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Mothers of Innovation: 12 Women Engineers and Scientists to Know
Suzanne Deffree  
3/30/2015   Post a comment
Here are 12 women engineers and scientists who many likely will not know but should for their significant contributions to engineering, science, technology and mathematics.
Arrow’s Cathy Morris Again Named to Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology
EBN Newswire  
3/17/2015   Post a comment
Cathy Morris, senior vice president and chief strategy officer for Arrow Electronics was named to the National Diversity Council’s 2015 “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology” list.
Getting Management on Board with PR Content Creation
Savvy Tech Marketing  
3/6/2015   Post a comment
Without management support, public relations effors are nothing but hot air.
Leonard Nimoy, We'll Miss you
Martin Rowe  
3/2/2015   Post a comment
EE Times bids farewell to the actor who inspired many to become engineers and scientists.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Laura Dearborn Sterns, Cisco
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/23/2015   Post a comment
Millenial worker Laura Dearborn Stearns is making a name for herself in the electronics supply chain for her big data expertise. We asked her to give us her take on the industry.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Brian Dean, General Dynamics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/18/2015   Post a comment
EBN talks to Brian Dean, purchasing agent at General Dynamics C4 Systems, who was recognized as part of the 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars recognition program. We want to know what he can tell us about how he sees the industry.
H-1B Overhaul Increases U.S. Dependence on Skilled Foreign Workers
At the Source  
2/16/2015   (2) comments
High tech OEMs are looking for skilled workers from all over the world. New H-1B visa guidelines offer an opportunity to bring in a wealth of new talent.
What High-Tech PR is Not
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/6/2015   Post a comment
Confusion abounds in high-tech organization about what public relations really is. Let's shed some light on that topic by exploring what PR isn't.
Serving Up a Supply Chain History Lesson
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
1/30/2015   Post a comment
Even though we didn't call it supply chain, the activities around manufacturing electronics based products have been around for decades. A quick look at this infographic will remind you of the long and illustrious history.
10 Commandments for Procurement Professionals
Priyanka Potdukhe  
1/28/2015   (3) comments
These ten practices will keep purchasing professionals on the straight and narrow in working to increase the procurement's value to the organization.
Charlie Barnhart to Address EMS Management Council at IPC APEX 2015
EBN Newswire  
1/8/2015   Post a comment
Charlie Barnhart will be presenting at the EMS Management Council meeting at IPC APEX 2015 in San Diego on Monday, February 23, 2015
Meet a Mentor, Be a Mentor in 5 Minutes
Suzanne Deffree  
1/7/2015   (10) comments
Engineers see someone in need of a helping hand and step in, just like they would if a design needed help.
Avnet Names Patrick Zammit Avnet Technology Solutions Global President
EBN Newswire  
1/5/2015   Post a comment
Avnet, Inc. announced that it has promoted Patrick Zammit to serve as global president for Avnet Technology Solutions
Northrop Grumman Appoints Kevin Mitchell Vice President of Global Supply Chain
EBN Newswire  
1/5/2015   Post a comment
Northrop Grumman Corporation appoints Kevin Mitchell vice president of global supply chain in its Aerospace Systems sector
Year in Review: EBN's Top 10 Electronics Supply Chain Stories
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/31/2014   (7) comments
In 2014, EBN readers wanted to hear about the happenings of leading electronics organizations and new technologies. Further, staffing was and will remain a hot topic.
SmartTruck Systems Announces New Canadian Business Development Manager
EBN Newswire  
12/8/2014   Post a comment
SmartTruck Systems announced John Manchulenko as its new business development manager for its Canadian division.
Poor Planning & Lack of Staffing Threaten Manufacturing Growth
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/1/2014   (13) comments
Manufacturing is a growth industry, but a huge talent gap might slow things down, a new survey said.
The 10 Commandments of Attracting Millennials to Manufacturing
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
11/24/2014   (1) comment
Our industry doesn't have to be caught in the upcoming worker shortage. Start early, with these 10 easy rules, and attract the best and brightest workers of the millennial generation.
