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H-1B Overhaul Increases U.S. Dependence on Skilled Foreign Workers

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Re: But first you must understand what is really wrong with the H-1b program
The Source   2/17/2015 11:59:59 AM

I've added a link to an article that exposes the way that tech hiring firms use the H-1B visa program to exploit skilled foreign workers. The story was originally published by The Center for Investigative Reporting. Here's the link:   


This is a sad situation that should be addressed by lawmakers. Having said that, though, the upside is that many talented foreign-born STEM workers have been hired through the H-1B visa program, and these skilled workers have made an enormous contribution to the U.S. tech sector.

To the owner of e-mail address luvlingo@gmail.com, thanks for your response to this story. 

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But first you must understand what is really wrong with the H-1b program
luvlingo@gmail.com   2/16/2015 11:01:26 AM

H-1b is mostly used by Offshore Outsourcing companies to remove jobs from the United States.

The reason why we run out of Random Access H-1b visas each year, is because Offshore Outsourcing companies stuff in an excess number of H-1b visa requests, in order to game the system.

The reason that an Offshore Outsourcing company can do this, is not because they have an excess number of talented people and innovation jobs available in the U.S.  They can do this because they have an over-supply of just average talent and many-many positions in the U.S. that amount to little more than on the job training positions.

And the typical trainer for those jobs, is the person that is being replaced by a lower-paid H-1b workers. (and we know this from LCA data in the Molina Healthcare case). 

Any increase in the number of H-1b visas will simply be taken up by the Offshore Outsourcing companies.  This was true in the past decade, true during the Great Recession, true now, and will be the case in the future.  Because getting Americans to train their H-1b replacement and then moving the entire department overseas is extremely profitable.

Offshore Outsourcing companies do not hire Americans for jobs on U.S. soil.  Southern California Edison had a capable IT crew of 500.  All of this crew were replaced by people coming in on an H-1b from Tata and InfoSys, and being trained by the person they were replacing.  Ironically a spokeman for Tata, Benjamin Trounsen, is quoted as saying that Tata actually has a hard time find qualified U.S. citizens.  A statement which flies in the face of all the evidence.  Well Ben I suggest you take a look at the people being replaced by trainees at Southern California Edison.

The reason why legitamite business are deprived of H-1b visas, is because of the over subscription by Offshore Outsourcing companies.  The I-Squared bill would compound that madness, because it does not address the over subscription by Offshore Outsourcing companies.

Offshore Outsourcing companies are not legitamite, they are violating U.S. immigration law, which states that american workers must not be distressed by immigration policy.  Clearly American IT workers are being distressed by U.S. immigration policy, right now at Southern California Edison, but the Obama administration is doing nothing.  The Obama administration is not enforcing the actuall law, the result is thousands of unemployed U.S. Stem workers.

In addition to this travesty, hundreds of H-1b visas were diverted by InfoSys and Tata for this job-destruction at Southern California Edison.  H-1bs that could have been used by start-ups to create jobs, but were instead used to destroy jobs in the United States.  And that is completely insane!

If you are small business, that actually tries to hire local, but can't.  The I-Squared bill will not help you.  The Offshore Outsourcing companies will be taking up all the H-1b visas, as they did last year and in the last decade.

What American business needs is to give priority for H-1b access to companies that can actually attest, under penalty of perjury, that they are actually trying to hire Americans.  The Offshore Outsourcing companies can't do this, and they know it, so expect a fight on Capitol Hill over it, but that is the only way.  And recent History proves it.

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