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Leading Battery Companies Select Call2Recycle to Manage Nation’s First Single-Use Battery Recycling Program in Vermont
EBN Newswire  
3/30/2015   Post a comment
North America’s Foremost Consumer Battery Stewardship Organization, together with 11 initial companies, plan for statewide recycling program to launch in 2016.
Drowning in Devices: The Growing Problem of e-Waste
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/6/2015   Post a comment
While users looking for the latest and greatest products from electronics OEMs is good news, it creates a huge problem with e-waste management.
Getting Hands-on Experience in Sustainable Product Design
Pamela Gordon  
3/2/2015   (3) comments
Sometimes the best way to understand design for environment (DfE) best practices is a hands on approach. Join us for the highlights of a recent seminar.
North America’s Consumer Battery Collection & Recycling Leader Continues Year-Over-Year Growth
EBN Newswire  
1/23/2015   Post a comment
Call2Recycle caps 18th straight year of protecting and preserving North America’s environmental footprint.
Getting Started: OSHA’s Revised Hazard Communication Standard
Daniel Levine  
1/23/2015   Post a comment
So where do you start with OSHA’s GHS Aligned Hazard Communication Standard? And what do you do?
Recycling: A Question of Convenience
Carole Mars  
1/19/2015   (1) comment
Common wisdom tells us that any recycling program needs to be convenient, but never defines what convenient means. Turns out, it’s not that easy to do….
Eco-Friendly Electronics of the Future Will Be Designed to Disappear
Amy Norcross  
1/13/2015   Post a comment
Researchers are working toward the creation of electronic components that are degradable, opening up possibilities in the fight against electronic waste and even the shadowy world of espionage.
Introduction to Labeling Challenges: OSHA’s Revised Hazard Communication Standard
Daniel Levine  
1/9/2015   (1) comment
The Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals has evolved in ways that create challenges for chemical producers and shippers. Here's a look at how we got to where we are.
Stop! Recycle Those Old Batteries!
Max Maxfield  
12/12/2014   (10) comments
Around 3 billion batteries are discarded in the United States each year, releasing all sorts of unpleasant substances -- including mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel -- into the environment.
2014 DSW Rule Fails to Incentivize Recycling Sufficiently
EBN Newswire  
12/11/2014   Post a comment
US EPA proposes revisions to the Definition of Solid Waste rule lacking adequate regulatory relief manufacturers wishing to recycle
iPhone EarPod Packaging Misses the Design for Environment Boat
Pamela Gordon  
12/10/2014   (6) comments
Apple makes great products, as the popularity of all sorts of iDevices proves. The packaging, though, of the recently-released EarPods misses some basic Design for Environment principals.
6 Steps to Closing the Reverse Logistics Loop
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/4/2014   (3) comments
A closed loop supply chain can seem out of reach of the average organization. These six steps offer a clear process for creating a successful green effort.
Integration: The Secret to Reverse Logistics Success
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/3/2014   (2) comments
Reverse logistics is often seen as a necessary evil and a big time sink. With an integrated process, though, these activities can actually add to the organization's bottom line.
4 Ways to Boost Supply Chain Performance Through Better Logistics
Jennifer Bosavage  
11/26/2014   (5) comments
With smart logistics practices, OEMs can substantially enhance their supply chain performance.
First APEC Green Supply Chain Center to Settle in Tianjin
EBN Newswire  
11/19/2014   Post a comment
The Initiative on APEC Green Supply Chain Cooperation Network involves websites, application researches, and pilot demonstration centers
In Pursuit of Sustainable Electronics
Mary E. Shacklett  
11/19/2014   (2) comments
Large electronics OEMs are starting to get real about sustainability. It's a good start, but there's plenty more to do.
Customers Demand More Sustainable Supply Chains
EBN Newswire  
11/10/2014   Post a comment
Sustainable supply chains climb the corporate agenda as a consequence of increased market demand
Waste Not, Want Not: Sustainability in the Supply Chain Pays Off
Change in the Chain  
11/10/2014   (9) comments
Electronics OEMs have a bunch of reasons to build sustainability into the supply chain. Being a good corporate citizen is just the tip of the iceberg.
Recon Group Grows Quickly With Latest Expansion to S.C.
