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2016 Top 25 Global Franchised Distributors
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/23/2016   Post a comment
The global franchised distributors that remain in the race in 2016 have remained largely the same, with only one or another dropping back a pace or two.
EBN@C-Level: Digi-Key's President & COO Dave Doherty Talks Electronics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/23/2016   Post a comment
We recently sat down for a chat with Dave Doherty, president at Digi-Key to get his thoughts on what direction he plans to take Digi-Key, as well as how the electronics distribution business and industry are evolving.
America II Moves into Franchised Distribution World
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/23/2016   Post a comment
America II is quickly moving away from its roots in independent distribution to fmake a place for itself in the franchised electronics distribution landscape.
Specialty Electronics Distributors Up Customer Confidence, UBM Survey Said
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/18/2016   Post a comment
UBM's Global Distributor Customer Evaluation Study, an annual ranking based on perceptions by supply chain, corporate, and design executives, provides a close look at how customers rate the performance of major electronics distributors.
Avnet & Arizona State University Launch Innovation Lab
EBN Newswire  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
Avnet makes $250,000 annual commitment to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs and spark next-generation technology ideas.
Master Electronics & Anderson Power Products Sign Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
Master Electronics announced a distribution partnership with Anderson Power Products.
Avnet Expands PicoZed Ecosystem with Updated FMC Carrier Card Kit
EBN Newswire  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
Avnet released the PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V2, a next-generation platform with improved FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) interface, transceiver signal integrity and clocking, all at a more cost-competitive price point.
Avnet Introduces Industrial IoT Starter Kit to Streamline Smart Device and Cloud Development
EBN Newswire  
5/10/2016   Post a comment
Avnet kick-starts IoT development with technology from IBM, Wind River and Xilinx.
Newark element14, Eaton Launch New Custom Switch Design Service
EBN Newswire  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
Value-added service allows industrial engineers to design, order personalized rocker switches without minimum order requirement.
RFMW & SANAV Announce Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
RFMW Ltd. and SANAV announce a distribution relationship allowing RFMW to promote and sell SANAV products worldwide.
Newark element14 Adds Omron Safety Tools & Solutions to Product Portfolio
EBN Newswire  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
Safety interlock switch, limit switch, light curtain, relay, controller and free GOTCHA STICK among newly available items.
EBN@C-Level: Talking with ERA CEO Walter Tobin about Electronics Reps
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/19/2016   (1) comment
We sat down with the newly appointed chief executive officer of the Electronic Representatives Association (ERA), Walter Tobin, to get his perspective on the role of reps in our industry.
Foxconn, Sharp Make a Deal. What Next?
Junko Yoshida  
3/31/2016   Post a comment
The Sharp-Foxconn soap opera, playing out publicly since 2012, exposed an unusual level of raw emotion between the two companies.
Avoid the Pitfalls of Sell-Through Channel Management
Sanjoy Chatterji  
3/24/2016   Post a comment
Leaving aside the mechanics of collecting and normalizing data formats, let’s explore some other complexities which tend to multiply as the number of product SKUs, distributors, and channel programs grow.
Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Christian Goehring, Avnet
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/16/2016   Post a comment
We sat down with one of Avnet's rising supply chain talents to ask him his thoughts on the electronics industry and the opportunities that a career in the supply chain provides.
U.S. Wins the Latest WTO Ruling Against India’s Solar Policies… Well, Sort of!
MP Divakar  
3/16/2016   (6) comments
The World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled in favor of the United States on the latter’s complaint against the Indian government’s insistence on domestic / local content requirements (DCR / LCR) for its Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (NSM) for solar cells and solar modules. The impact may be far reaching.
Want ROI? You Need Rationale, Organization, & Initiative
Eric Allais  
3/14/2016   Post a comment
You have to ensure a project has the right purpose, you have the right organization to embrace what needs to happen, and the ambition or initiative, to launch and continuously improve your processes to drive results.
10 Rising Supply Chain Stars: Meet the Millennials Changing Electronics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/10/2016   Post a comment
ThomasNet and the Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISM) announced the winners of its 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars Recognition Program--and the electronics industry is well represented.
How to Pick the Right Distribution Partner Out of a Crowd
Matt Clark  
3/7/2016   Post a comment
Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) may be the battle cry, but in a buyers market you can take the time to find distribution partners who stand out.
Arrow Speeds Design with SiliconExpert
Rob Spiegel  
3/4/2016   Post a comment
Arrow has collaborated with Cadence in order to create shortcuts in the design process.
