Playing Offense in Innovation

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Expectations & Cost
Cryptoman   12/10/2012 4:51:55 AM

I do agree that the PC manufacturers have to change the way they think. Touchscreens should become a standard on a PC as soon as possible. SSDs will also play a key role in extending the popularity of notebooks. However, cost of SSD for drive capacities 256GB and above are still very high.

I think the expectation of PC and tablet/smartphone buyers are completely different. PCs are perceived as the work horses of computing and therefore a buyer will expect to find a 1 TB hard disk and a large screen on a PC. I don't think anybody will buy a PC with 32 GB SSD and a 10 inch touchscreen on it. The specs are simply too weak for a traditional PC. A PC buyer gets a PC to do proper work on it that involves typing on a traditional keyboard hours on end while staring at a decent sized screen. Let me tell you, although it may seem trivial, a mechanical keyboard is indeed quite important for work. I have spent quite a bit of time searching for the mechanical keyboard that had the right feel. There is hundreds of models out there but there is only a handful that does the job properly. I cannot imagine a software developer working on a tablet or a smartphone. It's just not feasible. Therefore, PCs will remain as the work horses of the computing world. They will surely become modernised with all the bells and whistles eventually but they will remain the platform of "prolonged working" in computing.

Carbon fiber chassis is a good idea but how much does it cost compared to hardened plastic or aluminum?

PCs are all about providing high computing performance at affordable costs and I think is still valid.

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Supply Network Guru
prabhakar_deosthali   12/8/2012 2:22:57 AM

It is the fast pace of the innovation that is making some of the useful products ( which could last even for a decade) obsolete.

Consumer is always attracted to the latest and with aggressive marketing, he feels left behind if he does not embrace the latest .

In this scenario the established product manufacturers ( PC and Laptops) need to adapt some of the changes that the latest technology offers in terms of the storage, packaging, and UI.  For example Notebooks can offer dual facility fro touchscreens as well as the keyboards. They can have built in Solid state storage to increase the access speed and have capability to connect high capacity hard drives.

Notebooks and PCs have been the work horses for IT industry for more than two decades and they will continue to be so for the next decade or so in my opinion.

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