Europe Economic Seesaw Continues

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Jennifer Baljko
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Re: Europe and economies
Jennifer Baljko   8/17/2011 9:46:09 AM

Quite frankly, I'm surprised there haven't been more global protests of the type we've already seen spread from North Africa to Europe. The whole world should be fed up with how this has crisis has played out and should be at a boiling point to push for change. Putting faith in politicians and economists has run its course (if that was really the course; I think it was more an ignorance is bliss state of being than a faith thing). Allowing executives to earn multi-million dollar bonuses while tens of thousands of workers are given pink slips should not be a sustainable way of running a company. Not that I necessary think violenty rioting in the streets provides any long-term change. They are usually highly-fueled, unorganized outburts that provide little  momentum for implementing new processes or activities; that said, I think collectively rising up does carry the weight of more voices. Basically, entire political, finance, business, and social structures need to change. If the recessionary problems we all face don't make that overwhelmingly clear, I'm not sure what will.  Just my two cents....

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Re: Europe and economies
Ariella   8/16/2011 9:18:25 AM

Quite a lot to be frustrated about, Barbara. But, August itself may be another factor. Though the authorities quoted here are from the US, the rise in crime in August may well apply to other places.

Barbara Jorgensen
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Europe and economies
Barbara Jorgensen   8/16/2011 9:04:59 AM

I'm particularly saddened by the turmoil in London. As much as the PM claims it has nothing to do with the economy, I can't entirely believe it. Frustration is boiling over everywhere and people are feeling less empowered than ever to do anything about it. The belief in the US that you get the government you deserve is galling--partisan politics is obscuring the ability to take any real action in the government. It's a bad time for a campaign...Obama should be taking care of business rather than responding to candidates' jibes

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jbond   8/16/2011 7:11:53 AM

It seems like everybody is on some sort of a roller coaster ride these days. The only difference is how big and twisty of a ride you’re on. It's amazing how forecasters can create a negative shadow on things, when they aren't as bad as the picture is painted. Take for instance the growth numbers. They are stating how they are down % points from the previous month or what was anticipated, yet they are up overall from the previous year. It is very hard to predict numbers like this and even harder to get them right. Let's all hope this global roller coaster turns into a kiddy ride at the local fair. 

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Re: Economic sytem and chain equilibrium
Eldredge   8/16/2011 6:53:22 AM

A sharp, albeit short timeframe, decline is not good news. Let;s hope its a blip, and not a general trend.

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Economic sytem and chain equilibrium
Jacob   8/16/2011 2:15:07 AM
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Jennifer, you are right. We cannot predict anything in business and economy. This is because economy is depending up on many factors like crude oil pricing, inflation rate, economic stability and GDP growth etc. This all have its own impact in share market also, so any change in this chain can make tremendous change in the equilibrium with a direct impact in purchase power. In most of the cases, negative news may get much populated and effects the economic system rapidly.

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