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Semis & Supply Chain: Chip CEO Points to Disconnects
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/3/2014   (6) comments
Supply chain practices may be linked to slowing growth in the semiconductor industry. Steve Sanghi, CEO of Microchip, weighs in.
Speeding Innovation in the Smart Tech World
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/2/2014   (5) comments
Flextronic CTO Erik Volkerink offers his vision of the future of smart electronics design.
Supply Chain Should Bank on Business Networks
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
4/1/2014   (2) comments
Increasingly, procurement is evolving as a strategic function within most manufacturing organizations. Business networks are evolving to connect the supply chain and give procurement the edge it needs.
The Changing Sound of the Drive
Pallab Chatterjee  
3/31/2014   (1) comment
Sound insulation in the cabin has been increasing, and so has the isolation from the sounds of driving. A trend to address the issue of what the car engine is doing is to play engine sound through the audio system of the car to the cabin.
EU: Mobile Phone Manufacturers Will Use Only One Charging Connector
Pablo Valerio  
3/28/2014   (14) comments
While all eyes remain on Apple to see what it does with its iPhone and iPad chargers, the European Parliament is moving ahead with plans to implement a common charger standard for all mobile devices by 2017.
Digital Signage Lets Supply Chain Eye the Horizon
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/28/2014   (2) comments
Digital signage helps manufacturers inspire workers and increase productivity.
Live Chat 3/27: Finding the Procurement and Technology Sweet Spot
EBN Dialogue  
3/27/2014   (130) comments
Increasingly, choosing the right software and technology tools is critical to empowering procurement to realize strategic advantages. We've invited Richard Waugh, vice president, corporate development at Zycus, to talk about the company's recently released Pulse of Procurement study and to share his thoughts on technology's place in the supply chain. We'll be meeting at 2:00 p.m. EDT (11:00 a.m. PDT) on Thursday, March 27.
Top Performing Purchasing Orgs Make Tech Investments
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/25/2014   (5) comments
Increasingly, procurement software and solutions will be a critical part of achieving excellent results, a new study finds.
Big Data: Bigger Isn't Always Better
Frank Cavallaro  
3/25/2014   (7) comments
When it comes to big data, bigger isn't always better. For a small to midsized company, starting small often makes more sense.
Live Chat 3/21: Creating an Extended Supply Chain
EBN Dialogue  
3/21/2014   (107) comments
When it comes to working in an extended supply chain, the average spreadsheet or EDI system simply isn't enough. It's time look at how to collaborate with partners more efficiently. We've invited Greg Johnsen, founder and chief marketing officer at GT Nexus to share insights gleaned from the company's recently released research.
Extended Supply Chain Requires Outward Vision
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
3/19/2014   (4) comments
When it comes to working in an extended supply chain, the average spreadsheet or EDI system simply isn't enough. It's time to look at how to collaborate with partners more efficiently.
Lidar Making Inroads Across Vehicle Product Lines
Pallab Chatterjee  
3/16/2014   (2) comments
Lidar technology is gaining traction in driver's safety and driver's assistance technology. Whether the high performance and reliability will be worth the price remains to be seen.
Planning the Internet of Things' Supply Chain
Logical Link  
3/14/2014   (40) comments
M2M and mobile devices are driving the Internet of Things trends, and by all accounts, it's going to be big.
Riding the AGV Trend
Frank Cavallaro  
3/11/2014   (16) comments
A new generation of AGVs is here. These new machines are going to make a big difference in distribution.
Supply Chain Management Leading in Revenue Through 2018
Susan Fourtané  
3/4/2014   (9) comments
The manufacturing sector will lead in big-data revenues, according to recent research.
Is Triboelectricity the Next Harvesting Source?
Bill Schweber  
3/2/2014   (9) comments
Static electricity has traditionally been a villain in electronics stories. Now, however, it's being harnessed for good.
Stretchable & Conformal Electronics for Peace of Mind
Nicole Faubert  
3/1/2014   (13) comments
Some of the latest stretchable electronics are bringing the Internet of Things to health and safety products and enabling a whole new world of medical and health monitoring, and not just for professional or Olympic athletes.
Modernizing the Supply Chain & Its Implications for Technology
Susan Fourtané  
2/27/2014   (9) comments
Supply chains will embrace modernization in 2014.
