Prepare for the Tablet Invasion

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Re: Prepare for the Tablet Invasion
JADEN   11/3/2011 8:45:46 AM

Tablet PC market have huge potential to grow, and the preliminary signs are even looking stronger as its demand has risen at significantly within the short time.

Dave Sasson
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Apple iPad...The Clear Winner For Schools
Dave Sasson   11/3/2011 7:38:44 AM

I recently read a report stating that when it comes to schools and education, iPads are the preferred tablet choice with no real competition at this point.  Apple is clearly aggressive in getting their devices in the hands of students, especially at younger ages.  Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that nearly 1,000 K-12 schools have an iPad deployment program in which these schools intend to provide an iPad for each student.

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Re: Apple: Not That Enterprise Friendly
Eldredge   11/3/2011 6:27:36 AM

Unauthorized downloads are already an issue for company desktops and laptops. Perhaps someone will develop a password protected download facility that only allows authorized personnel to perfrom the download function, or come up with a corporate library that can provide authroized downloads without additional restrictions.

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Goods and bad of Tablet
_hm   11/2/2011 8:26:51 PM

Tablet have enormous advatages and is quite ubiquitous. Most organizations, schools and homes will employ it. But does it have any other bad side effects? Is all situation has been time tested for Tablets? One must evaluate this for long term reliable services.


Dave Sasson
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Re: Apple: Not That Enterprise Friendly
Dave Sasson   11/2/2011 7:15:14 PM

Many corporations have strict policies as to what can be installed and run at employee’s desktop or laptop computers.  This causes a major headache for IT departments that are used to applying their controls on IT assets.  iPads and other tablets, in which the users seem to download any number of apps without any checks and balances by corporate IT will not go very far in the enterprise.  It’s almost as all the rules go out the window when it comes to iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.  People want to use their tablets for both business and pleasure, so would that mean now people would have to have multiple tablets in the future, those for business and those for pleasure?

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Apple: Not That Enterprise Friendly
DennisQ   11/2/2011 5:02:32 PM

Bolaji, I mostly agree with you and concur that it's inevitable that tablets will be adopted by business: I've been to a restaurant that used an iPad for its wine list, for example. There are applications where use of tablets make sense.

However, part of the reason I'm not convinced that Apple will be the leading player in the enterprise tablet market is because Apple's overall corporate philosophy doesn't really mesh well with IT departments. Apple is very strict on controlling the experience on their products which is a policy that makes a lot of sense in the consumer market.

But in enterprise applications, IT wants the control: they don't want Apple to dictate what they can or cannot do with the devices. And they don't want to rely on Apple for security and services.

Now that being said -- in certain applications -- this matters a lot less. A law office obviously needs strict controls and high levels of security, whereas that's far less important when you're dealing with something like a restaurant.

And there are of course cost concerns as well: to use restaurants as an example again, a pad of paper is much cheaper than an iPad. And you won't care if a pad of paper is lost or dropped into the garbage.

Anyhow, we'll see how the enterprise market shakes out. Too bad RIM blew their chance at gaining an early lead in this space. And I certainly predict Apple won't be lead player in the business tablet space 5 years from now.

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