EBN Newswire  
11/6/2014   Post a comment
Recon is rolling out a new facility in Blacksburg, S.C., to process consumer electronic returns, creating over 250 new local jobs
Spinnaker Takes a Leadership Role in the Remanufacturing Industries Council
EBN Newswire  
11/6/2014   Post a comment
Spinnaker joins RIC's Marketing and Membership Committee
Arrow Receives Its First Responsible Recycling Certification in Europe
EBN Newswire  
10/24/2014   Post a comment
Arrow Electronics has received certification to the Responsible Recycling standard for its value recovery business based in the Netherlands.
UL Supports OEMs in Conflict Mineral Reporting Efforts
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
10/15/2014   (9) comments
A new offering from UL's Information & Insights (I&I) division hopes to help the industry streamline reporting while increasing compliance around conflict minerals.
Warehouse Energy Savings: Boosting Your Bottom Line
Frank Cavallaro  
10/7/2014   (9) comments
Sustainable design for warehouses and distribution centers has become the norm and one of the most effective tools to boost the bottom line.
3 Keys to Successful Supply Chain: Collaboration, Big Data & Sustainability
Donna Fritz  
10/1/2014   (1) comment
Smart midmarket OEMs are leveraging collaboration, big data, and green/sustainable supply chains to ensure the best results.
Record iPhone Sales: Recycle Electronics October 4 With Arizona Technology Council
EBN Newswire  
9/26/2014   Post a comment
Statewide community effort supported by Data Doctors and Westech Recyclers. A portion of equipment is donated for Arizona education
Supply Chain Sustainability: Addressing Transparency in the Metals & Mining Sector
Susan Fourtané  
9/24/2014   (9) comments
Addressing transparency in the metals and mining sector must be a joint effort between supply chains and consumers.
Sustainable Packaging Goes Mainstream
Frank Cavallaro  
9/23/2014   (18) comments
Consumer demand and corporate commitment have spurred a flood of new innovations in sustainable packaging, taking what was once a novel concept into the mainstream.
Repurposed Systems Present Growth Opportunity
Jim O'Reilly  
9/18/2014   (5) comments
With system performance taking a quantum leap of improvement, while the cloud targets a four-year lifecycle, what happens to the used systems business?
Bringing World-Class ITAD to Locations Around the World
Glenn Samala  
9/17/2014   Post a comment
Proper disposition of end-of-life IT resources not only helps the environment. When handled properly, it can also provide real return on investment.
Corrugated Packaging Getting Consistently Greener
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/5/2014   (27) comments
Corrugated materials makers are scoring high in terms of reducing its environmental impact.
Walmart's Supply Chain Sustainability Lessons
Susan Fourtané  
7/22/2014   (2) comments
When a company's success is achieved in great part due to its long and consistent history of supply chain management success and sustainability initiatives, it becomes a role model for supply chain managers.
The Benefits of Supply Chain Sustainability
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
7/1/2014   (2) comments
Supply chain sustainability leads to clear benefits to the organization, not only from an environmental perspective, but also in terms of reduced costs and increased customer benefits. However, to reap these benefits, organizations need to make a concerted effort to disseminate the vision throughout the organization.
Cross-Organizational Adoption Breeds Sustainability Success
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
6/30/2014   (1) comment
To really tap in to the value of sustainability efforts across the supply chain, organizations must adopt clear strategies that leverage ethical, economic, social, and environmental concerns.
Making Sense of Supply Chain Sustainability
Wade McDaniel  
6/27/2014   (3) comments
To catch on, supply chain sustainability projects need to demonstrate that they are inherently better business. The "green" benefits, then, are an added bonus.
Industrialized Nations Pushed to Improve Plastic Recycling as China Stops Being Global Dump
EBN Newswire  
6/26/2014   (1) comment
European goal is zero plastics waste to landfills by 2020. (Discussion at Polyethylene-Polypropylene Chain Global Tech/Business Forum.)
GreenPeak Posts New 'Small Data Versus Big Data' White Paper
EBN Newswire  
6/24/2014   Post a comment
GreenPeak Technologies has created a white paper that details how tiny bits of information collected from billions of devices will create a repository of information that will transform lives and generate new business sectors.
Infographic: Looking at the End of Life of Electronics
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
6/20/2014   (4) comments
E-waste recycling is still underutilized. Let's look at the potential for doing better in the future.
