Stumped in the West, Huawei Targets Emerging Markets

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Re: Growth opportunities
t.alex   2/14/2013 10:50:28 PM

Targeting new markets like Africa is a smart move. Sooner or later Huawei will dominate Africa mobile phone markets and who knows other products as well. We see a lot of routers from Huawei nowadays in every household.

Brian Fuller
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Re: Is the suspicion justified?
Brian Fuller   2/14/2013 6:27:21 PM

What's difficult to determine from our perch is just what the truth is. Are western governments suspicious of companies like Huawei because of intellectual property-theft concerns? Or are they suspicious (and protective) for market-share and economic reasons?

The answer can be both.


Bolaji Ojo
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Is the suspicion justified?
Bolaji Ojo   2/12/2013 12:36:25 PM

Are Western governments justified in being wary of engaging with Huawei in these vital areas or are they simply trying to protect local businesses? It's hard making the case for option No. 2 since "Made in China" has become the norm. What exactly are the reasons for being careful in allowing Huawei to get contracts in the West?

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Re: Growth opportunities
mfbertozzi   2/12/2013 10:15:41 AM

@elctrnx_lyf: well, they are a big player in that region, no doubts; by the way quite recently, some issues on products' quality are raised from local authorities in several countries (India, for instance), ever heard about?

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Growth opportunities
elctrnx_lyf   2/12/2013 6:21:48 AM

Huawei is aggressive with their product pricing and with strong support from chinese government they can definitely become no 1 seller in african market. Recently many big companies of different sectors are identifying Africa as a place for strong growth and the companies are bullish about the market also.

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More option for consumer
_hm   2/12/2013 5:09:43 AM

Huawei provides good alternatives to consumer and service provider at much lower cost. Security risk due to potential compromise in mobile network is very limited as compare to other risks. However, Huawwei must play by other rules.

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prabhakar_deosthali   2/12/2013 12:38:46 AM

The days when the Allies were sure that the whole world was under their political and economic control are gone now.  The openness of the world economy and the fast growth of the markets in the third world means there is more business outside US & Europe  if suitable products are offered

Huawai seems to have understood this better than anybody else.

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