Innovation & Effective Change Management Prove a Critical Combination
Puga Sankara  
3/4/2016   Post a comment
Innovation is hard. Organization-wide adoption is even harder. That's why change management is a critical part of every innovation project.
Data Rich, Information Poor: The Conundrum of the Distribution Center
Puga Sankara  
2/26/2016   Post a comment
Everyone has data, but real success is about insights. It's important to understand how to effectively leverage data for measurable success.
Gather RH, Temperature & Pressure Data with Wireless Sensor Dev Board from TE Connectivity — Now Available from Mouser
EBN Newswire  
2/24/2016   (1) comment
Mouser Electronics is pleased to announce the availability of the MEAS wireless sensor development board from TE Connectivity.
ECIA Reports North America Capacitor Sales for 2015 Down 9.4% in Dollars Compared to 2014
Latest Research  
2/24/2016   Post a comment
Total reported sales for all capacitor categories in North America for calendar year 2015 were down 10.5% in units and down 9.4% in dollars compared calendar year 2014.
Smith & Associates Introduces Expansive Supply Chain Service Division
EBN Newswire  
2/24/2016   (1) comment
Smith’s new Global Services division is the culmination of thirty-plus years of supply chain expertise.
OriginGPS Expands Globally and Enhances Customer Support With New Future Electronics Partnership
EBN Newswire  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
OriginGPS Offers Its ‘Mini + Mighty’ GPS and GNSS Modules Through the Distributor’s Extensive Network of 169 Local Offices to Meet Accelerating Internet of Things Market Demands in Every Region
Avnet Names Chuck Delph President of Electronics Marketing Americas
EBN Newswire  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
Chuck Delph has been appointed president of Avnet Electronics Marketing (EM) for the Americas region.
Richardson Electronics and Tecate Group Sign Global Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
Standard and custom ultracapacitor, capacitor and electronic assemblies for military and power back-up applications
5 Ways IPS Can Impact Warehouse Operations
Christian Lundquist  
2/1/2016   (1) comment
Companies that focus on logistics and warehouse management perpetually search for better ways of increasing productivity, cutting costs, and improving safety for both workers and goods.
America II Adds Nine Franchise Lines
EBN Newswire  
1/26/2016   Post a comment
Global Distributor Continues to Grow its Supply Chain
Arduino 101 from Intel Now at Mouser
EBN Newswire  
1/26/2016   Post a comment
New Development Board Ideal for Makers and Educators
Andrew S. Bryant to Retire from Arrow Electronics
EBN Newswire  
1/26/2016   Post a comment
Arrow Electronics announced that Andrew S. Bryant is retiring from his position as chief operating officer of the company’s global components and global enterprise computing solutions businesses.
Newark element14 Launches Cloud Enabled Secure IoT Solution Kit Based on NXPs LPC43S67
EBN Newswire  
1/26/2016   (1) comment
Today Newark element14 launched a Cloud enabled secure IoT solution kit based on NXPs LPC43S67.
EBN@C-Level: Looking at Electronics Distribution Trends with Avnet's Gerry Fay
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
1/14/2016   Post a comment
EBN sat down with Gerry Fay, senior vice president, Avnet and president, Avnet Electronics Marketing, Global, to talk about the embeeded systems and IoT trends and about what the company sees in the year ahead.
Rutronik becomes Global Distributor for Sensirion
EBN Newswire  
1/12/2016   Post a comment
Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH will be serving as a global distributor for Sensirion.
element14 Announces Trio of Strategic Appointments
EBN Newswire  
1/12/2016   Post a comment
element14 announces three senior level appointments to strengthen its management team, following a global reorganization and strategic operational review.
Avnet Fast Tracks Embedded Display Development with New 10-inch Touch Display Kit
EBN Newswire  
1/12/2016   Post a comment
Avnet today released a 10-inch Touch Display Kit offering engineers all the elements needed to develop rich and interactive GUI applications with touchscreen capability using Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC evaluation and development boards.
Capacitor Maker’s Solution to Eliminate a Conflict Mineral from Its Supply Chain
Tracey Schelmetic  
1/8/2016   Post a comment
Few companies have a bigger stake in sourcing conflict-free tantalum than electronic component maker KEMET, so it went to establish an entirely closed-loop supply chain with trusted partners.
EBN's Top 5 Distribution Stories for 2015
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
1/6/2016   (1) comment
Distributors play a critical part of the electronics supply chain—and this year EBN kept close tabs on this important group of companies.
EBN's Top 10 Supply Chain Stories for 2015
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
1/5/2016   (1) comment
Last year, best practices around procurement, logistics, sustainability, compliance, and more are hot topics of conversation industry wide. Will 2016 be any different?
