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Globalization Reset

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Re: Globalization Reset
maou_villaflores   12/31/2010 1:12:07 AM

But in todays market you have to faster in delivering the services to your customers. Globalization play a very important role in raising the bar high for customer service. If company's services is visible to the global market its also accessible to the people who needs their service.

I totally agree to your comment Kumar that globalization really impede the brain drain since the opportunity is available locally.

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Re: Globalization Reset
kumar1863   12/11/2010 3:29:39 AM

At the earlier stage it's very important for a company to develop and do it's business locally. Then only one can think about expanding it over the globe. Globalization is the most enhanced once as it expand ones business to every corner and increase the profits. Globalization will helps to impede the brain drain from economically lower level countries.

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Re: Globalization Reset
Toms   12/10/2010 4:18:52 AM
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      Charlie, it is true and the growth of industries is like that only. Initially they started the company with minimal products and footprints. Once they felt that they are able to survive, they will start to elaborate the wings by variety of products and expanding to the entire area within the country.  After this, the corporate peoples may think, why can’t we go for global? Here the initial constrains are, where to go, when to go and how to go. In this point of view, some companies are taking decision on the basis of cheaper man power cost and some other on the basis of availability of cheaper raw materials. More over many countries are opened their internal markets for foreign investments with red carpet and tax single window system.

      After all type s of economic calculations, finally they will land up to a particular place, on the basis of corporate decision. From here onwards all the problems like, high competition, not able to survive, operation is not economic etc etc.. get started. So in order to make operation economic, they think of outsourcing process, contract labors etc.  In all the cases those who think wise and market well get succeed.

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Globalization Reset
SP   12/9/2010 4:09:33 PM

Well its sounds really good to keep manufacturing and other businesses locally but when it comes to amount of profit you make if it gets outsourced to a country with low hourly wages or difference in currency, the idea needs second thoughts. I remember in one of the meetings one of the manager was very furious as all the work was getting outsourced but later VP told atleast I am able to keep yours and others job intact. Practically its next to impossible that outsourcing stops or manufacturing doesnt go to locations with low labor rates. Parts Search

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