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5G, Cellular IoT Step Ahead
Rick Merritt  
6/27/2016   Post a comment
Qualcomm is showing a prototype 5G base station and terminal in China Mobile’s booth at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai this week.
IPhone Deal Would Boost Intel
Rick Merritt  
6/13/2016   Post a comment
Growing reports say Apple will use Intel LTE chips in iPhone 7 handsets for AT&T, a deal which could propel Intel into third place in mobile basebands.
15 Crowd-Pleasing IoT Product & Platform Wins
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
6/13/2016   (2) comments
Innovators are working hard to make the big predictions for the IoT market come true. In recent months, these IoT projects all received greater than 100% funding on their chosen crowd sourcing site.
Preventing Overbuilding & Cloning in the Global Electronics Supply Chain
Tim Morin  
6/10/2016   Post a comment
Overbuilding is a looming threat to the global electronics supply chain. Overbuilding of electronic systems can be particularly damaging.
Forces Driving Semi Mergers & Acquisitions
Walden Rhines  
6/8/2016   (2) comments
The driving force for consolidation is typically the efficiencies achieved through economies of scale with larger volume. Not so with the semiconductor industry.
Enable Supply Chain Security Through an Authentication Data Network
Michael Schuldenfrei  
6/6/2016   Post a comment
Inadvertent use of recycled, refurbished, or re-marked components can result in significant business risk for a manufacturer’s customers. Technology can help.
A Peek at the Connected Car Platform Revolution
Mike Heald  
6/3/2016   Post a comment
Connected cars are hot--and there's potential to bring all sorts of other connected technologies into the ecosystem.
Globalfoundries Expands into Chinese Wafer Fab
Peter Clarke  
6/2/2016   Post a comment
U.S.-based foundry plans to upgrade an existing semiconductor facility in inland China to run some of its processes on 300mm-diameter wafers.
Google’s Daydream is Silicon Reality
Rick Merritt  
5/23/2016   Post a comment
A Qualcomm graphics expert gave insight into work on mobile virtual reality in Android that is about to emerge from the lab.
America II Moves into Franchised Distribution World
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/23/2016   Post a comment
America II is quickly moving away from its roots in independent distribution to fmake a place for itself in the franchised electronics distribution landscape.
Graphics Rivals in Epic Battle
Rick Merritt  
5/20/2016   Post a comment
Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia go head-to-head this year in a rare battle of new GPUs, memory types and processes, says a veteran scorekeeper.
Specialty Electronics Distributors Up Customer Confidence, UBM Survey Said
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
5/18/2016   Post a comment
UBM's Global Distributor Customer Evaluation Study, an annual ranking based on perceptions by supply chain, corporate, and design executives, provides a close look at how customers rate the performance of major electronics distributors.
Master Electronics & Anderson Power Products Sign Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
Master Electronics announced a distribution partnership with Anderson Power Products.
Avnet Expands PicoZed Ecosystem with Updated FMC Carrier Card Kit
EBN Newswire  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
Avnet released the PicoZed FMC Carrier Card V2, a next-generation platform with improved FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) interface, transceiver signal integrity and clocking, all at a more cost-competitive price point.
Diamond ICs May Finally Debut
R. Colin Johnson  
5/13/2016   Post a comment
Akhan Semiconductor Inc. is licensing a diamond semiconductor process from Argonne National Laboratory, which the company plans to use first for power transistors and eventually for semiconductor chips such as ultra-low-power high-speed processors.
NXP Takes Auto Chip Vendor Crown
Peter Clarke  
5/11/2016   Post a comment
Following its takeover of Freescale, NXP Semiconductor has been declared the leading automotive chip vendor for 2015 by market research firm Strategy Analytics.
North American Electronics Business Slowdown Slows and Some Signs are Positive
Latest Research  
5/10/2016   (1) comment
Printed circuit board (PCB) shipments was the one North American industry sector in this analysis that showed signs of growth in March.