8 Predictions for 2016
Rick Merritt  
1/4/2016   (1) comment
It’s been a long, busy year and my crystal ball is flashing me warnings that its battery is almost spent, so take these few blurry visions for what they’re worth.
Calculating the ROI of Your WMS
Eric Allais  
1/4/2016   (1) comment
Getting a positive ROI from a new WMS installation takes less time than distributors usually assume and the new system will continue to produce new improvements long after implementation.
Get Ready for the Holiday Returns Season
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/31/2015   (1) comment
Holiday returns can take a retail e-commerce sales season from merry to bleak. Here's a look at the reality of the trend.
What’s Next for the Supply Chain in 2016
Sven Boddington  
12/29/2015   (2) comments
As we get ready to turn the calendar page to a new year, it's a perfect time to look at what trends and topics will take top billing for the electronics industry in 2016.
Leaders Explore the Trade-Offs in Successful European Supply Chain Networks
Erik Diks  
12/22/2015   (1) comment
Supply chain and distribution costs vary significantly by product type and industry, a Chainalytics' study found. .
Automotive Enterprise Labeling: What to Look For
Harold Desjarlais  
12/17/2015   Post a comment
Enterprise labeling offers automotive manufacturers a variety of benefits. Choosing the correct solution, though, is a critical part to reaping potential rewards.
Automotive Labeling: 7 Ways To Drive Supply Chain Efficiency
Harold Desjarlais  
12/10/2015   Post a comment
With the right enterprise labeling solution, automotive industry suppliers benefit in a variety of ways.
Standing Tall Beside Amazon in Electronic Component Distribution
Kelly Barner  
12/9/2015   (1) comment
Not everyone sees it as inevitable that the e-commerce and distribution giant will dominate electronic component distribution.
Ready for the Holidays? Tips for Supply Chain Success
Donna Fritz  
12/1/2015   (1) comment
Preparing supply chain operations for the holiday can seem daunting, but the sooner companies implement some proven best practices, the more strategic value they can add the organization -- and avoid a potentially costly meltdown during the most wonderful time of the year.
Operations or IT: Don't Pick a Side
Puga Sankara  
11/25/2015   Post a comment
When operations and IT partner together seamlessly, it can translate into huge supply chain efficiency and savings for an organization.
Imagining the Digital Supply Chain
Logical Link  
11/23/2015   Post a comment
New technologies, advanced analytics, robotics, and visualization help pivot companies towards digital supply chain processes.
Tried & True: 5 Benefits of an Effective ERP System
Aaron Continelli  
11/17/2015   Post a comment
ERP solutions are a one-stop shop for the savvy business owner, offering crucial insights into every aspect of a business’s operation. Here's a list of the top benefits.
EBN@C-Level: Arrow Electronics' Tim Kolbus Talks About Supply Chain
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
11/5/2015   Post a comment
Tim Kolbus, vice president of Global Logistics Services at Arrow Electronics gives us his thoughts on supply chain strategy—and to hear about how Arrow is tackling this important topic, from hiring the right people to choosing the right technologies.
Foster a Culture of Innovation in the Supply Chain
Puga Sankara  
11/5/2015   Post a comment
Focusing on innovation gets more important as our lives become more technology dependent each day. The organizations and people that adapt to innovation and that are technology savvy will be the winners of the future.
New European Medical Device & IVD Regulations Impact Supply Chain
Paula McCarthy  
11/3/2015   Post a comment
Newly revised legislation around medical devices hopes to address technological and scientific progress while maintaining fair and free trade of devices. In this latest round, the proposed regulations, for the first time, defines ‘importer’ and a ‘distributor,’ and outlines new responsibilities for each.
IDT & Richardson Electronics Team for Global Distribution of RF Products
EBN Newswire  
11/3/2015   Post a comment
Richardson Electronics will cover North America, Europe and Asia as distributor for IDT’s fast-growing RF portfolio.
Machine Learning Sets the Pace of Distribution
Julien Happich  
10/27/2015   Post a comment
Last July, Dave Doherty took the helm of global component distributor Digi-Key Electronics when long time president and COO Mark Larson handed over the reins to him. For EETimes Europe, Doherty shared his views on today’s consolidation climate and how distribution is set to evolve. Excerpts…
Manufacturing Straps on its 3D Glasses
Mike McDonald  
10/26/2015   Post a comment
Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, allows machines to work directly from a computer model, and designers devise completely new concepts on the fly without regard for existing manufacturing limitations.
