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Shaping the Workforce of the Future Through Collaboration
Lalit Wadhwa  
2/24/2014   (17) comments
Finding strong supply chain candidates is no easy task. One answer is close collaboration between industry and educational institutions.
Get Beyond the Crystal Ball: Leverage Big Data in B2B
Lalit Wadhwa  
12/12/2013   (1) comment
Organizations used to have little real usable direction in making important decisions. However, big data and analytics begin to offer a solution.
Big-Data Initiatives Drive Procurement Strategies
Lalit Wadhwa  
10/4/2013   (11) comments
Big-data initiatives allow procurement organizations to transform planning, procurement, inventory management, and supply risk management by leveraging supply side analytics.
Get Supply Chain Analytics on Your Roadmap
Lalit Wadhwa  
4/12/2013   (1) comment
Technology plays a critical role in assimilating large and complex data sets from upstream and downstream members of the value chain, analyzing it and modeling it to optimize the supply chain.
High-Tech's Total Cost Quandary
Lalit Wadhwa  
7/4/2012   (2) comments
What is the total cost of providing your company's products and services, and is the supply chain success measured on this basis?
Addressing Supply Chain Skill-Set Gap
Lalit Wadhwa  
2/10/2012   (12) comments
Colleges, professional bodies, and high-tech firms are teaming up to improve supply chain skills in an increasingly complex environment.
Resilience in Complex Supply Networks
Lalit Wadhwa  
12/22/2011   (15) comments
While configuring supply chains that account for every single risk is not feasible, some demonstrate better resilience -- that is, their ability to rebound from disruptive events is significantly better than others.
Enhanced Visibility Key to Supply Chain Efficiency
Lalit Wadhwa  
10/4/2011   (1) comment
In the absence of timely visibility, the performance of the electronics supply chain suffers.
Judging Supply Chain Performance
Lalit Wadhwa  
9/2/2011   (5) comments
Companies can use various metrics for reviewing global supply chain performance, but internal benchmarking offers distinct advantages.

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Live Chat 01/15: CPOs Re-Shape Their Business Roles
Increasingly chief procurement officers (CPOs) are re-shaping their organizational role to focus on creating results far beyond cost controls. A new IBM survey explores how.
Live Chat 11/12: Examining the Cyberthreat to Supply Chains
The number of cyberattacks is on the rise and hackers are targeting the supply chain. Drew Smith, founder and CEO of InfoArmor, will be on hand to discuss the reality of today's threat landscape and what to do about it.