ECIA Reports Q1 CY16 Distribution Component Sales Up 2.4% Compared to Q4 CY15
Latest Research  
5/10/2016   Post a comment
Distribution reported component sales in North America for Q1 CY 2016 up 2.4% compared to Q4 CY 2015.
Avnet Introduces Industrial IoT Starter Kit to Streamline Smart Device and Cloud Development
EBN Newswire  
5/10/2016   Post a comment
Avnet kick-starts IoT development with technology from IBM, Wind River and Xilinx.
Public Display Unit Shipments and Revenue on the Rebound, IHS Says
Latest Research  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
According to the latest research from IHS Technology, public display shipments and revenue will rebound in 2016, as regional economies recover and more large projects are installed. In fact, unit shipments of public displays are expected to grow 9.3 percent year over year, reaching approximately 3 million units in 2016.
Newark element14, Eaton Launch New Custom Switch Design Service
EBN Newswire  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
Value-added service allows industrial engineers to design, order personalized rocker switches without minimum order requirement.
RFMW & SANAV Announce Distribution Agreement
EBN Newswire  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
RFMW Ltd. and SANAV announce a distribution relationship allowing RFMW to promote and sell SANAV products worldwide.
Newark element14 Adds Omron Safety Tools & Solutions to Product Portfolio
EBN Newswire  
5/9/2016   (2) comments
Safety interlock switch, limit switch, light curtain, relay, controller and free GOTCHA STICK among newly available items.
Asteelflash Mexico Receives Automotive ISO/TS 16949 Certification
EBN Newswire  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
Asteelflash group expands its electronic manufacturing services expertise with a global footprint targeted to automotive.
Holding off the Hedge: One CEO's Story
Junko Yoshida  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
Although the Marvell and IDT’s circumstances at the time of Starboard’s attacks greatly differ, separating the two is the human factor. Ted Tewksbury, who was IDT’s CEO in 2012, played a crucial role by staying on at IDT.
Will Intel's Drone Chips Fly?
Junko Yoshida  
5/5/2016   Post a comment
Something about Intel’s drone efforts reminds me of Intel’s past stumbles in the mobile SoC market. Is Intel flying into the drone market from the wrong angle?
$40B Power Management Market Ripe for Innovation
Patrick Mannion  
5/4/2016   (1) comment
Incumbent suppliers of power-management ICs have an opportunity to greatly improve efficiency and integration, or lose market to rising stars.
Microchip, Micrel CEOs Duel Over Deal
Rick Merritt  
5/3/2016   Post a comment
Micrel and Microchip CEOs came to loggerheads over the extent of layoffs after a recent acquisition.
Intel to Exit Mobile SoC Business
Junko Yoshida  
5/2/2016   Post a comment
As it proceeds with a massive restructuring plan announced earlier this month, Intel will exit the smartphone and tablet mobile SoC business by ending its struggling Atom chip product line. Intel is likely to keep its modem team.
ePaper Makes Inroads into Smart Packaging
Hui Lee  
5/2/2016   (1) comment
. Smart packaging is a growing market segment and new waves of innovative technologies are enabling exciting developments in this traditionally low-tech market.
Indian Fabs, the Free Market and Central Planning
Peter Clarke  
4/29/2016   Post a comment
Over the next year there will be an interesting test of two opposites in political thinking applied to the creation of wafer fabs.
The Day After the iPhone Fell
Rick Merritt  
4/27/2016   Post a comment
Apple’s iPhone slump marks a new day for a semiconductor industry searching for a driver.
Samsung Details Foundry Roadmap
Jessica Lipsky  
4/22/2016   Post a comment
Officials from Samsung Semiconductor Inc. detailed the company’s foundry roadmap, which includes expanding FD-SOI production and offering low-cost alternatives to existing FinFET technologies.
Apple, Samsung Reinforce Ties Over iPhone's OLED Display
Paul Buckley  
4/21/2016   Post a comment
Reports indicate that Samsung Display has signed a deal with Apple to supply OLED displays for the next generation of iPhones.
