carefully optimizing their mode selection.
Q&A: Conflict Minerals – Define Your Policy, Start Now
Gerry Fay  
3/19/2013   (5) comments
Start slowly and carefully to prepare for the conflicts materials deadline, but start now. Start by empowering yourself with information about the issues.
Supply Chain Volatility: The New Norm
Gerry Fay  
3/7/2013   (3) comments
Focusing on the top volatility factors can bring perspective and provide us with an approach and strategy to manage volatility.
Supply Chain Talent Challenges in the 140-Character Era
Wade McDaniel  
3/1/2013   (1) comment
How do we bridge the human gap between supply chain analytics and practices?
How to Develop Your Supply Chain 6th Sense
Gerry Fay  
2/7/2013   (4) comments
Understanding trends is essential to effective problem resolution, forecasting, and business continuity planning in the supply chain.
Harnessing Information
Gerry Fay  
1/7/2013   (4) comments
Winning enterprises will be those that devise innovative ways to harness and translate information into supply chain excellence.
Finding Profitable Proximity
Douglas Kent  
12/24/2012   (12) comments
How much does serving that customer offshore really cost? Let's revisit the justification for far-shore manufacturing.
Creating a Unified & Resilient ERM Strategy
Gerry Fay  
12/21/2012   (2) comments
A successful ERM strategy ensures that the corporate and supply chain interests are integrated for customers and suppliers.
The Future of the Supply Chain Is in Good Hands
Gerry Fay  
12/5/2012   (9) comments
Collaboration between academia and businesses is helping to prepare the future generation of supply chain leaders.
Innovative Thinking: Majoring in Social Media
Al Maag  
11/27/2012   (14) comments
A deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate using the latest technologies will be key to having a successful career.
Business Leaders & Educators Should Be BFFs
Al Maag  
11/5/2012   (2) comments
Business leaders need to collaborate more with the educational community, and invest in training, to get workers of the future.
Supply Chain Strategy Alignment
Wade McDaniel  
10/31/2012   Post a comment
Sourcing decisions have long-term impacts if not carefully thought out and matched to organizational supply chain strategy.
I Can See for Miles & Miles
Gerry Fay  
10/17/2012   (4) comments
The biggest differentiator in the supply chain is access to information for making rapid decisions. Avnet Control Tower can help.
From B2B to Control Tower
Pascal Fernandez  
10/12/2012   (1) comment
Improving visibility is no longer an option for manufacturers; it's the foundation of any supply chain maturity model.
Distribution Is up to Speed: Are You Benefitting?
Ron Moore  
10/10/2012   (1) comment
The range of services offered by distribution has grown, but the key goal is still understanding and helping the customers achieve their objectives.
Demand Performance
Gerry Fay  
10/3/2012   (3) comments
The most profitable and innovative companies are those successfully transforming their supply chains into demand-driven value networks.
Your Next Best Friend Isn't Siri
Al Maag  
9/20/2012   (20) comments
The key to your next career move or your next product pitch isn't in your PDA or smartphone -- it's in face-to-face communication.
Turning Data Into Dollars
Gerry Fay  
9/10/2012   (10) comments
As supply chain complexities raise the ability to effectively harness the power of data, it will become even more critical to enterprise success.
Don't Yield on Green
Ray Sadowski  
9/4/2012   (5) comments
Going green can reduce costs, boost sales, and preserve natural resources, so holding back isn't really a financially smart decision.
It's Not Easy Being Green
Wade McDaniel  
8/15/2012   (7) comments
The design and operation of a "green" supply chain is complicated by companies' need to factor in costs and shifting customer preferences.
The Olympics Are the Ultimate Reality Show
Al Maag  
8/9/2012   (15) comments
The stories of the athletes make the television programming so compelling. It's too bad the world doesn’t come together more often like this.
Caution: Green Zone Ahead
Gerry Fay  
8/7/2012   (4) comments
It is time to move beyond the discussion of why green is good and focus more on making it easier for members of the supply chain.
Supply Chain: It's Still 'Risky Business'
Douglas Kent  
8/6/2012   (15) comments
An efficient supply chain is a competitive tool, but it is fraught with risks and challenges many companies struggle to understand.
The Evolving Cost of Labor
Wade McDaniel  
7/24/2012   (16) comments
Labor rates are critical in selecting production facilities, but other metrics can help paint a more comprehensive picture.
Can Too Much Information Sharing Kill Innovation?
Pascal Fernandez  
7/23/2012   (4) comments
Information sharing between business partners can be useful, but the drive for innovation suffers when there is too much information.
A Return to Profitable Proximity
Douglas Kent  
7/11/2012   (17) comments
High-tech firms are more closely examining total cost in designing supply chains and in cases, moving production closer to consumers.
Managing the Loss of Knowledge
Douglas Kent  
7/9/2012   (5) comments
People are the most important elements in a supply chain. How do you assure continuity when critical employees leave?
High-Tech's Total Cost Quandary
Lalit Wadhwa  
7/4/2012   (2) comments
What is the total cost of providing your company's products and services, and is the supply chain success measured on this basis?
A Letter Still Wins Over Email in My Book
Al Maag  
6/29/2012   (49) comments
You want to know how to get the attention of a busy executive? A letter breaks through the email clutter.
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