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Capturing Passion in the Supply Chain Profession
Puga Sankara  
5/27/2016   Post a comment
Are you a passionate supply chain professional? If so, there are ways to instill passion in the job you do.
'French Steve Jobs' & His Teacherless School
Junko Yoshida  
5/26/2016   Post a comment
The shortage of skilled software engineers is real globally. It took a French billionaire to develop a blueprint for the “school of the future.”
APICS Introduces Enterprise Accessibility to Global Supply Chain Framework Through Software AG Strategic Partnership
EBN Newswire  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
New exclusive global partnership optimizes supply chain processes to lower organizational costs and boost customer satisfaction.
APICS Announces Enhanced Corporate Offering at Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2016
EBN Newswire  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
The APICS for Business implementation approach is designed to help companies elevate performance and develop talent to achieve supply chain excellence.
T.J. Rodgers Steps Down at Cypress
Junko Yoshida  
4/28/2016   Post a comment
Cypress Semiconductor Corp.’s CEO T.J. Rodgers will retire this week from the top position he held at the company he founded 34 years ago.
The Art of Overcoming the Supply Chain Talent Shortage
Frank Cavallaro  
4/26/2016   Post a comment
Finding the right person for the job requires more than simply posting a job opening. Supply chain recruiter Rodney Apple shares his insights.
What’s Keeping Supply Chain Managers Awake at Night?
Abe Eshkenazi  
4/5/2016   Post a comment
Learning about what keeps supply chain managers up at night provides leaders with a unique opportunity to proactively tackle issues that could derail their supply chain in the future.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Debbi Wan, Cisco
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/30/2016   Post a comment
EBN talked to Debbi Wan, strategic sourcing manager, Global Manufacturing Operations for Cisco Systems, about her experiences in the electronics supply chain, as well as for her advice on other young professionals who might want to enter the field.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Amy Georgi, Fluke Electronics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/23/2016   Post a comment
Amy Georgi, a program manager in supply chain acquisitions and integrations with Fluke Electronics, shares her experiences in the global electronics supply chain.
Some of My Best Friends are Engineers
Philip Stoten  
3/22/2016   Post a comment
In the wake of National Engineers Week, which gave us days of inspirational quotes about, and from, those involved in engineering, let's give thanks for the work of engineers.
10 Rising Supply Chain Stars: Meet the Millennials Changing Electronics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/10/2016   Post a comment
ThomasNet and the Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISM) announced the winners of its 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars Recognition Program--and the electronics industry is well represented.
Avnet Names Chuck Delph President of Electronics Marketing Americas
EBN Newswire  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
Chuck Delph has been appointed president of Avnet Electronics Marketing (EM) for the Americas region.
Leverage Video to Engage & Teach New Technology
Puga Sankara  
2/5/2016   (3) comments
Dry and monotonous user manuals are too boring to engage the average worker. Getting employees up to speed through the use of video is a better option.
Super Bowl & NFL Offer Supply Chain Wisdom
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
1/29/2016   Post a comment
The much-anticipated contract negotiations between the NFL and its athletes has the potential to highlight the importance of these types of talks in the electronics supply chain.
Getting Closure on the Gender Gap in Manufacturing
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
1/27/2016   (5) comments
Encouraging women to get involved in manufacturing may be one solid path to closing the looming employment gap.
Andrew S. Bryant to Retire from Arrow Electronics
EBN Newswire  
1/26/2016   Post a comment
Arrow Electronics announced that Andrew S. Bryant is retiring from his position as chief operating officer of the company’s global components and global enterprise computing solutions businesses.
Counting the High Cost of Doing Nothing
Frank Cavallaro  
1/26/2016   Post a comment
Many companies mistakenly believe holding off on investments equals saving money when, in fact, it can become a costly strategy down the line.
Cultural Intelligence Proves Critical to Global Strategy
Puga Sankara  
1/15/2016   Post a comment
Leaders need to get multicultural experience, in order to lead this ever shrinking, technologically transforming, tightly connecting world. By arming themselves with cultural intelligence, these individuals can effectively inspire, execute, and win business across borders.
Low-Profile Colleges Pay Off Big for Would-Be Manufacturing Pros
Frank Cavallaro  
1/5/2016   (2) comments
The college graduates of 2015 were the most indebted ever – until the next round of grads wave their diplomas in the spring.
The Importance of Team Dynamics in the Global Supply Chain
Kella Knack  
12/27/2015   (1) comment
Teamwork and a sense of being a team player may be the most important skill in today's global electronics supply chain.
