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Apple Supply Chain Feels iPhone Pain
Bruce Gain  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
Slackening demand for Apple’s iconic iPhone is putting pressure on electronics suppliers, while the shortfall in sales growth could also affect component prices.
Shipping Left Out in Climate Pact, Industry Deals with It
Bruce Gain  
2/4/2016   Post a comment
The Paris climate agreement didn't specifically charge the logistics industry with a role in change, but the industry is taking up the mantle anyway.
Mega-Mergers Will Likely Prompt Container Shipping Price Hikes
Bruce Gain  
1/28/2016   Post a comment
High-level mergers among the world’s largest container shipping companies are reshaping the global ocean transport industry--and in the end it may mean higher prices.
The Changing Landscape of Global Ports
Bruce Gain  
1/13/2016   (7) comments
More than a dozen major ports are evolving to become critical players in the global supply chain list. Let's take a look at what ports are on the list.
15 New & Old Ports Emerge as Global Trade Players
Bruce Gain  
1/12/2016   Post a comment
A variety of business and political factors are behind the emergence of ports that will be critically important to the supply chain by 2020.
Weak Peak Shipping Season Raises Question about U.S. Economy
Bruce Gain  
1/7/2016   Post a comment
Besides portending a possible sooner-than-expected slowdown in the U.S. economy, weak import shipping volumes and rising inventories during the peak holiday shipping season just past will likely have broad supply chain-specific implications.
China’s Status as a Low-Cost Production Powerhouse Wanes
Bruce Gain  
12/8/2015   Post a comment
Increasingly, manufacturers are looking beyond China for new manufacturing sites as costs rise and benefits decrease.
Bad Economic Winds Blow Good for Shipping Prices
Bruce Gain  
11/11/2015   Post a comment
The economic downturn has made shipping by sea more affordable for electronics OEMs.
Sony Drones Spotlight Bright Supply Chain Future
Bruce Gain  
10/26/2015   Post a comment
While drones are expected to become a hit commercially and eventually improve supply chain management practices, it is still too early to gauge the lasting impact drones will have.
5 Ways to Power Your Supply Chain with Renewable Energy
Bruce Gain  
9/9/2015   (2) comments
There are lots of solid business reasons to move toward a carbon free or carbon limited supply chain.
The Distribution Channel: Times Are A-Changing
Bruce Gain  
8/18/2015   Post a comment
A variety of factors are changing what customers want from distribution partners. A new study from UPS outlines the four biggest shifts.
Hype Aside, Tesla’s Battery Pack Could Help Supply Chains
Bruce Gain  
7/13/2015   Post a comment
Tesla's expertise in battery technology is gearing up to provide the industry a helpful alternative for uses other than automobiles.
Autonomous Driving Revs Up the Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
6/9/2015   Post a comment
The auto industry promises new opportunities for the electronic componenet industry--and big changes to the supply chain.
10 Business Continuity Tips for the Global Supply Chain Era
Bruce Gain  
5/18/2015   (1) comment
Supply chain disruptions are the nightmare of every OEM, but careful business planning can help mitigate the risk that is always on the rise, especially in a global supply chain.
Supply Chain Lacks a Common Standard for Wearables
Bruce Gain  
5/6/2015   Post a comment
Before wearables reach their potential, OEMs and their suppliers have things to do to get the supply chain ready.
How Tesla Disrupts the Auto Infotainment Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
4/15/2015   Post a comment
Instead of relying on traditional tier-1 suppliers to design and make the Model S’ infotainment system, Tesla did much of the design work itself while outsourcing the production to contract manufacturing firms.
5 Supply Chain Hurdles Before Wearables Will Work
Bruce Gain  
4/2/2015   Post a comment
Designers and their supply chain partners will need to take on some common consumer concerns before the average person love a wearable device as much as they cherish their smartphone.
5 Reasons Apple is Set to Create a Car Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
3/17/2015   (1) comment
Rumor has it that Apple may well try to take a slice of the automotive market with an offering in the not-to-distant future. Here's a look at that the electronics OEM has going for it in this new market.
Your Supplier’s Inside Threat, Your Security Risk
Bruce Gain  
2/19/2015   Post a comment
Your suppliers poor security may translate into big risk for your organization.
Security Concerns Mount as Wearables Enter Healthcare
Bruce Gain  
2/5/2015   Post a comment
Wearables are going to be a huge and growing market, but supply chain pros need to start considering the security implications and looking at ways of securing personal health information.
Risk Management: Get a Better Grip on Sub-Tier 1 Suppliers
Bruce Gain  
1/26/2015   Post a comment
Although OEMs are tempted to focus their risk-management efforts on Tier 1 suppliers, new research suggests that the lower levels need careful management as well.
4D-Printed Medical Devices Move Closer to the Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
12/18/2014   (4) comments
4D printing is hitting real-world applications in the medical industry. In addition to being a great boon to medicine, these advances will likely put pressure on supply chain practices.
SAE Anti-Counterfeit Standard Adds Teeth to Legal Protection
Bruce Gain  
11/11/2014   (2) comments
Counterfeit components are pouring into the electronics supply chain. Fortunately, a new international standard should help to serve as legal protection for distributors and buyers when counterfeit parts show up.
Examining the iPhone 6 Supplier Hit Parade
Bruce Gain  
10/13/2014   (3) comments
Apple's component procurement strategy shows a tendency to stick with known and trusted suppliers, with a few new ones thrown in for good measure.
