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Meet the New Breed of Independent Distributor
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10/22/2014   Post a comment
The independent distributor is bringing more diverse services and offerings to customers. This new breed of distributor is making a new role for itself with OEMs and CMs.
8 Tips for High-Tech From Around the World
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7/12/2012   (5) comments
After visiting various parts of the globe over months, I've concluded the competitive environment is tougher and changes are constant.
You've Found Counterfeit Parts in Your Order. Now What? Part 2
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6/25/2012   (3) comments
Strong relationships between suppliers and customers is essential. In the event counterfeit parts turn up, channels of communications are open and issues are easier to resolve.
You've Found Counterfeit Parts in Your Order. Now What? Part 1
World Micro Scope  
6/22/2012   (5) comments
Although the industry is moving toward the confiscation of counterfeit devices, that might not be the best solution.
Counterfeiting: Blame the Criminals, Not the Brokers
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5/8/2012   (24) comments
Assigning all the blame to the brokers for fake parts is wrong and counterproductive. Go after the criminals instead.
Inventory Liquidation: You Can Be a Hero!
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3/26/2012   (12) comments
Excess material is always going to be a part of business. But you can turn it into a proactive business process.
A Riddle for the Tax Season
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2/24/2012   (12) comments
What do 401Ks and IRAs have in common with managing a relationship with preferred independent suppliers and distributors?
Are We Generations Apart?
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2/3/2012   (15) comments
Building a successful business relationship requires an understanding of how different generations communicate and approach transactions.
Where Is the Electronics Market Headed in 2012?
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1/3/2012   (17) comments
Here are some of the major challenges and opportunities ahead for the electronics industry in 2012.
Planning for the Unpredictable
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11/1/2011   (9) comments
The flood in Thailand again reminds electronics makers how important it is to have contingency plans in place in case of unexpected events.
Silo Goal-Setting May Jeopardize Profit Generation
World Micro Scope  
9/26/2011   (6) comments
All segments of a company's organization must work closely together to enhance opportunities and lower total costs.
Do Legislators Understand the Electronics Supply Chain?
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9/13/2011   (7) comments
Legislators need to be better educated about the intricacies of the electronics supply chain before enacting laws to fight counterfeiting.
Some Problems Can't Be Penalized Away, Part 2
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9/7/2011   (4) comments
Here are two important reasons why it will require more than higher fines and longer prison terms if the electronics industry wants to solve its counterfeiting problem.
Some Problems Can't Be Penalized Away, Part 1
World Micro Scope  
9/2/2011   (11) comments
It will take more than the threat of fines and penalties to stop the counterfeiting of electronics components. Here's why.
Names Can Be Phony, Too
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7/21/2011   (12) comments
The electronics component distribution market throws around many names and descriptions that don't adequately describe what the industry does.

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