Intel Cuts 12,000, 11% of Staff
Rick Merritt  
4/20/2016   (1) comment
Intel Corp. officially cut its PC business loose today announcing a cut of 12,000 employees, 11% of its staff amid a sequential decline in quarterly revenues and profits.
Set-Top Debate: The Next Episode
Rick Merritt  
4/19/2016   Post a comment
The latest round of the great set-top box debate is well underway, but it’s unclear who will win this longstanding battle among tech giants.
Sayonara, Japan Semiconductor Inc.
Junko Yoshida  
4/14/2016   (1) comment
The Japanese semiconductor industry’s downfall is undeniable. EE Times went back to Japan and explored what remains of Japanese chip vendors, how Japan Inc. has crumbled and if we grade recent restructuring programs, who comes out on top.
Nanium & UTAC Partners on Wafer Level Packaging & Testing
Julien Happich  
4/11/2016   Post a comment
Europe's primary OSAT company Nanium SA has signed a collaborative agreement with the Singapore-based semiconductor assembly and test services provider UTAC Holdings Ltd (UTAC) to provide a complete turnkey backend solution for Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) solutions.
Making a Smartphone World
Logical Link  
4/7/2016   (1) comment
Dozens of third-world countries are in various stages of embracing technology in the form of a handheld device. And, that will continue to have far-reaching supply chain implications as component makers and OEMs strive to reach billions of people waiting to be part of the smartphone revolution.
Dry Heat Proves Hazardous to PCB Assembly
Michael Allen  
4/6/2016   (2) comments
As your boards use smaller and smaller SMT components, it may be time to audit your contract manufacturer’s humidity control systems.
Microsoft Backs Sigfox Cloud on IoT
Julien Happich  
4/4/2016   Post a comment
IoT network infrastructure provider Sigfox announced it will integrate the Sigfox Cloud with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, enabling its customers to use data for real-time analytics.
IoT Takes Business World By Storm
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/1/2016   (1) comment
In the next five years, the use of IoT in business is going to explode, and security concerns will grow right along with the market.
U.S Withdraws Apple Case
Rick Merritt  
3/29/2016   Post a comment
The U.S. has withdrawn it's case forcing Apple to crack a terrorist's iPhone, but the debate of privacy vs. law enforcement continues.
Pack It Up: the Evolving Business of Protective Packaging
Frank Cavallaro  
3/29/2016   Post a comment
Momentum favors sustainable packaging although there is still a lot of room for improvement.
Forge Fabless Success with Hybrid, Flexible Manufacturing Sourcing
Syed Alam  
3/29/2016   Post a comment
By using a thoughtful combination of known Good Die and Wafer Buy strategies, fabless semiconductor companies can balance material costs, risk, and yield to meet demand.
OFC: Pluggable Module Makers Claim They Can't Make Money
Martin Rowe  
3/25/2016   Post a comment
At OFC 2016, a panel of optical module makers, suppliers, and users blamed the market, the technology, and the datacenter mentality for their woes, but they're still in the game.
Apple's "Let Us Loop You In" Not Exactly Surprising
Brian Dipert  
3/22/2016   Post a comment
Although there were no big surprises in Monday's Apple intro event thanks to supply chain and developer leaks, the event wasn't completely drama-free.
AVX Makes its Television Debut in an Upcoming Manufacturing Marvels Production
EBN Newswire  
3/18/2016   (2) comments
AVX will showcase its innovative technology in the March 17th broadcast of Manufacturing Marvels, which airs on the Fox Business Network.
Quality at the Heart of PLM
Rob Spiegel  
3/16/2016   Post a comment
Quality tools are getting embedded in PLM systems to help design engineers manage quality data.
U.S. Wins the Latest WTO Ruling Against India’s Solar Policies… Well, Sort of!
MP Divakar  
3/16/2016   (6) comments
The World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled in favor of the United States on the latter’s complaint against the Indian government’s insistence on domestic / local content requirements (DCR / LCR) for its Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (NSM) for solar cells and solar modules. The impact may be far reaching.