UL Expands Information & Insights (I&I) Division
EBN Newswire  
6/19/2014   Post a comment
I&I expands access to data intelligence platform to optimize sustainable product output from within complex global supply chains
Electronics Industry Vulnerable to International Politics
Hal Quinn  
6/19/2014   (2) comments
Today, a global electronics supply chain is the norm. Unfortunately, reliance on foreign sources can leave the supply chain vulnerable to international and political discord.
Connecting the Dots in Design for Environment
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
6/13/2014   (14) comments
In order to achieve true sustainability, OEMs need to be thinking about the environment from the day a product idea is captured on paper all the way until it makes its way to the landfill or recycling center.
Infographic: State of ROHS 2 Compliance
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
6/13/2014   (12) comments
RoHS 2 deadlines are on the horizon. We're close to compliance but gaps remain.
Sustaining a Green, Global Business
Suzanne Deffree  
6/6/2014   (7) comments
John Beimfohr, Avnet's senior director of integration operations, shares his expertise on what it takes to be an environmentally conscious organization and the green, financial, and social benefits of doing so.
Resilience: A Key Factor in Supply Chain Sustainability
Nick Testa  
6/6/2014   (1) comment
Sustainability that takes a broad look at internal and external factors has the potential to ensuring a successful long-term supply chain strategy.
Infographic: The Fact & (Science) Fiction of 3D Printing
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/23/2014   (12) comments
Although not yet mainstream, it's clear that 3D printing is set to shift the electronics manufacturing landscape, from how products are designed to how the supply chain evolves.
Startup Looks for Sunny Skies for Solar Charging
Susan Fourtané  
5/22/2014   (28) comments
For charging tablets or smartphones, now the sun is the limit as a new startup finds an innovative way to meet user demand for better charging technologies.
Raw Materials Shortfalls Create Strategic Challenges
Logical Link  
5/19/2014   (9) comments
Supply chain pros keep a close eye on pricing and availability of natural resources as a way of controlling costs and avoiding manufacturing challenges.
Sustainability: Regulations & Standards Galore
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/14/2014   Post a comment
The alphabet soup of standards surrounding sustainability initiatives can be confusing, but compliance is critical, and can improve business results.
WEEE Creating a Recycling Boon
Logical Link  
5/12/2014   (2) comments
A newly minted recycling program has the potential to create new sourcing opportunities.
Infographic: Where's the E-Waste Going?
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/9/2014   (25) comments
The e-waste problem is huge... and growing. It's time for the electronics industry to take stock and decide upon a path forward.
The Oncoming Tide of E-Waste
Carole Mars  
5/8/2014   (17) comments
As we design more electronic devices and as these products hit the consumer stream, e-waste handling is going to become a critical issue.
Resilinc Announces SupplyIntel Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Module to Protect Against Brand Risk
EBN Newswire  
5/5/2014   Post a comment
Resilinc Corp. today announced the immediate availability of SupplyIntelTM CSR Module.
The Growing Case for Corporate Sustainability Management
Art Figueroa  
5/5/2014   (6) comments
Good sustainability is good business. Most business people would agree that successful CSM occurs when the goals of reduced costs and reduced carbon footprints are achieved simultaneously.
Infographic: iPhone Manufacturing Makes a Global Impact
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/25/2014   (7) comments
The iPhone touches the whole world... and big electronics companies are talking about environmental impact in new ways.
ISO 14001 Certification Underscores Digi-Key's Green Initiatives
EBN Newswire  
4/22/2014   Post a comment
Digi-Key Corp. has put into place a series of green initiatives, including ISO 14001:2004 certification.
Arrow Secures Certifications for Brazil Electronics Asset Disposition Facility
EBN Newswire  
4/21/2014   Post a comment
This represents the first R2-certified site in South America. It is also is certified for RIOS, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 9001 and 14001
3D Printing: Asking the Environmental Question
Logical Link  
4/21/2014   (9) comments
3D printing may be a boon for electronics designers, but this new technology gets a mixed environmental report card.
Electronic Compliance in the Age of Environmentalism
At the Source  
3/28/2014   Post a comment
The electronics supply chain now understands that a green stance is good for the environment and for business.