Apple Smart Watch Assault Good News for the Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
9/11/2014   (1) comment
Consumers are atwitter about the newest product offerings from Apple, but it may be even better news for the electronics supply chain.
Local Distributors Take a Bigger Slice of the Pie in China
Bruce Gain  
8/14/2014   (4) comments
While the majority of components used in Chinese electronics assembly plants come from outside the country, the trend is moving toward locally sourced parts.
Google Set to Kick-Start the Driverless Car Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
8/1/2014   (27) comments
Not satisfied with just doing the tech research, Google is backing industry groups and promotional efforts to get driverless cars adopted sooner rather than later.
Laying Down the Law Against Counterfeiters
Bruce Gain  
7/17/2014   (4) comments
The use of new harsher penalties for trafficking in counterfeit technology for military use shows the feds are serious about a crackdown.
Death, Injury & Supply Chain Security
Bruce Gain  
5/28/2014   (3) comments
With the evolution of the Internet of Things, the electronics industry needs to take a good hard look at managing security concerns.
Accusations in GM Scandal Trickle Down the Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
5/15/2014   (1) comment
GM has been in the cross hairs for not bringing product failures to light. Further down the supply chain, though, partners may be deemed equally at fault.
All-in-One Mobile Security Set to Make Ripples in the Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
4/28/2014   (1) comment
Security is a critical component for any of today's IT systems, but it can lead to sourcing headaches. An all-in-one solution may be just what the doctor ordered.
Apple's Run at Auto Industry Makes Tier-1 Suppliers Nervous
Bruce Gain  
4/14/2014   (10) comments
Apple is making some noise in the automotive industry with its CarPlay infotainment operating system, making tier-1 suppliers nervous about the potential of an industry takeover.
Fighting Back Against Embedded System Attacks
Bruce Gain  
2/13/2014   (9) comments
Increasingly, hackers and malware makers are targeting the firmware of electronic devices. Organizations across the supply chain need to band together to mitigate those risks.
OEMs Face a Virus Dilemma
Bruce Gain  
1/22/2014   (6) comments
Cybercriminals follow the money… and getting malware installed at the OEM products promises them a huge potential win.
Times Are A-Changin' in the DRAM Market
Bruce Gain  
1/9/2014   Post a comment
DRAM sales are on the rise. However, the market may have matured to the point of more stability in pricing and availability.
The Driverless Car Revolution Begins Now
Bruce Gain  
1/2/2014   (26) comments
The march toward self-driving cars has begun, and the electronics industry has to get its supply chain ready.
The 3D Printer Supplier Shakeout
Bruce Gain  
12/17/2013   (10) comments
Things are moving fast in the 3D printing markers. More changes are on the horizon.
Europe's Renewable Energy Is Costly -- for Now
Bruce Gain  
11/20/2013   (13) comments
In the near term, the scenario would be bad for those whose livelihoods depend on the European supply chain, but the shift out of Europe because of high renewable energy costs would have little impact (if any) on global supply chain costs.
The NSA: Just One Threat to Supply Chain Security
Bruce Gain  
11/5/2013   (12) comments
The recent Le Monde report has certainly added flames to the fire for those concerned about the potential security risks that the NSA poses to supply chains, especially for organizations with direct business ties to the United States.
Auto Infotainment Hits the Supply Chain
Bruce Gain  
6/3/2013   (14) comments
Mass-volume carmakers are rolling out in-car infotainment systems that were previously luxury car-only offerings.
The Perils of Cyberwar Rhetoric
Bruce Gain  
3/27/2013   (3) comments
Rattling the sabers more vigorously over alleged Chinese hacking could backfire on US companies.
America's Declared (& Undeclared) Cyberwar
Bruce Gain  
2/20/2013   (16) comments
Few governments are innocents on the hacking battlefield because the consequences of laziness are enormous.
Auto OEMs Battle Distracted Driving
Bruce Gain  
1/28/2013   (11) comments
Automakers are working closely with suppliers to reduce distracted driving and improve vehicle infotainment experience.
Nuke Free? Not France, Not Soon Anyway
Bruce Gain  
6/7/2011   (18) comments
The French public wants to reduce dependence on nuclear energy, but the politicians are for now ignoring the request.
Can Smart Phones & Smart Driving Coexist?
Bruce Gain  
5/27/2011   (42) comments
Automakers are integrating smartphones into cars despite lack of standards, and safety concerns will have to be addressed soon.
Winning in Tablets Requires More Than Just Great Hardware
Bruce Gain  
4/15/2011   (21) comments
OEMs offering tablet devices need to include great software because it takes more than just the hardware to win in today's market
GPU War Goes Mobile, Pitching AMD vs. ARM vs. Intel
Bruce Gain  
4/11/2011   (9) comments
Graphics processor suppliers are battling for dominance and relevance in the mobile war as the market expands for portable devices
Auto OEMs Dial-Up 'Infotainment' Connection
Bruce Gain  
1/26/2011   (4) comments
Automotive OEMs are taking advantage of smartphone applications to improve in-car communications and 'infotainment'
Supply Chain Alert: Take Hackers Very Seriously
Bruce Gain  
12/16/2010   (20) comments
The electronics supply chain and IT systems are as vulnerable to hackers as are those companies recently attacked by virtual vigilantes
A New PC OEM, a Tired Business Model
Bruce Gain  
12/9/2010   (9) comments
French startup Jolicloud is launching a netbook it says offers Intel's Atom dual-core n550 in a box that retails for less than competing PCs – because it does not run Windows as its operating system

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