Building App Layer Security Into the Supply Chain
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/24/2014   (15) comments
True supply chain security means more than installing a firewall. Too often, organizations forget to secure their supply chain apps, and that can cause big security gaps.
Smarter Life Challenge Inspires Home Control Innovation
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
2/20/2014   (14) comments
Newark element14 has announced the winners of its Smarter Life Challenge, and it raises a question: Couldn't our homes be smarter?
The Basic-Research Challenge
Brian Fuller  
2/14/2014   (7) comments
A quick conversation with a leading engineering educator about a couple of hot topics: the state of basic research and aircraft innovation.
EMS Partners Use Thermal Profiles to Improve Quality, Costs
Michael Allen  
2/11/2014   (17) comments
By adapting the solder process to each unique board design, rather than using a handful of "one-size-fits-most" thermal profiles, EMS partners can deliver higher yields and lower costs to OEM buyers.
Slideshow: DesignCon Hits 100G Targets
Rick Merritt  
2/5/2014   (3) comments
A tour of the show floor at DesignCon revealed boards, testers, and other enabling technologies for high-speed systems hitting 100G rates.
Getting Into Google's Headspace
Logical Link  
2/4/2014   (12) comments
Google has gotten plenty of attention as a technology company. However, there's every chance that in the not-too-distant future, this less-than-typical OEM will migrate to top-tier OEM status.
H-bridge: Black Box or Are Details Important?
Kevin C. Craig  
2/3/2014   (2) comments
Engineers need a thoroughly understanding of the H-bridge for model-based design and optimum system performance.
Moving to Open-Source PCB Design
Cliff Ortmeyer  
2/1/2014   (4) comments
Open-source PCB design is becoming a go-to for engineers who want to improve their efficiency and time to market by adopting designs.
I'll Take Watson for 2014, Alex
Michael Dunn  
2/1/2014   (3) comments
If IBM has its way, Watson will be ready for prime time sooner rather that later. It's good news for a number of business sectors, especially healthcare.
Superlens May Be Your Next Mobile Charging Technology
Carolyn Mathas  
1/26/2014   (19) comments
There's some new technology on the horizon for the important task of charging cellphones.
Profiles in Design: Eileen Bartholomew
Janine Love  
1/25/2014   Post a comment
Eileen Bartholomew, senior vice president at XPRIZE, has worked across the life sciences and healthcare industry, helping to launch medical products and services.
LEDing It Hang Out: The Downside of Higher Efficiency
Bill Schweber  
1/25/2014   (18) comments
The death knell is tolling for incandescent light bulbs. Perhaps it's time to fight to keep the technology alive.
Operational Resiliency: Moving From What to How
Logical Link  
1/24/2014   (23) comments
It's time to take the idea of supply chain resiliency from imagination to reality.
The Car of the Future
Brian Fuller  
1/18/2014   (6) comments
Automotive design is having a huge impact on the electronics industry.
Australia Leads in 3D Titanium Printing
Susan Fourtané  
1/14/2014   (8) comments
An innovative technology in Australia makes titanium 3D printed products available at a lower cost than traditional manufacturing.
Robotics Revolutionizes Waste Recycling
Susan Fourtané  
1/6/2014   (18) comments
ZenRobotics creates a promising technology for waste sorting.
The Driverless Car Revolution Begins Now
Bruce Gain  
1/2/2014   (26) comments
The march toward self-driving cars has begun, and the electronics industry has to get its supply chain ready.
Sports Should Adopt Real Technology
Ransom Stephens  
12/31/2013   (5) comments
Technology and sports -- should they be allowed to mix?
Readers’ Choice 2013: Apple Lessons, Chinese Counterfeiting, 4D Printing
Suzanne Deffree  
12/31/2013   (25) comments
EBN showcases its most-read 15 pieces of content as we review 2013.
The Automotive Electronics Revolution Is Here
Brian Fuller  
12/27/2013   (5) comments
Open standards are helping quicken the pace of automotive innovation and at the same time are giving OEMs and car manufacturers an opportunity to move their R&D dollars into new and exciting areas.
Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Enables Indoor Navigation Without WiFi
R. Colin Johnson  
12/24/2013   (6) comments
Sensor Platforms Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) addition to its FreeMotion Library gives original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the means to enable indoor navigation, more detailed activity monitoring, sports/health applications, and a whole range of new location-based services.
Amazing Race Toward Autonomous Car Design
Junko Yoshida  
12/23/2013   (9) comments
Chip companies are finding 2014 a critical year to drive their technology into semi-autonomous car platforms, which are currently in development by a number of different carmakers.
Flexible Electronics Stretch the Limits of Imagination
Janine Love  
12/18/2013   (10) comments
Collaborations between chemists, physicists, and electrical engineers are are yielding inspiring new bendable materials.
The 3D Printer Supplier Shakeout
Bruce Gain  
12/17/2013   (10) comments
Things are moving fast in the 3D printing markers. More changes are on the horizon.
Is It Time for Your Watch to Get Smarter?
Jessica MacNeil  
12/17/2013   (22) comments
Smart watches could be the next big thing in consumer electronics, but they need to get smarter to really take off.
Live Chat 12/18: A Look Ahead at the Supply Chain
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/16/2013   (3) comments
Product supply, on-shoring, and new technologies will be hot topics in the coming year. Let's start talking now!
Building a Culture of Innovation
Brian Fuller  
12/15/2013   (1) comment
If you build innovation, great ideas will come.
Slideshow: 2014 CES: Cool Gadgets for Fit Fashion
Junko Yoshida  
12/15/2013   (3) comments
The past year has produced an onslaught of new (and sometimes odd-looking) wearable devices, which as fueled the growing hype around wearable devices in the consumer market.
Energy Storage Devices Are Powering Up
Steve Taranovich  
12/14/2013   (2) comments
Energy storage devices are key components for a successful and sustainable energy system.
3D Printing Expands Beyond Makers
Suzanne Deffree  
12/13/2013   (3) comments
Open-source designers have a love affair with 3D printers. That's going to translate to 3D printing going mainstream next year.
Google Searches for Robots' Home
Rick Merritt  
12/12/2013   (23) comments
As it tries to make robots mainstream, Google has the cash, as well as a smart, passionate, and experienced enthusiast in Andy Rubin, to potentially make it happen.
Get Beyond the Crystal Ball: Leverage Big Data in B2B
Lalit Wadhwa  
12/12/2013   (1) comment
Organizations used to have little real usable direction in making important decisions. However, big data and analytics begin to offer a solution.
Bitcoin: A Technological & Economic Game Changer?
Rich Pell  
12/11/2013   (9) comments
Bitcoin is hot. And it's going to change the electronics industry.
Industry 4.0 Is Closer Than You Think
Carolyn Mathas  
12/10/2013   (2) comments
The next industrial revolution is starting right now and it's called Industry 4.0.
Live Chat 12/10: 3 Simple Steps to Tighten Supply Chain Security
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
12/6/2013   Post a comment
We've got a security expert on the line who will be sharing best-practices on supply chain security at a live chat on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 1:00 p.m. EST.
‘Tis the Season for Reflection, Speculation
Lynn Torrel  
12/3/2013   (15) comments
Clearly, no one can say with certainty what lies ahead for our industry, but a quick look back at EBN Velocity through 2013 lets us identify some standout topics.
Solar Cells Use IR Radiation
Paul Buckley  
11/28/2013   (14) comments
The Power of Tiny Bubbles
R. Colin Johnson  
11/28/2013   (5) comments
IBM wins the Gordon Bell Prize.
The Rise of the Robot
Jim O'Reilly  
11/27/2013   (23) comments
Low-cost, easy-to-integrate robots and improved safety features are changing assembly lines.
Make a PCB With Your Laser Printer
Nicole Faubert  
11/25/2013   (4) comments
Homemade PCBs are far less controversial than 3D laser-printed guns, but it is something else that can be done with a simple laser printer.
Looking at PMICs: Wider Input-Voltage Range Yields Better Designs (& BOMs)
Bill Schweber  
11/22/2013   (2) comments
There is still plenty of need for regulators that can handle wider input swings.
Qualcomm's Tricorder X-Prize: Mobile Redefining Medicine
R. Colin Johnson  
11/20/2013   (9) comments
Wearable medical sensors monitored with an app mark the beginning of the end for bulky, traditional medical instruments.