Talent Best Practices
EBN Poll  
10/21/2015   (1) comment
4 Ways to Secure the Internet of Things
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/9/2015   Post a comment
As IoT grows, the security risks will grow with it. These simple steps are a place to start.
Avnet Introduces PicoZed Software-Defined Radio SOM
EBN Newswire  
10/7/2015   Post a comment
Avnet introduced the PicoZed SDR Z7035/AD9361, a rugged, low-power, small footprint system-on-module (SOM) that integrates critical RF signal path and high-speed programmable logic, enabling designers to dramatically reduce cycle times for development of the RF-to-baseband signal processing core for wireless communications systems.
Master Electronics Announces Their Newest Supplier; Marquardt Switches
EBN Newswire  
10/7/2015   Post a comment
Master Electronics announced that it has added the Marquardt switch line to their extensive line card.
Mouser & Imahara Unveil New Driverless Cars Series, Help Drive the Latest Innovations in Autonomous Vehicle Technology
EBN Newswire  
10/7/2015   Post a comment
Mouser Electronics is teaming up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara and a group of visionaries in autonomous vehicle technology to announce an exciting new Driverless Cars Series.
APICS Announces New Certification Program Designed for Logistics, Transportation & Distribution Professionals
EBN Newswire  
10/7/2015   Post a comment
APICS announced the development of the APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) designation.
Google Glass & Augmented Reality Benefit Warehouse Operations
Susan Fourtané  
9/29/2015   (1) comment
By 2017, the augmented reality market will grow to $5.2 billion becoming the next big thing in a variety of markets, including logistics and manufacturing.
8 Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Company on Social Media
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/25/2015   Post a comment
Next month is National Cyber Security Awareness Month but it's never too early to brush up on safety best practices.
Leverage Gamification to Improve Worker Engagement
Puga Sankara  
9/25/2015   Post a comment
Do you often feel like your distribution center operators can do more, but for some reason they are just not engaged? Gamification could be an option to build better engagement between your operators and their work assignments.
2015 High-Tech Supply Chain Leaders by the Numbers
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/23/2015   Post a comment
Gartner's list of top supply chain leaders is rife with electronics and high technology companies and this slideshow calls them out by hame.
Avnet Releases ONIX-VU440 Kit Based on Largest Xilinx Virtex UltraScale FPGA
EBN Newswire  
9/16/2015   Post a comment
Board facilitates rapid prototyping and ASIC emulation.
Distributors Refocus Supply Chain Strategies
Lisa Ann Cairns  
9/15/2015   Post a comment
Distributors are actively extending their service offerings to diversify market opportunities and meet new demands from procurement. While efficiency, streamlining, and cost savings remain core demands, attention to agility and margins require customized solutions.
The Importance of Supply Chain Connectivity: A Conversation with RS Components
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/15/2015   Post a comment
We sat down with RS Electronics to find out how the distributor went about implementing a supply chain connectivity solution across its supply chain.
3 Reasons Distributors Should be a Part of Your Supply Chain
Jon Pickard  
9/15/2015   Post a comment
Chosen strategically, distributors can add to a smart OEMs bottom line.
Counterfeiting: The Rising Threat to Electronics Manufacturers
Joe Longo  
9/10/2015   (2) comments
Counterfeiting is a real and present danger in the electronics supply chain. Enterprise labeling potentially starts to address the need to track and trace components.
Protecting Trade Secrets with Third Parties
Pamela Passman  
9/3/2015   Post a comment
To meet the ‘reasonable steps’ requirement when gaining legal redress against trade secret theft, it’s processes not just policies that prevail.
Image Tracking Across the Entire Supply Chain
Puga Sankara  
9/3/2015   Post a comment
Image tracking has been a capability that has been included in just about every supply chain solution RFP. Yet, no vendor has delivered yet. Thankfully, that's is changing.
9 Secrets to Being the Good Cop of Vendor Relationships
Brad Knight  
9/1/2015   Post a comment
I was brought up to respect my elders and be polite and I have tried to maintain a courteous approach throughout my life. Sometimes, though, when I observe the relationship between purchasers and their outsourced vendors, I wonder how we can move courtesy from a perceived luxury to a must have relationship tool.
ERA Names New CEO
EBN Newswire  
8/27/2015   (1) comment
The Electronics Representatives Association has announced that Walter E. Tobin has been named as the organization's new Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President.
Raspberry Pi Eco-System Goes Interstellar with the New Raspberry Pi Sense HAT from Newark element14
EBN Newswire  
8/27/2015   Post a comment
Newark element14 has today globally launched the latest addition to the expanding ecosystem of Raspberry Pi accessories, the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT, as featured in the ‘Astro Pi’ space mission.