Manufacturing Day 2015 Helps Helps Shift Perceptions
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/11/2015   Post a comment
Eighty one percent of students surveyed after Manufacturing Day 2015 are more convinced manufacturing provides careers that are both interesting and rewarding.
Talent Management: Technology Boost Hardens Soft Skills
Somdipto Ghosh  
11/30/2015   Post a comment
Innovation is critical to procurement and supply chain success, but many organizations get mired down in day to day activities. By leveraging technology prowess, electronics OEMs can help procurement pros find new and better ways of getting things done.
Mini-MBA Focuses on IoT Impact on Supply Chain
Susan Fourtané  
11/19/2015   Post a comment
Value supply chains are looking for qualified talent with knowledge on today's organizational structure, the latest technological developments, and processes that will shape the next-generation supply chain. Rutgers Business School Executive Education new Mini-MBA aims to provide those skills.
Millennials in Supply Chain: How to Attract, Train & Prepare Successful Leaders
Abe Eshkenazi  
11/9/2015   (2) comments
Supply chain professionals know that the job is challenging and rewarding, but we have to do more to get the word out to those just coming into the workforce.
EBN@C-Level: Arrow Electronics' Tim Kolbus Talks About Supply Chain
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
11/5/2015   Post a comment
Tim Kolbus, vice president of Global Logistics Services at Arrow Electronics gives us his thoughts on supply chain strategy—and to hear about how Arrow is tackling this important topic, from hiring the right people to choosing the right technologies.
9 Ways to Lower the Heat in an Angry Customer Interaction
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/23/2015   Post a comment
Take some tips from customer service experts to smooth out interactions when an internal customer is unhappy or complaining about some supply chain headache.
Top 15 Supply Chain Universities
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/19/2015   (2) comments
Whether trying to find education to further an existing supply chain career, to gather skills to make a mid-career move into supply chain, or to start on the path to getting an undergraduate supply chain degree, prospective students have a wealth of options from which to choose. Here's a look at the favorites of hiring organizations.
Chief Procurement Officer: 10 Lessons on Leadership
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/14/2015   Post a comment
The role of the chief procurement officer is evolving quickly and taking a strategic position within the organization. Leading procurement pros weigh in on what the new world of the CPO looks like.
Cross-Train Employees to Maintain Productivity
George Henning  
10/9/2015   Post a comment
Training employees to handle more than one job provides flexibility in the face of shifting requirements.
For Exceptional Manufacturing Service, Hire Those Who Served
Shannon Bisping  
10/7/2015   Post a comment
With a predicted shortage of manufacturing and supply chain talent, organizations should look to the wealth of talent available from our retired military veterans.
Procurement’s Continued Evolution: Strategic Opportunities for OEMs
Lisa Ann Cairns  
9/30/2015   Post a comment
A recent survey uncovers new opportunities for electronics OEMs when they work to extend procurement’s scope to be more strategic and collaborative with suppliers and within the organization.
Will Analytics Render Old-Fashioned Job Interviews Obsolete?
Frank Cavallaro  
9/29/2015   Post a comment
Increased reliance on analytics may edge out traditional job interviews, at least if we are to believe some experts.
APICS Launches New Career Center to Advance Growth Opportunities for Supply Chain Professionals
EBN Newswire  
9/16/2015   Post a comment
New tool provides APICS members with a library of career advice and personalized career coaching; easily connects job seekers with employers to address.
9 Secrets to Being the Good Cop of Vendor Relationships
Brad Knight  
9/1/2015   Post a comment
I was brought up to respect my elders and be polite and I have tried to maintain a courteous approach throughout my life. Sometimes, though, when I observe the relationship between purchasers and their outsourced vendors, I wonder how we can move courtesy from a perceived luxury to a must have relationship tool.
ERA Names New CEO
EBN Newswire  
8/27/2015   (1) comment
The Electronics Representatives Association has announced that Walter E. Tobin has been named as the organization's new Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President.
Get Top Marks in Continually Developing Supply Chain Competence
Susan Fourtané  
8/12/2015   Post a comment
Continuous education within the supply chain will optimize the supply chain by adding value to the department, developing competence in workers, and inspiring partners to do the same.
EBN@C-Level: Talking with AMD's Garry Christie About Indirect Procurement
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
8/10/2015   Post a comment
Direct procurement is a hot topic at most organizations, but a close look at managing indirect spend using technology tools can make a big difference as well.
Wearable Impact & Health Monitor Wins element14’s Sudden Impact Challenge

EBN Newswire  
8/4/2015   Post a comment
“Sudden Impact” asked 12 engineers to develop wearable solutions aimed at preventing sports injuries.