Europe's Renewable Energy Is Costly -- for Now
Bruce Gain  
11/20/2013   (13) comments
In the near term, the scenario would be bad for those whose livelihoods depend on the European supply chain, but the shift out of Europe because of high renewable energy costs would have little impact (if any) on global supply chain costs.
Belly Up to the Bar (Code)
Malcolm Fuller  
11/16/2013   (16) comments
Delta Controls, one of the largest independent manufacturers of building automation controllers, has started using bar codes to track their inventory and make their operations run more efficiently.
Component Supply May Be Moto PhoneBlok's Achilles Heel
Marc Herman  
11/14/2013   (11) comments
Motorola's "PhoneBlok" modular concept could be the next evolution of mobile. But where will they get the "bloks"?
Next Step in PMBus Evolution
Dave Freeman  
11/13/2013   (4) comments
As loads become more dynamic, there is a need to increase the PMBus throughput, so the new version of the PMBus standard extends the clock speed from 400 kHz to 1 MHz.
Bridging the Great Divide
Barry Sullivan  
11/12/2013   (5) comments
Even Aerospace Is Going Gaga Over 3D Printing
Logical Link  
11/11/2013   (26) comments
The aerospace industry sees massive potential for 3D printing, but questions remain about the impact that growing demand will have on design and supply chain planning.
Rambus Pursues Disposable PicoCam
Rick Merritt  
11/5/2013   (6) comments
A so-called pico-camer is designed as a lens-free device significantly cheaper and smaller than today's tiniest imagers.
Cold House? Electronics to the Rescue!
Malcolm Fuller  
10/31/2013   (5) comments
Renesas Electronics product marketing manager Gianluca Viale discusses what people can do to conserve energy in their households by leveraging microncontrollers and embedded systems.
Live Chat 10/31: Don't Be Scared of Strategic Sourcing
EBN Dialogue  
10/31/2013   (124) comments
Join us in the EBN chat room at 2:00 p.m. EST (11:00 a.m. PST) with our guest Richard Waugh, vice president of corporate development at Zycus, to talk about best-practices for strategic sources and the latest state of the art for strategic sourcing applications.
4-Wheel Steering Moving Toward the Mainstream
Pallab Chatterjee  
10/30/2013   (3) comments
New car designs are using electronics to good advantage in offering proactive safety tools.
Know Your Surroundings
Malcolm Fuller  
10/30/2013   (2) comments
Sue Poniatowski of Texas Instruments describes the design challenges in managing video signals in automotive environments.
The Future of Demand Response Technologies
Brian Fuller  
10/30/2013   (1) comment
UCLA engineering professor Rajit Gadh talks about research in smart grid systems and how consumers can benefit from demand-response technologies and programs.
An Energy-Harvesting Scheme That Is Nearly Useless?
Bill Schweber  
10/29/2013   (10) comments
The attraction of getting something for nothing, whether real or imagined, is very strong. But is it worth the design work?
Step Up to C for Embedded R&D
Guy Bois  
10/29/2013   (1) comment
New embedded processor technologies demand new design processes.
Seeking the iPhone of Wearables
Rick Merritt  
10/28/2013   (13) comments
We are facing a seeming impossibility: We need the iPhone of wearables, and we just aren't going to get it.
Google Car Director Tamps Down Safety Expectations
Junko Yoshida  
10/28/2013   (3) comments
The promise of self-driving cars may deliver safety… but probably not anytime soon.
Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2014
Suzanne Deffree  
10/28/2013   (18) comments
From mobile device integration to 3D printing to smart machines and more, Gartner lays out its top 10 strategic technology trends for 2014, where savvy members of the electronics supply chain will see opportunities.
Medical Drives Electronics Supply Chain Changes
Anne Ting  
10/28/2013   (5) comments
The medical industry is rife with electronics devices, providing a challenge and opportunity for the supply chain.
Forget Apple, Corning Has the Real News
Marc Herman  
10/25/2013   (14) comments
If it hasn't made your technology news radar, it should have: Samsung is buying a share in Corning... and Apple should be concerned.
3D Printing: Abuses & Odd Uses
Jim O'Reilly  
10/23/2013   (39) comments
3D Printing has generated a burst of creativity, with some odd and occasionally scary results.