Greenwashing? Apple? No, Just Value-Adding Supply Chain Practice
Kevin O’Marah  
3/19/2014   (3) comments
Sometimes social and environmental responsibility initiatives are mostly about making an organization look good. Done right, though, SER can make a big impact.
Save Trees & Money: Reduce Paper Use in the Distribution Center
Frank Cavallaro  
2/21/2014   (41) comments
Paper use is surprisingly rampant in distribution centers. There are some compelling reasons to reduce reliance on paper.
Smarter Life Challenge Inspires Home Control Innovation
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/20/2014   (14) comments
Newark element14 has announced the winners of its Smarter Life Challenge, and it raises a question: Couldn't our homes be smarter?
Shale Gas Creates Domino Effect
Logical Link  
2/19/2014   (11) comments
The shale gas boom is getting plenty of coverage, and it's critical that supply chain managers start tuning in.
Robotics Revolutionizes Waste Recycling
Susan Fourtané  
1/6/2014   (18) comments
ZenRobotics creates a promising technology for waste sorting.
CB Materials: Recycle, Reuse, Dispose?
Nicole Faubert  
12/20/2013   (7) comments
After all, consumer demand for electronic devices is at an all time high, and each device contains one or more PCBs, therefore disposal of waste PCBs is a growing concern.
The Evolving Supply Chain Conscience
Susan Fourtané  
12/19/2013   (18) comments
The new corporate social responsibility is becoming mainstream, and the supply chain needs to react accordingly.
Cold House? Electronics to the Rescue!
Malcolm Fuller  
10/31/2013   (5) comments
Renesas Electronics product marketing manager Gianluca Viale discusses what people can do to conserve energy in their households by leveraging microncontrollers and embedded systems.
The Future of Demand Response Technologies
Brian Fuller  
10/30/2013   (1) comment
UCLA engineering professor Rajit Gadh talks about research in smart grid systems and how consumers can benefit from demand-response technologies and programs.
EBV Elektronik Launches New Website for Its Renewable Energies Vertical
EBN Newswire  
10/30/2013   Post a comment
EBV Elektronik launches new website for its vertical sales segment renewable energies
The Case for Reusable Packing
Frank Cavallaro  
10/25/2013   (11) comments
Looking for a way to make your supply chain more efficient? Consider reusable packaging.
The Ups & Downs of Creating Sustainability
Logical Link  
10/24/2013   (8) comments
CEOs see the need for sustainability for future business success, but they struggle to make the business case for it.
How 8 Engineers Designed the Future Electric Vehicle
Brian Fuller  
9/24/2013   (22) comments
A key part of any stop on the year-long Drive for Innovation was interacting with engineers either examining our Chevy Volt or driving it around. Everyone has a design suggestion.
Are EVs Safer Than Gas-Powered Cars?
Bill Schweber  
9/23/2013   (11) comments
Almost everything has danger and impact; it's just how we learn to live and work with it.
Disruptive Innovation Delivers Promising E-Waste Solution
Susan Fourtané  
9/16/2013   (33) comments
End-of-Life (EoL) electronics can now experience a sustainable change with a positive impact on the environment, and on the health of the citizens who live in areas contaminated with e-waste.
The Sounds of Silence Redux
Brian Fuller  
9/12/2013   (12) comments
Apparently electric and hybrid-electric vehicles are too quiet, at least for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
9/12 Live Chat: 9 Steps to an Effective ConMin Program
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/10/2013   (3) comments
We'll be gathering in the EBN chat area Thursday, Sept. 12, at 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT. Come on by, and invite your colleagues to join us with their most pressing questions.
Get Smart About Green
George Karalias  
9/9/2013   (13) comments
Choosing the right partner for obsolescent and EOL parts is important, both for your business and the environment.
Arrow Collects 154,000 Pounds of Electronics Recycling
EBN Newswire  
8/22/2013   Post a comment
Colorado residents recycled 154,000 pounds of electronics on at the Mile High Electronics Recycling Event by Arrow Electronics.
RoHS2 Deadline Upon Us
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
8/5/2013   (11) comments
The timeline for compliance with RoHS2 is upon us.
The Heart of Responsible E-Waste Recycling
Susan Fourtané  
6/19/2013   (18) comments
By getting back to basics, the industry can make huge inroads into creating a better world for future generations.
