Lifting the Veil Over Pricing Secrecy

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Aren't we all forgetting something ???
engineer369   1/29/2013 6:00:14 PM

I keep an eye on these blogs and read them frequently. I have been buying electronic components for over 20 years now. I don't think we should forget that www.oemsecrets.com have been offering a price comparison to small manufacturers like me FREE of charge for quote a while now. So when the subject of the blog is "lifting the veil over pricing secrecy" I find it quite amusing actually. Especially when the website most us engineers use is called oem secrets! Maybe it is a well kept secret after all... Any site that helps manufactures gain more info is welcomed but I would like to know what other manufactures think about this.

Bolaji Ojo
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Re: Quote vs Benchmarking
Bolaji Ojo   1/29/2013 3:13:34 PM

I will come up with an example later but in the meantime I wanted to respond to the question you raised about the "real advantage" this product would give a "buyer" in a manufacturing company. The question made me realize how much we value a "buyer" for doing something that shouldn't necessarily have that much value to it. The buyer isn't designing or making the product. Why is a buyer's time being used to figure out pricing advantages? This is a disruptive product. No doubt about it and one of the disruptions that's going to happen if pricing became more visible is in the "buyers" workforce!

Douglas Alexander
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Quote vs Benchmarking
Douglas Alexander   1/29/2013 2:52:50 PM

@Boalji, if a manufacturer has established authorized distributor channels and for any given part there might be three or more distibutors, then most procurement people are going to send our request for quotations to at least three potential suppliers. Depending on the price and availability, the buyer will decide from whom to purchase. Now, if manufacturers and distributors also have access to this new resource, will it not drive the entire price network to parity such that the RFQ will still be issued, but the buying decisions will be based more upon relationships and availability? Can you give an example from start to finsih just how this pay-per-event process works. What real advantage will this give the buyer in a typical manufacturing company?

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