The Future Is Here: A New Industrial Revolution
Susan Fourtané  
10/21/2013   (37) comments
Take a visual journey through the Future Is Here exhibit at London's Design Museum to catch a glimpse of the future of electronics design and manufacturing.
Resetting the Innovation Button
Logical Link  
10/7/2013   (13) comments
The idea of fail fast has taken root in the startup culture, but it remains to be seen whether this philosophy can inform the supply chain.
End Markets Change the Supply Chain: LEDs
Anne Ting  
9/30/2013   (7) comments
The changes occurring within the LED market, brought about by new end user requirements, have in turn driven changes in the electronic components supply chain.
What? DARPA Does Open-Source?
Junko Yoshida  
9/29/2013   (11) comments
DARPA's open-source move underscores the reality that computer vision is still a developing field, with lots of people trying different ideas and technologies.
Lattice MachXO3 Aimed at MIPI, PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet Bridging Capability
Loring Wirbel  
9/29/2013   Post a comment
Lattice Semiconductor's main play in FPGAs has been the ice40 architecture it gained by acquiring SiliconBlue Technologies, but its MachXO family has been an important player in the low-end programmable market.
Is Innovation Dead?
Brian Fuller  
9/28/2013   (30) comments
The argument’s been put forth that civilization has hit an innovation wall.
Flash Supply Tight & Getting Tighter
Jim O'Reilly  
9/27/2013   (18) comments
With flash chip supply struggling to keep up with demand, prices will rise, and growth will slow down.
India Enters Wafer Production Game
Marc Herman  
9/25/2013   (36) comments
The rocky road to fabs in India may be smoothing out -- and that promises to create an interesting new dynamic in the marketplace.
Dutch Fairphone Focuses on Sustainable Supply Chain & ConMin
Susan Fourtané  
9/24/2013   (34) comments
A new cellphone is taking a new approach: addressing environmental concerns from the first moment of design.
9/12 Live Chat: 9 Steps to an Effective ConMin Program
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
9/10/2013   (3) comments
We'll be gathering in the EBN chat area Thursday, Sept. 12, at 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT. Come on by, and invite your colleagues to join us with their most pressing questions.
OEMs Between a Rack & a Hard Place
Tam Harbert  
9/5/2013   (13) comments
As cloud providers roll their own servers, traditional OEMs find themselves between a rack and a hard place.
Emerging Trends Cause Distribution & Supply Chain Strategy Re-Think
Logical Link  
8/30/2013   (17) comments
Emerging trends related to intelligent robotics, product design changes, and open-source electronics could shift how current supply chains work.
The Future of Demand Response Technologies
Brian Fuller  
8/29/2013   (15) comments
A look at power generation and smart-grid management, and a future that commonly includes “automatic” demand response, in which the consumer has signed on to let the utility manage the household’s energy use during peak times.
Foundry Model Challenges Intel
Tam Harbert  
8/28/2013   (23) comments
Always known as a chip manufacturer, Intel is making moves into offering excess capacity to others. That may prove a challenging transition.
Metcalfe’s Law & the Future of Driving
Junko Yoshida  
8/28/2013   (5) comments
The automotive industry is about to step into a brave new world where the network effect rules.
3D Microbatteries: A Future Option for Ultralow-Power Applications?
Bill Schweber  
8/28/2013   (6) comments
Even those tiny micropower circuits need a source of power, and that source is a distinct, discrete component, of course -- and often physically larger than the circuit it supplies.
Small Satellite Computer Developed for 'Flying Laptop'
Rich Pell  
8/28/2013   (10) comments
A satellite computer designed to serve as the basis of a small, reusable satellite platform has been developed by students at the University of Stuttgart.
Live Chat 8/28: Discovering New Dimensions in Printing
Hailey Lynne McKeefry  
8/26/2013   (17) comments
On Wednesday, August 28, at 2:00 p.m. ET, we'll be gathering in the EBN Live Chat area to delve into what 3D and 4D printing may mean for the supply chain.
Electronics Sales: Ford Had It Right
Frank Cavallaro  
8/16/2013   (11) comments
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Live Chat 3/27: Finding the Procurement and Technology Sweet Spot
Increasingly, choosing the right software and technology tools is critical to empowering procurement to realize strategic advantages.
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