VR Device Shipments to Hit 50M Units by 2020
Peter Clarke  
3/11/2016   Post a comment
Virtual reality (VR) device shipments will total more than 50 million units by 2020, according to market research firm ABI Research. This equates to a compound annual growth rate of almost 85%.
Oil Drills & Apples: Sensors Provide Insight into Supply Chain Operations
Puga Sankara  
3/11/2016   Post a comment
The latest mobile devices are equipped with power sensor technology that can provide a lot of insights on operations on your supply chain. Make sure that your organization is leveraging them to get actionable insights.
Are Your Charging Habits Degrading Your Smartphone & Tablet?
Max Maxfield  
3/10/2016   Post a comment
Recharging your smartphone or tablet computer when it's down to 50% charge may significantly extend the service life of your battery.
Intel Commits to No More Conflict Minerals in 2016
Ariella Brown  
3/10/2016   Post a comment
EBN talks to Intel about its plans to become totally conflict mineral free during this calendar year.
Mobile ID & Supply Chain: A Game Changer
Pablo Valerio  
3/9/2016   Post a comment
Mobile ID, combined with Smartchips, near field communications (NFC), and iBeacons, can secure the logistics chain in manufacturing, packaging, and delivery.
Dell Expanding into Industrial PC, IIoT Markets
Rich Quinnel  
3/8/2016   Post a comment
Faced with a declining desktop market, PC maker Dell is branching out into industrial PCs and the IIoT.
Omnichannel Delivers Competitive Retail Edge
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/4/2016   Post a comment
A strong omnichannel strategy promises to be the big difference between the winners and the losers in the retail electronics market, a new survey found.
Graphene Goes Ultra-Thin, Absorbent
Jessica Lipsky  
3/3/2016   Post a comment
Researchers have developed nanometer-thin graphene sheets that can better absorb light and heat. The sheets could power smart wallpaper or other applications in the Internet of Things.
Consumer Robots in 10% of Homes by 2020
Pablo Valerio  
3/2/2016   Post a comment
Consumer robotshave been moving into our lives at a slow pace than some expected. But that is about to change.
Cisco Explains 5G Auto Potential
Junko Yoshida  
3/1/2016   (1) comment
If the Mobile World Congress this week is any indication, the discussion of 5G’s physical connectivity, while still important, has decidedly begun to shift to such topics as 5G network slicing and network virtualization.
Gather RH, Temperature & Pressure Data with Wireless Sensor Dev Board from TE Connectivity — Now Available from Mouser
EBN Newswire  
2/24/2016   (1) comment
Mouser Electronics is pleased to announce the availability of the MEAS wireless sensor development board from TE Connectivity.
ECIA Reports North America Capacitor Sales for 2015 Down 9.4% in Dollars Compared to 2014
Latest Research  
2/24/2016   Post a comment
Total reported sales for all capacitor categories in North America for calendar year 2015 were down 10.5% in units and down 9.4% in dollars compared calendar year 2014.
Near Field Communications Addressing IoT Adoption Barrier
Rich Quinnel  
2/23/2016   (2) comments
Proclaiming a "new era in NFC" (near field communications), semiconductor vendor NXP has announced two new devices that target applications beyond traditional financial transactions.
Embedded Packaging Fights Counterfeiting, Enhances Supply Chain Transparency
Susan Fourtané  
2/17/2016   Post a comment
Digitally interactive embedded packaging solution for OEMs backed by a cloud platform enables real-time data capture strategic insights on products to help increase the agility of supply chain management.
Listen to Your Product & Boost Supply Chain Profitability
Bhaskar Banerjee  
2/17/2016   Post a comment
Listen to what your products are saying to your customers, and you'll be well ahead of competition.
Europe’s RoHS 10-Year Anniversary Gives U.S. a Pointer
Pablo Valerio  
2/16/2016   Post a comment
While the United States doesn’t have an equivalent legislation at federal level, several states have enacted RoHS-like legislature. It may be time to look at a nation-wide directive.