Michael Braun Joins L-com as Director of Supply Chain
EBN Newswire  
11/10/2014   Post a comment
L-com welcomes Michael Braun, who joins the company with over 20 years in the industry, to oversee purchasing and supply chain initiatives
Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Management Program Creates New Scholarship Opportunity
EBN Newswire  
11/6/2014   Post a comment
Newark Economic Development Scholarship Program will help area Rutgers-bound students interested in careers in supply chain management
Professor Wants to Change Engineering Education
Martin Rowe  
11/5/2014   (2) comments
Prof. Mark Somerville of Olin College of Engineering explains the culture of engineering education and why it no longer works.
5 Most Common Social Media Problems & How Procurement Pros Can Solve Them
Peter Friedman  
11/5/2014   Post a comment
OEMs will increasingly turn to social media for both corporate branding and solid supply chain information.
Avnet Velocity’s Wade McDaniel to Present at IBF Business Forecasting & Planning: Best Practices Conference
EBN Newswire  
10/21/2014   Post a comment
Wade McDaniel, vice president of solutions architecture at Avnet Velocity, will present a session at the IBF Business Forecasting & Planning: Best Practices Conference.
Do Engineers Dream of Electric Sheep?
Karen Field  
10/21/2014   (1) comment
Frustration, confusion, and fear are among the most common themes that haunt engineers in their dreams, which are frequently centered on work and school.
Running the Life & Death Race of High-Tech Marketing
Savvy Tech Marketing  
10/17/2014   (5) comments
Wake-up call: Marketing isn't a leisurely walk in park, even if you are dominant in your market sector. There are competing brands in a hurry to grab your business.
What to Do When the Only Constant Is Change
Debra N. Eggeman  
10/10/2014   (2) comments
Manufacturers can look toward industry organizations for help in identifying trusted partners.
Slideshow: Top 10 Undergrad Supply Chain Programs
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/6/2014   (6) comments
Supply chain management may not be the first thought of newly minted college freshmen, but it's a promising field, and there are plenty of excellent programs out there. Here's a look at the cream of the crop.
Maker Faire Meets the Big Apple
Jessica Lipsky  
10/3/2014   (12) comments
Hundreds of large companies, startups, maker spaces, and scientists converged at Maker Faire, held at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Makers big and small came with curiosity to play with hundreds of projects.
TTI, Inc. Announces Local Hiring Event for Sales Professionals
EBN Newswire  
9/26/2014   Post a comment
The company plans to host a hiring event for sales professionals. By appointment only
Slideshow: Where Have All the Tech Women Gone?
Susan Fourtané  
9/16/2014   (31) comments
Unfortunately, in the 21st century, the technology world remains dominated by men. Tech giants from LinkedIn to Intel grade their own paper on gender equality.
The People Who Created Our Jobs
Martin Rowe  
9/1/2014   (1) comment
When it comes to creating the engineering jobs of today, we need to thank the likes of Ohm, Faraday, Henry, and many others.
Outsourcing Mistakes: 4 Errors Companies Make
Shane O'Neill  
8/27/2014   (11) comments
Here's a look at the control freaks, blame games, and other misguided steps companies take when they attempt to build a better business through IT outsourcing.
So Much Work, So Little Time for Engineers
Karen Field  
8/20/2014   (3) comments
For years, electrical engineers have helped build technologies that increase productivity. So, why do so many engineers report that they don’t have enough time for projects?
Technology in the Engineering Classroom
Ben Zimmer  
8/19/2014   (6) comments
For engineering departments, there’s an overwhelming need to prepare students for the real world, but outfitting classrooms with the latest technology is expensive. What should universities do?
Woz Riffs on Watches, Engineering
Rick Merritt  
8/7/2014   (5) comments
The Apple co-founder and overall tech guru offered up his thoughts on the current state of smartwatches, IoT, and engineering, at this week’s Flash Memory Summit.
The Big Job of Social Media in Business
Savvy Tech Marketing  
7/3/2014   (17) comments
You have to be on social media! At least, that's the current battle cry. But it's better to skip it altogether than do it wrong.
Procurement Skills Increasingly Critical to Supply Chain
At the Source  
7/2/2014   (6) comments
Increasingly, purchasing is becoming an even more strategic part of supply chain activities. It can make the profession challenging, but the potential benefits are clear.
9 Secrets of Good Online Video Interviews
Mark Shapiro  
6/27/2014   (22) comments
In the past, meetings happened in meeting rooms, and sometimes on a phone call. Now, there's a new venue of choice: video. Video Skype, Google Hangouts, and others provide a great tool to create video interviews... when used strategically.
