Your Design Software May Be Pirated

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good selling point
hwong   7/21/2011 1:23:38 PM

I think that if people are not aware of their software being pirated, then it really isn't their fault.  But each company should have a governance to track all of the software being used. But I like the idea that instead of punishing the folks for using it, they really should just charge them as potential new customers. It's win win situation

Tam Harbert
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Re: good selling point
Tam Harbert   7/21/2011 1:26:44 PM

Yes, the whole focus seems to be on converting as many of these illegal users into paying customers as possible. One EDA vendor tells me that they believe they could convert as much as 30% of all illegal uses to revenue, which would amount to substantial revenue.

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Re: Your design software may be pirated
JADEN   7/21/2011 11:06:00 PM

It is true that illegal use of the software can also happen innocently, I have experienced such.  Microsoft for instance can detect illegal software once you install or run windows update.  If engineering software can have integrated anti piracy protection in their software that will enforce update, once this update is installed and you are running pirated software, you will be locked out automatically.

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Pirated SW
Eldredge   7/22/2011 8:33:39 AM

It's easy to see why pirated business SW is such a large problem. For something very easy to distribute, it is a highly profitable, although illegal, enterprise.

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jbond   7/22/2011 10:19:11 AM

I think that Codearmor is a great idea. The fact that the system can detect piracy and notify the vendor is great. The idea does not scare me, nor would it bother my company. I think this would easily be a less invasive process than in person audits. This is a product that alerts the vendor when it is being used illegally, not to spy on your computer usage. Frankly you shouldn't have anything to worry about if you’re following the rules in the first place.

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re:This is an everyday experience
Kunmi   7/22/2011 4:24:26 PM

It is very unfortunate that we have designed software that may /is being pirated. You know what, I am not afraid of them because there areprograms and resources that detects them or that could alert anyone about them. Microsoft can detect things like this.

Individual just need to know that they are easy to distribute and very profitable. Programmers are looking for ways by which they could make money off these people that pirate others software. They are very huge and the code enforcers or programmers  could make at least 20-35 % from them.

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There is no doubt that piracy is illegal but........
Nemos   7/23/2011 5:56:08 PM

There is no doubt that piracy is illegal and that kind of actions "hurts" economical the software design companies and specially the big one's. However, if we want to see the whole picture and not a part of it, we must notice what feeds piracy. We have seen a software package that costs a lot of money. Furthermore, it is ridiculous to see all the society as a customer, for example, students don't have the economic ability to buy an expensive software package which is necessary for their studies. Although many companies have student's versions the cost is  high.

In addition, I want to mention the following: With the existing copyright laws, we are giving the opportunity to a company or to a programmer to build a program spending some working hours and to get paid for these hours as long the products make sales.



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Re : Your Design Software May Be Pirated
tirlapur   7/31/2011 9:24:16 AM

Cadence is also providing its software as a service, rather than selling the actual program.


Thanks for the post. Providing software as a service rather than actual program is really unique and effective idea to tackle piracy. Going ahead do you think all the EDA vendors will opt  for this model ?

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