Nominations for 2016 STEP Ahead Awards Open
EBN Newswire  
8/4/2015   Post a comment
The Manufacturing Institute will honor 130 women at the fourth annual STEP Ahead Awards.
Measure Career Advancement by Blowing Your Mind
Ransom Stephens  
8/4/2015   Post a comment
If you can possibly finagle this opportunity, do it right now!
Supply Management Professionals Have More Time to Reward the Industry’s Future Leaders
EBN Newswire  
7/29/2015   Post a comment
By Popular Demand, ThomasNet and ISM Extend “30 Under 30” Deadline to October 30, 2015
Changing Minds: The First Step to Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap
Frank Cavallaro  
7/28/2015   Post a comment
In order to attract more young people to the manufacturing industry, negative perceptions need to change.
MakerBot CEO: 3D Printing Going Mainstream
Curtis Franklin Jr  
7/20/2015   Post a comment
Jonathan Jaglom is the new CEO of MakerBot. He comes to the job with strong views of how 3D printing will change the consumer and enterprise markets.
Coming Home from China: Answering the Question of Reshoring
Jim O'Reilly  
7/20/2015   Post a comment
With so much past reliance on China, even if the economics favor assembly in the U.S., can the U.S. find the skills and experience needed for success?
Avnet Electronics Marketing Names Kevin Yapp Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation
EBN Newswire  
7/15/2015   (1) comment
Avnet Electronics Marketing (EM) announced that it has named Kevin Yapp as senior vice president of digital transformation, effective immediately.

Three Weeks to go in the World’s Most Inclusive Tech Design Challenge set by UNICEF, ARM & frog
EBN Newswire  
7/15/2015   Post a comment
Wearables for Good design challenge attracts over 600 registrations so far #WearablesForGood.
Battery Startup Gets Ex-Fab Exec
Jessica Lipsky  
7/14/2015   Post a comment
Albany battery startup BessTech announced that Doug Grose, former CEO of GlobalFoundries, has joined the company as its chief technology officer. Grose retired from GlobalFoundries and served as CEO for three years
Painting a Portrait of a Supply Chain Leader
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
7/14/2015   Post a comment
Supply chain leaders think critically about technology use, talent acquisition, and more.
Call2Recycle Names Tim Michaels Managing Director of Operations
EBN Newswire  
7/13/2015   Post a comment
Fortune 10 Manager Brings More Than 15 Years of Domestic and International 
Operations Experience to National Battery Stewardship Organization
Woman with Naked Ambition, Men with False Modesty
Junko Yoshida  
7/9/2015   Post a comment
Why Intel president's resignation to find her inner CEO is a much more genuine "I quit" reason than some tendered by more narcissistic counterparts in tech world.
EBN@C-Level: Talking about Supply Chain with John Kern, Cisco
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
7/8/2015   (2) comments
In an effort to learn from the leaders, EBN sat down with John Kern, senior vice president, supply chain operations at Cisco to find out what the company is doing that puts its supply chain ahead of the pack.
Defining Leadership for the Tech Industry
Puga Sankara  
7/3/2015   Post a comment
The technology sector needs more leaders--but first we have to understand what leadership really is.
Tech Industry Needs to Call for Multicultural Leaders
Puga Sankara  
7/2/2015   Post a comment
Today, in the technology space, we seem to be sorely lacking leaders. It's time to start making sure that individual contributors have an understanding of how to move up in the organization.
Sometimes All You Need is a Non-Team Player
Frank Cavallaro  
6/30/2015   Post a comment
In order to get the largest pool of qualified applicants, leave “teamwork” out of the job description.
Li Tong Group (LTG) Names Linda Li Chief Strategy Officer
EBN Newswire  
6/29/2015   Post a comment
Widely recognized expert tapped to oversee new markets, continued growth, research and development and investor relations.
Advance, Achieve, Succeed with the New Institute for Supply Management Mastery Model
EBN Newswire  
6/29/2015   Post a comment
New global standards of excellence outline the path to success as the profession evolves.
Riverwood Solutions Appoints Pat Meagher to Lead New Product Realization Services Group
EBN Newswire  
6/25/2015   Post a comment
Company unveils new service to navigate businesses through hardware development cycle, dramatically improving performance, quality, cost, and time-to-market for new products.
Luring Gen Z Workers Over the Generation Gap
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
6/19/2015   Post a comment
Electronics OEMs need to start looking at the horizon and making moves to attract Millenial and Generation Z workers to fill a growing gap in the workforce.
The Supplier Strategic Sourcing Process Explained
Kelly Barner  
6/11/2015   Post a comment
While people may talk about the procurement process, the procurement discipline actually encompasses a number of different processes. They include spend analysis, supplier relationship management, and contract management, just to name a few.