Digi-Key Employees Advance Education & Employment Opportunities Through Technical Scholarship Program
EBN Newswire  
6/26/2014   Post a comment
Digi-Key Corporation announced seven recipients of the 2014 Technical Scholarship
CNC Machinist Skills Gap Speaks Volumes About US Manufacturing
At the Source  
5/30/2014   (7) comments
The pool of CNC operators is scarce, and demand is on the rise. It's time for industry and educators to team up and fill the gap.
The Hackaday Prize
Steve Taranovich  
5/23/2014   (12) comments
The Hackaday Prize boasts the richest and most compelling prize pool ever available to hardware hackers, including a trip into space.
The Not-So-Secret Way to Get a High-Tech Whitepaper Home Run
Mark Shapiro  
5/16/2014   (6) comments
Whitepapers have the potential to be a win-win-win scenario. Potential customers get a good education, media outlets get something to publish, and the high-tech author gets some good exposure.
The Talent Pinch
Logical Link  
5/9/2014   (5) comments
We've got a missing link in the supply chain -- the availability of skilled and trained workers. If we don't close the gap, the cost will be sobering.
ThomasNet.com & ISM to Recognize Millennials in Supply Chain Industry
EBN Newswire  
5/6/2014   Post a comment
ThomasNet.com and the Institute for Supply Management’s “30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars” program honors up-and-coming professionals
Build a Grandma-Friendly Pitch for Your Electronics Product Launch
Mark Shapiro  
4/25/2014   (7) comments
You have done your research. Your web site is ready to launch. You product is rock steady and works. But are YOU ready to tell the world?
Logistics: Breaking Down the Brotherhood
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/11/2014   (14) comments
More than any other field in the supply chain, logistics has the poorest track record in attracting and retaining women. Let's try to understand why.
Use PR to Help Launch Your Tech Startup
Mark Shapiro  
4/11/2014   (10) comments
Good PR practices can take a well-designed and well-made electronics product to the next level.
Leverage Female Talent for 21st Century Supply Chain Success
Susan Fourtané  
3/27/2014   (17) comments
In 2014 and beyond, the supply chain needs more female talent management.
Will 'Makers' Change Shenzhen?
Junko Yoshida  
3/25/2014   (6) comments
Yang Yang, founder of RPTechWorks, who teaches how to build 3D printers and sells them, believes that "labor intensive" Shenzhen, China, will eventually become a city known for fast prototyping with "shortened development cycles."
Stop Surfing the Learning Curve
Caleb Kraft  
3/22/2014   (7) comments
Stop surfing the learning curve and develop a skill. You're just postponing your own advancement.
Infographic: Understand the Supply Chain Talent Gap
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/21/2014   (23) comments
Successful organizations need to proactively cultivate leadership skills in supply chain management.
Mouser Electronics Launches Exciting 'Bench Talk for Design Engineers' Blog to Inspire & Interact
EBN Newswire  
3/18/2014   Post a comment
"Bench Talk for Design Engineers" provides a sounding board for technical ideas, solutions and more
Mouser Inspires Future Engineers by Sponsoring FIRST Robotics Competition Regionals
EBN Newswire  
3/12/2014   Post a comment
Mouser Electronics is a major sponsor of FIRST Robotics Competition Dallas Regional tournament, March 13-15, Irving Convention Center
Manage Supply Chain Workers for Best Results
Jane Miller  
3/7/2014   (62) comments
Managing people and projects is time consuming, but finding the right tools can help you be a fair and efficient manager.
Transform Your Distribution Center Into a Profit Center
Frank Cavallaro  
2/28/2014   (2) comments
Wondering how to make your distribution center a profit center? Here are six ways you can make this happen.
Essential Team Tools for the First-Time Supply Chain Manager
Jane Miller  
2/28/2014   (13) comments
Choosing the right time and project management tools can make the management job easier.
Shaping the Workforce of the Future Through Collaboration
Lalit Wadhwa  
2/24/2014   (16) comments
Finding strong supply chain candidates is no easy task. One answer is close collaboration between industry and educational institutions.
Save Trees & Money: Reduce Paper Use in the Distribution Center
Frank Cavallaro  
2/21/2014   (41) comments
Paper use is surprisingly rampant in distribution centers. There are some compelling reasons to reduce reliance on paper.