Putting the Runaway Train on Rails: Workflow Automation Increases Supply Chain Agility & Efficiency
David Riffel  
8/26/2015   Post a comment
Automation has the potential to help a supply chain work like a well-orchestrated railway yard.
Corporate Responsibility in a Global Supply Chain World
Tarun Amla  
8/24/2015   Post a comment
For manufacturing to grow, the electronics global supply chain must remain reliable and robust while taking into account critical product performance issues such as safety, reliability, and product integrity.
3 Overlooked Locales for a Distribution Center
Tam Harbert  
8/20/2015   Post a comment
Location, location, location... Picking the right place to put an electronics distribution warehouse can be a chore. A recent study, though, identifies some little known but promising locales.
Getting the Right 3PL/4PL Strategy to Deliver Like Amazon
Puga Sankara  
8/20/2015   Post a comment
Third party logistics (3PL or 4PL) companies need to plan for a state of the art supply chain Infrastructure to dominate the market.
Visual Search Next Opportunity for Electronics Components Industry
Laurie Sullivan  
8/19/2015   (1) comment
Although still in infancy, visual search technology promises to be a compelling tool for electronics manufacturers, distributors, and customers alike.
Richardson Electronics & Cornell Dubilier Sign Global
Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
8/18/2015   (1) comment
Leverages global technical sales team to help advance capacitor technology for new applications
The Distribution Channel: Times Are A-Changing
B. Cameron Gain  
8/18/2015   Post a comment
A variety of factors are changing what customers want from distribution partners. A new study from UPS outlines the four biggest shifts.
4 Ways to Secure the Internet of Things
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
8/14/2015   Post a comment
With convenience and ease of access to data, IoT brings with it considerable security risks. By adopting good habits, users can reduce those hazards.
Putting Hardware Hacking on the OEM Radar
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
8/12/2015   Post a comment
As electronic content crops up in products of all kinds, hardware hacking will become more common than ever before. OEMs need to start looking at new ways to identify counterfeit components.
Reclaim Time & Productivity with a Warehouse Management System
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
8/7/2015   Post a comment
With globalization and a quickly changing business environment, a warehouse management system is now a necessity rather than a nice to have.
Wearable Impact & Health Monitor Wins element14’s Sudden Impact Challenge

EBN Newswire  
8/4/2015   Post a comment
“Sudden Impact” asked 12 engineers to develop wearable solutions aimed at preventing sports injuries.
Avnet Electronics Marketing Releases New Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC/Analog Devices Intelligent Drives Kit II
EBN Newswire  
8/4/2015   Post a comment
Platform enhances flexibility and performance of earlier Intelligent Drives Kit.
Richardson Electronics & FTCAP Sign Global
Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
7/29/2015   Post a comment
Expands accessibility and support of high reliability electrolytic and film capacitors
15 Engineers to Build Indoor Vertical Farms in element14’s new Vertical Farming Design Challenge

EBN Newswire  
7/29/2015   Post a comment
Participants will create IoT-enabled gardens and harvest crops with support from vertical farming facilities.
Why Whole Chain Visibility is Important for Keeping Score
Kerwin Everson  
7/29/2015   Post a comment
Whole chain visibility lets distribution centers pull ahead of the pack in terms of team work.
Richardson Electronics & Ohmite Sign Global Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
7/24/2015   Post a comment
Expands technical support of Ohmite’s leading high-performance resistor technology
America II Adds Eight New Franchise Lines
EBN Newswire  
7/24/2015   Post a comment
Global Distributor Announces New Franchise Distribution Agreements
bisco industries Expands E-Commerce Services
EBN Newswire  
7/24/2015   Post a comment
Distributor, bisco industries, has recently expanded its online services for buyers.
RFMW & ParkerVision Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
7/24/2015   Post a comment
RFMW Ltd. and ParkerVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:PRKR) have announced a worldwide distribution agreement for ParkerVision products and services.
Avnet Electronics Marketing Names Kevin Yapp Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation
EBN Newswire  
7/15/2015   (1) comment
Avnet Electronics Marketing (EM) announced that it has named Kevin Yapp as senior vice president of digital transformation, effective immediately.

Complex Hazmat Transport Regs Would Even Challenge Einstein, Shipping Execs Say in Survey
EBN Newswire  
7/15/2015   Post a comment
Hazardous materials rules are just plain confusing, execs say in a recent survey.

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The number of cyberattacks is on the rise and hackers are targeting the supply chain. Drew Smith, founder and CEO of InfoArmor, will be on hand to discuss the reality of today's threat landscape and what to do about it.