A Guide to Greener Electronics
Susan Fourtané  
6/14/2013   (34) comments
In the race to be first in Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics, Indian Wipro debuts on top of the list.
More Manufacturers Recycle Their Electronics
Susan Fourtané  
6/11/2013   (27) comments
Putting the public interest above competition, more electronics manufacturers are providing recycling options for their customers.
Conflict Minerals Compliance Offers Opportunities
Peter Buxbaum  
6/5/2013   (5) comments
PricewaterhouseCoopers says a conflict minerals compliance program can help optimize electronics supply chains and enhance company brands.
Why Your Customers Favor Recycling
Susan Fourtané  
6/4/2013   (35) comments
After extolling the virtues of electronics recycling, a writer finds her devices set a good example.
The Supply Chain Must Embrace Recycling
Susan Fourtané  
5/30/2013   (35) comments
International regulations should prompt the supply chain to reconsider product design and to develop a competitive strategy for the benefit of the planet.
Can Good E-Waste Efforts Soften High–Tech’s Uncaring Image?
At the Source  
5/7/2013   (15) comments
Removing harmful electronic products in a responsible way is not only the right thing to do, but a smart business move.
The Future of Clean Manufacturing in the US
Susan Fourtané  
4/9/2013   (17) comments
A new US initiative focuses on increasing American manufacturing of clean energy products and boosting US competitiveness across all sectors.
How to Recycle E-Waste: Emulate Nokia
Peter Buxbaum  
4/2/2013   (8) comments
Recycling programs can yield social benefits, helping the environment and the company. But implementing them isn't easy.
Infographic: E-Waste – Where Does it All Go?
Brian Fuller  
4/2/2013   (9) comments
In the United States alone, there are 99 million televisions stockpiled or stored. And that's only a fraction of the global e-waste problem.
Time for a Water Supply Chain?
Logical Link  
4/2/2013   (8) comments
How strongly is water usage linked to your corporate social responsibility?
Upcoming Regulatory Milestones in the Electronics Supply Chain
At the Source  
3/15/2013   (2) comments
New laws and tighter restrictions will force manufacturers to eliminate some of the materials they now use, especially in electronic products.
Making Cities Smarter
Logical Link  
3/7/2013   (8) comments
With three quarters of the world's population expected to live in cities by 2050, expect an explosion of technology there.
Lessons From Boeing's Dreamliner Supply Chain Missteps
Brian Fuller  
2/28/2013   (14) comments
A highly sophisticated approach to design and assembly still requires human insight, experience.
Want Energy Innovation? Think Tarpaper
The Sanity Clause  
2/19/2013   (9) comments
Often the best solutions attack the problem by coming through the side window.
Jan 31: D-Day for Conflict Minerals Compliance
Paul Martyn  
1/30/2013   (12) comments
Jan. 31 is the deadline for complying with the SEC reporting rules for conflict minerals. Are you and your suppliers in compliance?
Measuring the Supply Chain Carbon Footprint
Logical Link  
1/15/2013   (7) comments
Regulators are moving towards compelling better measurement of carbon emissions, and this has implications for the supply chain.
Solar Supply Chain Consolidating in 2013
Latest Research  
1/10/2013   (1) comment
Worldwide, the total number of companies participating directly in the manufacturing of PV solar panels is set to fall to approximately 150 in 2013
E-Waste: Not Easy at All
Barbara Jorgensen  
1/7/2013   (16) comments
There are so many rules associated with e-waste collection that well-intended consumers might just give up.
Ready or Not, RoHS 2 Takes Effect January 2
Ken Manchen  
12/27/2012   (29) comments
This new version will expand coverage to all electrical and electronic equipment, require special marking of finished goods and more compliance documentation, and increase penalties for non-compliance.
Arrow, VEBA Settle Dispute
EBN Newswire  
12/21/2012   Post a comment
Under the Settlement Agreement, Arrow will receive an aggregate amount of $110 million
Consumers Swaying Supply Chain Decisions
Anna Young  
12/17/2012   (2) comments
Consumers are exerting more control over the manufacturing supply chain by patronizing companies that operate in line with their objectives.
Management's Green Footprint
Supply Chain Intelligence  
11/21/2012   (13) comments
As the corporate "greenovation" continues, like-minded green business partners will increasingly align with each other.

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