Avnet Offers Express Implementation Services for Hitachi Unified Storage Platform
EBN Newswire  
2/20/2014   Post a comment
Avnet designs channel-friendly remote implementation services to help Hitachi Data Systems partners in the US and Canada accelerate deployment and create new revenue streams
Infographic: The STEM Challenge
Brian Fuller  
2/15/2014   (12) comments
Today's students are tomorrow's engineers. Here's a look at the history of the effort to get students into STEM.
Here’s to a Better Year, CEOs Hope
Logical Link  
2/10/2014   (9) comments
Overall, those in the corner office have some hope for the global economy. However, there are no promises that it will be completely smooth sailing.
It's Your Story… So Tell It
Frank Cavallaro  
2/7/2014   (16) comments
Your career is a story. Here is how to tell it in a way that will make people listen.
Supply Chain: How Much Can Sales Be Trusted?
Pascal Fernandez  
2/6/2014   (5) comments
Supply chain professionals need to integrate sales people into their process. Here are a few quick tips on how to make that happen.
Talk About What's Worth Talking About at Your Company
Savvy Tech Marketing  
2/5/2014   (14) comments
Too many electronics companies start with brand awareness, when the real secret to success is brand differentiation.
Learn from Zappos: Pay Employees to Quit
Frank Cavallaro  
1/31/2014   (12) comments
Paying your employees to quit isn't as crazy as it sounds. Here's why you should consider this strategy.
Prioritize Networking for Career Bests
Frank Cavallaro  
1/24/2014   (6) comments
Networking often takes a backseat. Here is why you should make networking a priority.
Avnet Enters Partnership Veeam Software to Enhance Virtualization Training Portfolio
EBN Newswire  
1/17/2014   Post a comment
Avnet Services partners with Veeam Software to enhance its virtualization training portfolio across EMEA
Avnet Launches Design Seminars for Embedded Applications Using Xilinx Zynq-7000 All-Programmable SoCs
EBN Newswire  
1/17/2014   Post a comment
Avnet Electronics Marketing launches design seminars for embedded applications using Xilinx Zynq-7000 all-programmable SoCs
Jumpstart Your Career
Frank Cavallaro  
1/17/2014   (6) comments
Feel like your career is stuck in a rut? Here are five tips on how to get out of the rut and get your career moving in the right direction.
Avoid the Pitfall of the Lowest Common Denominator
Frank Cavallaro  
1/10/2014   (1) comment
Setting the bar at the lowest common denominator prevents the realization of true potential. Here is how to avoid the trap of the lowest common denominator.
Mouser's Robotics Education Grant Supports Future Engineers
EBN Newswire  
1/6/2014   Post a comment
Mouser Electronics announced its sponsorship of a robotics grant to support science and technology education in Mansfield Schools
Go Beyond Layoffs to Cut Costs
Frank Cavallaro  
1/3/2014   (38) comments
Layoffs are often the go-to move when you need to cut costs, but they are costly. Before you cut bodies, consider cutting elsewhere.
11 Commandments of a Decision-Making Culture
Frank Cavallaro  
12/27/2013   (7) comments
How are decisions made within your company? Here is how to foster a decision-making culture that is easier, faster, and more defined.
Saving Supply Chain Mid-Management Talent
Susan Fourtané  
12/26/2013   (35) comments
Many companies today seem to be focused on college recruiting, but the ongoing great shortage of middle-management positions needs to be promptly addressed.
3 Hallmarks of a Top Performer
Frank Cavallaro  
12/13/2013   (5) comments
Want to be a top performer? You have to have these three characteristics to make it happen.
Invest Again in Innovation
Logical Link  
12/9/2013   (53) comments
Perhaps the supply chain world can learn a thing or two from the STEM educators.
Why Whining Won’t Get You Anywhere
Frank Cavallaro  
12/6/2013   (19) comments
Whining is often used to avoid responsibility and place blame -- traits which are inherently unattractive and ineffective.
The How Behind IDEA-ICE-3000 Certification
The Big IDEA  
12/2/2013   (3) comments
This is the final post in a two-part series on the IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification Exam.
Optimize Your Team for Success
Frank Cavallaro  
11/29/2013   (14) comments
Most teams can decipher what needs to be done easily, but when it comes to the how, new or weak teams unravel. Here's how to avoid that pitfall.
