Corporate Taxes: No Safe Haven

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No taxation without representation...
R.J.Matthews   11/19/2012 7:30:44 PM

No representation without taxation.

Here is an idea all those companies that do not want to pay any tax in a country, they do not get to trade anything to or in that country.

If the these huge companies do start paying billions in tax though, get rid of all the lobbyists and give them a seat in the national parliament, senate or congress where they can influence things directly. Would cut out all the "campaign contributions" or employing politicians when they end their political careers and all the various dodges and wheezes they use to get their own way.

Well yes I am joking but things are getting totally out hand and farcical.

Maybe we need a new party, the coffee party to get Starbucks to pay some tax over here in the UK.




Year 2011 Starbucks UK turnover 398mill pounds uk corporation tax none, 2011 Google UK turnover corp tax 6 mill. Amazon 2010 uk turnover 3.3 billion corp tax none.


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Governments always get the cash they need
Cryptoman   11/19/2012 7:10:28 PM

Although it may seem unfair to chase the multinationals for paying more tax, if governments have no other option to raise the cash they need, they are going to come up with creative ways to collect money. At least the Western governments are trying to gather tax based on income. Some governments really have very unfair taxation systems. They simply increase the indirect taxes to raise more money. İ know a country where a car buyer pays the tax of a tax, which sounds ridiculous but it is still in force! The same country also applies very high import taxes on all items coming from abroad. At the end of the day, taxes are the most effective tools for a government to raise money and they will use it in every way possible if need be.

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