The Gaping Skills Gap in Advanced Manufacturing
Rob Spiegel  
2/12/2016   (1) comment
A panel session on the advanced manufacturing workforce at the Pacific Design and Manufacturing show in Anaheim this week revealed a major skills gap.
Critiquing the Macroeconomics of the ITRS More Than Moore Approach
Apek Mulay  
2/12/2016   Post a comment
Moore's Law isn't dead yet. Industry plans to move beyond it are premature.
Automotive Tech Advances Cast a Wide Net for Semiconductor Growth
Lisa Ann Cairns  
2/11/2016   Post a comment
Although the momentum for “driverless cars” has been gaining speed, there are many initial tech challenges to overcome. Meanwhile, the path towards autonomous vehicles is presenting healthy and sustainable competition for a wide set of companies along the semiconductor and electronics supply chain.
OriginGPS Expands Globally and Enhances Customer Support With New Future Electronics Partnership
EBN Newswire  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
OriginGPS Offers Its ‘Mini + Mighty’ GPS and GNSS Modules Through the Distributor’s Extensive Network of 169 Local Offices to Meet Accelerating Internet of Things Market Demands in Every Region
Optimal+ Announces Big Data Analytics Support for NI Semiconductor Test System
EBN Newswire  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
NI and Optimal+ collaborate to reduce IoT test cost and increase throughput by deploying real-time big data solutions throughout the manufacturing supply chain.
19 Views of ISSCC
Rick Merritt  
2/9/2016   (1) comment
Chips for smart cars, fast wired and wireless links, cool cameras and more appeared at at the International Solid State Circuits Conference.
Apple Supply Chain Feels iPhone Pain
B. Cameron Gain  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
Slackening demand for Apple’s iconic iPhone is putting pressure on electronics suppliers, while the shortfall in sales growth could also affect component prices.
Where Are We With Inattentive Driving?
Junko Yoshida  
2/5/2016   Post a comment
Distracted driving -- especially through the growing use of smartphones in vehicles -- is killing people on the road. Where are the technologies designed to combat the problem of inattentive or intoxicated driving?
TSMC's 300mm Chinese Wafer Fab Wins Approval
Peter Clarke  
2/3/2016   Post a comment
The Taiwanese government has given foundry chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Hsinchu, Taiwan) approval to build a 300mm wafer fab in China, according to reports that reference the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Fingerprint Sensor Market Growth Continues Upward Trajectory, IHS Says
Latest Research  
1/26/2016   Post a comment
While Apple continues to lead fingerprint sensor manufacturing, Fingerprint Cards (FPC) rose quickly to challenge second-ranked Synaptics in 2015.
Newark element14 Launches Cloud Enabled Secure IoT Solution Kit Based on NXPs LPC43S67
EBN Newswire  
1/26/2016   (1) comment
Today Newark element14 launched a Cloud enabled secure IoT solution kit based on NXPs LPC43S67.
Printed & Flexible Electronics in Vehicles: a $5.5 billion Opportunity in 2026
Latest Research  
1/25/2016   Post a comment
Printed and flexible electronics are beginning to proliferate, with a variety of components and devices coming to market. Seve
IoT Shoots for the Stars
R. Colin Johnson  
1/25/2016   Post a comment
Arrayent, the inventor of the Connect Platform for Internet of Things brands such as Whirlpool, Pentair, Maytag Commercial Laundry, LiftMaster, and more just landed $15 million in Series C funding.
Apple Intros Macs with “1984” Ad, January 22, 1984
Suzanne Deffree  
1/22/2016   Post a comment
On this day in tech history, Apple premiered its “1984” commercial to a mass audience introducing Macintosh computers.
The Power of Location Based Advertising & In-Store Music
Steve Hashman  
1/22/2016   Post a comment
Anyone trying the get a customer's attention in the crowded electronics market knows that anything that will help make customers feel more comfortable is bound to help.