Wanted: Brightest & Best Young Engineers for DesignCon Panel
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
11/19/2013   (7) comments
If you are or know a recently graduated or student engineer who you believe represents the future of engineering, let us know.
7 Tips for Mastering the Art of Persuasion
Frank Cavallaro  
11/15/2013   (10) comments
Persuasion has nothing to do with being the loudest or most aggressive. It's about defining a goal and getting people to buy into it. Here's how to be persuasive.
Manage Corporate Risk With Clawbacks
Frank Cavallaro  
11/8/2013   (14) comments
Clawbacks are an essential risk management tool for any supply chain organization.
The Why Behind IDEA-ICE-3000 Certification
The Big IDEA  
10/16/2013   (10) comments
The IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification Exam offers OEMs, CMs, CMs, and EMS providers a variety of benefits.
Avnet Appoints Lynn Torrel to Lead Avnet Velocity
EBN Newswire  
10/4/2013   Post a comment
Torrel brings global electronics experience to Avnet’s Velocity team
Mouser Sponsors Ridley’s Power Electronics Design Workshops
EBN Newswire  
10/3/2013   Post a comment
Mouser Electronics, Inc. announced it is providing sponsorship and support for the Ridley Engineering Power Electronics Workshops
Live Chat 9/30: Getting Schooled in Supply Chain
EBN Dialogue  
9/30/2013   (206) comments
In the not too distant future, there will be more supply chain jobs than workers. Let's talk about how to increase interest in the profession.
The Generational Crossover of Supply Chain Professionals
Logical Link  
9/30/2013   (10) comments
Companies will have to address the generational gaps showing up in their workplaces, or their supply chains will suffer.
Mouser Sponsors IEEE MetroCon Engineering Conference
EBN Newswire  
9/18/2013   Post a comment
Mouser Electronics, Inc. sponsors the IEEE MetroCon, set for Oct. 9 at the Arlington (Texas) Convention Center
APICS Investigates Supply Chain Success
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/10/2013   (1) comment
APICs new research foundation has partnered with Michigan State University to examine what capabilities will be key in the supply chain of the future.
Supply Chain Management Gets Some Respect
Tam Harbert  
7/31/2013   (20) comments
Today, more universities and colleges are offering programs for supply chain management and salaries are on the rise. How can the industry help get students interested in entering the supply chain profession?
The Startup Experience: Being the Business
Kimberly Bagby  
7/30/2013   (32) comments
In the finale of a three-part series, an IC startup CFO explores the ways that being part of a family-owned electronics business forms the people who do it.
The Human Element in EMS
Eric H. Miscoll  
7/17/2013   (20) comments
With many electronics manufacturers considering a return to a regional approach -- building in the region for the region -- managers are realizing that things will have to change to help them find the skilled workers needed.
Manufacturing Trends Revolutionize Procurement
Tam Harbert  
6/26/2013   (17) comments
In the wake of the new industrial revolution, supply chain professionals will need to think about their jobs in whole new ways.
Mitigate a Supply Chain Career Disaster
Career Engineering  
6/26/2013   (39) comments
A personal risk management plan will help you avoid career disaster in the supply chain world.
High-Gain Questions Lead to Wins
Career Engineering  
6/5/2013   (13) comments
When you want to propose a new process or procedure, you need to start with great questions that elicit information needed to persuade your group to move forward.
Boring Ads Don't Attract Great Workers
Career Engineering  
5/23/2013   (26) comments
You won't attract the best applicants for a supply chain management job if your help-wanted ads put them to sleep. Here's how to liven them up.
Improving Leadership Skills for a Better Career, Part 2
Career Engineering  
5/16/2013   (31) comments
You responded with amazing insight as to how to define leadership, and we wanted to visualize it.
Improving Leadership Skills for a Better Career
Career Engineering  
5/9/2013   (22) comments
Moving into leadership without the maturity and actual on-the-job experience can lead to failure.
SEC Poised to Endorse Corporate Hypocrisy (Again)
The Sanity Clause  
5/2/2013   Post a comment
Companies, bless their stony hearts, are telling their shareholders that they can take their concept of open information and shove it.
Tools for Time Management
Career Engineering  
5/2/2013   (8) comments
Practical ways to manage our time can help alleviate stress, and improve productivity and job satisfaction.

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