Manufacturing Day 2015 Plans Off to a Strong Start
EBN Newswire  
6/10/2015   Post a comment
Fueled by record setting participation last year, a wealth of activities are in the works for Manufacturing Day 2015, scheduled for October 2, the fourth annual industry grassroots event that’s celebrated across North America.
element14 Community kicks off new design competition – The Vertical Farming Challenge 

EBN Newswire  
6/2/2015   Post a comment
15 individuals will use technology to create IoT-enabled indoor farms.
ThomasNet & ISM Celebrate the Supply Chain Industry’s Future Leaders
EBN Newswire  
6/2/2015   Post a comment
Building on Success, Organizations Re-launch “30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars” Recognition Program
Tradeshift Appoints Jigish Avalani To New Position of President and COO
EBN Newswire  
5/6/2015   Post a comment
Former Concur / SAP Executive To Lead Global Platform Expansion
American Society of Transportation and Logistics to Merge with APICS
EBN Newswire  
5/6/2015   Post a comment
Combination Extends Expertise of Global Leader in Supply Chain Research, Education and Certification Programs
5 Ways to Plug the Supply Chain Talent Gap
Logical Link  
5/5/2015   Post a comment
Electronics, like the automotive industry, is facing a looming worker shortage. By applying smart strategies now, electronics OEMs can start to close the gap.
Spend Matters Names the Rising Stars, Must-Know Firms in Procurement, Supply Chain Management
EBN Newswire  
4/24/2015   Post a comment
Spend Matters has released the 2015 Spend Matters Almanac, including the 50 Providers to Watch and 50 Providers to Know lists.
Mac Blythe Joins AccuSpec as President
EBN Newswire  
4/22/2015   Post a comment
Mac Blythe joins AccuSpec as president.
New Supply Chain Management Degree Program
EBN Newswire  
4/20/2015   Post a comment
Effective for the fall 2015 Semester, HFC will launch a new associate degree program in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and a new SCM Technician Certificate through its Business and Computer Technology Division.
Avnet Announces Winners of 10th Annual Avnet Tech Games
EBN Newswire  
4/14/2015   Post a comment
STEM-based competition awards $31,000 in scholarships to college students.
Women in Manufacturing: Building a Path the Success
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/14/2015   (6) comments
A new study looks at the gender gap in the manufacturing sector--and suggests some ways of glosing that gap.
RFMW Announces Director of Operations – Sales & Product Management
EBN Newswire  
4/6/2015   Post a comment
RFMW, Ltd. announced that Josh Levine has been promoted to the position of Director of Operations - Sales and Product Management.
Mothers of Innovation: 12 Women Engineers and Scientists to Know
Suzanne Deffree  
3/30/2015   (6) comments
Here are 12 women engineers and scientists who many likely will not know but should for their significant contributions to engineering, science, technology and mathematics.
Arrow’s Cathy Morris Again Named to Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology
EBN Newswire  
3/17/2015   Post a comment
Cathy Morris, senior vice president and chief strategy officer for Arrow Electronics was named to the National Diversity Council’s 2015 “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology” list.
Getting Management on Board with PR Content Creation
Savvy Tech Marketing  
3/6/2015   Post a comment
Without management support, public relations effors are nothing but hot air.
Leonard Nimoy, We'll Miss you
Martin Rowe  
3/2/2015   Post a comment
EE Times bids farewell to the actor who inspired many to become engineers and scientists.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Laura Dearborn Sterns, Cisco
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/23/2015   Post a comment
Millenial worker Laura Dearborn Stearns is making a name for herself in the electronics supply chain for her big data expertise. We asked her to give us her take on the industry.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Brian Dean, General Dynamics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/18/2015   (1) comment
EBN talks to Brian Dean, purchasing agent at General Dynamics C4 Systems, who was recognized as part of the 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars recognition program. We want to know what he can tell us about how he sees the industry.
H-1B Overhaul Increases U.S. Dependence on Skilled Foreign Workers
At the Source  
2/16/2015   (8) comments
High tech OEMs are looking for skilled workers from all over the world. New H-1B visa guidelines offer an opportunity to bring in a wealth of new talent.
What High-Tech PR is Not
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/6/2015   (3) comments
Confusion abounds in high-tech organization about what public relations really is. Let's shed some light on that topic by exploring what PR isn't.
Serving Up a Supply Chain History Lesson
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
1/30/2015   Post a comment
Even though we didn't call it supply chain, the activities around manufacturing electronics based products have been around for decades. A quick look at this infographic will remind you of the long and illustrious history.