Wireless Brain Sensor Monitors Then Dissolves
Peter Clarke  
1/20/2016   Post a comment
A team of researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has created implantable electronic sensors that can measure intracranial pressure and temperature before being absorbed into the body.
Monitoring the Tantalum Supply Chain
Logical Link  
1/20/2016   Post a comment
Geographic shifts in the mining of tantalum warrant supply chain monitoring.
Intel Thwarts Hackers
R. Colin Johnson  
1/19/2016   Post a comment
Intel has secretly built hardware into its 6th Generation vPro Core processors that it claims guarantee uncrackable authentication plus the ability up to share your screen with any WiDi equipped display in the world.
Al Gore on China, Mobile Web
Jessica Lipsky  
1/15/2016   (1) comment
Collaboration between China and the U.S. on global warming set a good model for the tech industry which needs to raise its sights to higher values, said former vice president Al Gore.
Avnet Fast Tracks Embedded Display Development with New 10-inch Touch Display Kit
EBN Newswire  
1/12/2016   Post a comment
Avnet today released a 10-inch Touch Display Kit offering engineers all the elements needed to develop rich and interactive GUI applications with touchscreen capability using Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC evaluation and development boards.
Capacitor Maker’s Solution to Eliminate a Conflict Mineral from Its Supply Chain
Tracey Schelmetic  
1/8/2016   Post a comment
Few companies have a bigger stake in sourcing conflict-free tantalum than electronic component maker KEMET, so it went to establish an entirely closed-loop supply chain with trusted partners.
Faraday Future: Fact or Fantasy?
Junko Yoshida  
1/6/2016   (2) comments
Faraday Future, one of the most hyped tech companies before this year's Consumer Electronics Show, unveils its cool concept car and plans for factory in Nevada.
8 Predictions for 2016
Rick Merritt  
1/4/2016   (2) comments
It’s been a long, busy year and my crystal ball is flashing me warnings that its battery is almost spent, so take these few blurry visions for what they’re worth.
Power Goes Fast & Smart
Andreas Glaser  
12/28/2015   (1) comment
In these times of smartphones and iPads, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things, new technologies and new processes from the field of power electronics are vitally important.
High-Tech OEMs Make Holiday Delights
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/24/2015   Post a comment
With a plethora of technology gadgets hitting store shelves, there's something for everyone—but the sheer volume of choice can be overwhelming.
Reverse Logistics: Data in the Details
John Boucher  
12/23/2015   (1) comment
Visibility into your organization’s reverse logistics pipeline can present many added value opportunities that assist in improving your bottom line.
Thread’s Killer App?
Junko Yoshida  
12/21/2015   Post a comment
These Thread devices to be demonstrated at CES can’t actually send commands to each other, unless they speak the same language. So, which application layer will each of those Thread products be using?
Microchip Named as Atmel Bidder
Peter Clarke  
12/17/2015   Post a comment
Microcontroller vendor Microchip Technology Inc. (Chandler, Ariz.) is the company that has made a $3.8 billion unsolicited offer for Atmel Corp. (San Jose, Calif.), according to a Reuters report that referenced an unnamed source.
Fed Rate Hike Impacts Semiconductor Industry
Apek Mulay  
12/17/2015   Post a comment
The recent federal interest rate hike represents an important moment in the U.S. economy—and for the electronics industry.
Roadmap to Trillion Sensors Forks
R. Colin Johnson  
12/14/2015   Post a comment
Presenters at the Trillion Sensor Summit described two plans to produce a roadmap from 15 billion sensors in 2015 to 1 trillion by 2025.
Analysts Predict CES 2016 Trends
Jessica Lipsky  
12/11/2015   Post a comment
The 2016 International CES will show evolutionary progress in a range of products from cars and drones to smart homes and wearables with a heightened focus on the impact of connectivity, said analysts.
Inside NXP Merger: Dos & Don'ts
Junko Yoshida  
12/10/2015   Post a comment
The first instinct for anyone working at chip companies about to go through mergers and acquisitions would be understandably to assume the worst: There goes your job. What should be your next step? Parts Search

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