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Harnessing Information

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Big data needs big management
Cryptoman   1/10/2013 10:18:15 PM

As the capability of gathering and mining for data increases, the management of such information also becomes more challenging and complex. This is where the real trouble is. The question is how can one manage a huge amount of collected information in as simple and as effective way as possible so that this large pool of data will provide the maximum benefit to the final recipient. Besides the management of available information, another challenge is managing the information collection system itself. Each additional information means and additional hardware and software module (such as a new sensor and a control software that collects and stores data from that sensor). All these additional components will also require maintenance and management that need to be considered as part of the overall system.

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FLYINGSCOT   1/8/2013 12:17:55 PM

I agree there is a lot of potential to improve the supply chain akin to what is happening in the medical world.  Occasionally one comes across a supplier that seems to be in tune with your needs and provides a wonderful service.  It is truly delightful when this happens.  I wish it were the case more often.

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Equal information
_hm   1/7/2013 7:53:06 PM

Many time, two or more organizations have availability of almost same infromation, But they perform quite differently. Also, sometimes, organization with less information is more successful. This happens to students too. It is not always information, but quest for success and digesting common information is more important. 

Barbara Jorgensen
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Harnessing information
Barbara Jorgensen   1/7/2013 3:59:33 PM

Every time I read more about Big Data, I get back to the same issue: simplicity. As you point out, the supply chain is already complex. Data helps, but culling through that data is the sticking point. Distribution is well positioned to pull that data that is meaningful to customers w/o all the accompanying noise. Every custoemr is different, so the data will be different. Customizing it is the sweet spot

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