10 Commandments for Procurement Professionals
Priyanka Potdukhe  
1/28/2015   (3) comments
These ten practices will keep purchasing professionals on the straight and narrow in working to increase the procurement's value to the organization.
Charlie Barnhart to Address EMS Management Council at IPC APEX 2015
EBN Newswire  
1/8/2015   Post a comment
Charlie Barnhart will be presenting at the EMS Management Council meeting at IPC APEX 2015 in San Diego on Monday, February 23, 2015
Meet a Mentor, Be a Mentor in 5 Minutes
Suzanne Deffree  
1/7/2015   (10) comments
Engineers see someone in need of a helping hand and step in, just like they would if a design needed help.
Avnet Names Patrick Zammit Avnet Technology Solutions Global President
EBN Newswire  
1/5/2015   Post a comment
Avnet, Inc. announced that it has promoted Patrick Zammit to serve as global president for Avnet Technology Solutions
Northrop Grumman Appoints Kevin Mitchell Vice President of Global Supply Chain
EBN Newswire  
1/5/2015   Post a comment
Northrop Grumman Corporation appoints Kevin Mitchell vice president of global supply chain in its Aerospace Systems sector
Year in Review: EBN's Top 10 Electronics Supply Chain Stories
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/31/2014   (7) comments
In 2014, EBN readers wanted to hear about the happenings of leading electronics organizations and new technologies. Further, staffing was and will remain a hot topic.
SmartTruck Systems Announces New Canadian Business Development Manager
EBN Newswire  
12/8/2014   Post a comment
SmartTruck Systems announced John Manchulenko as its new business development manager for its Canadian division.
Poor Planning & Lack of Staffing Threaten Manufacturing Growth
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/1/2014   (13) comments
Manufacturing is a growth industry, but a huge talent gap might slow things down, a new survey said.
The 10 Commandments of Attracting Millennials to Manufacturing
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
11/24/2014   (1) comment
Our industry doesn't have to be caught in the upcoming worker shortage. Start early, with these 10 easy rules, and attract the best and brightest workers of the millennial generation.
Michael Braun Joins L-com as Director of Supply Chain
EBN Newswire  
11/10/2014   Post a comment
L-com welcomes Michael Braun, who joins the company with over 20 years in the industry, to oversee purchasing and supply chain initiatives
Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Management Program Creates New Scholarship Opportunity
EBN Newswire  
11/6/2014   Post a comment
Newark Economic Development Scholarship Program will help area Rutgers-bound students interested in careers in supply chain management
Professor Wants to Change Engineering Education
Martin Rowe  
11/5/2014   (2) comments
Prof. Mark Somerville of Olin College of Engineering explains the culture of engineering education and why it no longer works.
5 Most Common Social Media Problems & How Procurement Pros Can Solve Them
Peter Friedman  
11/5/2014   Post a comment
OEMs will increasingly turn to social media for both corporate branding and solid supply chain information.
Avnet Velocity’s Wade McDaniel to Present at IBF Business Forecasting & Planning: Best Practices Conference
EBN Newswire  
10/21/2014   Post a comment
Wade McDaniel, vice president of solutions architecture at Avnet Velocity, will present a session at the IBF Business Forecasting & Planning: Best Practices Conference.
Do Engineers Dream of Electric Sheep?
Karen Field  
10/21/2014   (1) comment
Frustration, confusion, and fear are among the most common themes that haunt engineers in their dreams, which are frequently centered on work and school.
Running the Life & Death Race of High-Tech Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
10/17/2014   (5) comments
Wake-up call: Marketing isn't a leisurely walk in park, even if you are dominant in your market sector. There are competing brands in a hurry to grab your business.
What to Do When the Only Constant Is Change
Debra N. Eggeman  
10/10/2014   (2) comments
Manufacturers can look toward industry organizations for help in identifying trusted partners.
Slideshow: Top 10 Undergrad Supply Chain Programs
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/6/2014   (6) comments
Supply chain management may not be the first thought of newly minted college freshmen, but it's a promising field, and there are plenty of excellent programs out there. Here's a look at the cream of the crop.
Maker Faire Meets the Big Apple
Jessica Lipsky  
10/3/2014   (12) comments
Hundreds of large companies, startups, maker spaces, and scientists converged at Maker Faire, held at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Makers big and small came with curiosity to play with hundreds of projects.
TTI, Inc. Announces Local Hiring Event for Sales Professionals
EBN Newswire  
9/26/2014   Post a comment
The company plans to host a hiring event for sales professionals. By appointment only

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