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Winning in Tablets Requires More Than Just Great Hardware

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Mr. Roques
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Re: yes but
Mr. Roques   4/28/2011 11:08:42 PM

I'm confused about the strategy Apple will push moving forward with the mobile market (iPhone and iPad). The smart phone market is by default more expensive, which is the market they normally look for but they are not hands-down going for the top-end clients... the iPhone is getting to people everywhere!

In that sense, they can't compete with 100 different models, each one launching a new feature. They launched the iPhone 4 less than a year ago, they are looking at the iPhone 5 for a fall launch and I've started hearing about a new iPhone.

The same goes with the iPad... there's so much competition that they need to innovate so much that it becomes too much. Don't you think?

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Re: yes but
t.alex   4/22/2011 10:02:37 AM

In fact Android devices is beginning to flood developing countries where Apple product is way too expensive.

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Re: Change the approach
TIOLUWA   4/18/2011 2:23:55 PM

I agree with TaimorrZ, creating a tablet OS is nothing like a laptop or desktop OS, but i think it has alot of similarities to mobile OS.

Any company in the mobile inductry should find it easier to delve into the tablet market in the area of OS design.

I'm surprised to find the Andriod tablet OS still grossly unable to compete with the Apple OS, but i believe things will get better in the near future, even RIM's Playbook seams to fall short in a number of areas.

Apple has a powerful combination of style, flexible OS, and abundant APPs for users to choose from.

I think they will still run the show for a good while

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Change the approach
TaimoorZ   4/18/2011 12:35:26 PM

When it comes to designing an OS or any other application for tablets, the approach that most companies adopt is to modify the software working on PCs or laptops and shape it into a software for tablets. I think the approach is totally wrong. The companies need to rethink the entire design from scratch rather than modify it. Without that, they will not be able to provide a good experience to users. There are several useful interface features (such as multi-touch etc) which the designers are not able to take advantage of if they modify the design rather then reinvent it.

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User Interface but at the same time right applications
elctrnx_lyf   4/18/2011 11:31:09 AM

Dave, the details you put in here is really makes sense why apple is able to acheive sales. Apple has got the best platform to deliver services, thats what make them distinct. Great user interface of apple devices is what is putting them in the number one position all the time. The hardware platform is just about providing the necessary infrastructure for the application to run. I think Android will catchup with iOS soon in this space.

Dave Sasson
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Apple's Major Advantage
Dave Sasson   4/18/2011 7:28:25 AM

It seems that Apple also has another major advantage besides being the most elegant device is that it has a very healthy iTunes and App Store business.  Apple’s iTunes has become the largest music vendor in the US and over 10 billion songs have been downloaded since it started in April 2003 and generates now over $500 million a quarter in revenue.  The Apple App Store has also hit the same milestone recently of 10 billion apps downloaded since the App Store launce in July 2008.  With stats like these, Apple could lower their pricing on their devices because they receive healthy recurring revenue from iTunes and their App Store, which is a major advantage over their competitors.

Some interesting graphs:



Source: Piper Jaffray

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Mental Gymnastics a requirement
Hardcore   4/17/2011 8:17:13 AM

Today I received one of the 'latest' clone Tablet devices from China, as one would expect it runs the Android operating system, has a new 10" screen and 3G wireless capability.


This is a next generation prototype that is under review .The hardware is good, it has a reliable Freescale CPU and capasitive screen, But I'm afraid to say that from a usability point of view it 'sucks' stronger than my Hitachi vacuum cleaner.


Because even the simplest tasks, for turning on/off a WiFi network, requires a complex navigation of a system application and menu subsystem, same with reconfiguring the time zone settings, this is not the case on the Apple product, and it is these little touches that are distinguishing the players in tablet market.

It is not the fault of the manufacturer that the Android systems is 'weak' as regards usability, but this is why the Apple product is superior, because it is a complete system that is well thought out with a strong fusion between software & hardware, and until the other players in this field realize this fact, they are wasting their time.

The future  will show a decline in Apple product domination in the tablet market, purely because Apple dominated the market from the start(there is not really anywhere else they can go).Apple are loosing the market because of a dilution effect, rather than to superior product designs.

I would have to guess that  the Android operating system is not going to be ready to offer any serious competition to the Apple software until at least revision 2.5 or greater , but if Oracle get their way Android may be terminated before it can become a major competitor to Apple, the question will then be, what will happen to all of the competitors in this market if they are suddenly blocked from utilizing Android.




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Tablet market
Eldredge   4/17/2011 7:56:42 AM

Apple has done a great job with the interface, and with it's marketing/branding strategy. As long as they continue to innovate, they should remain in the lead for the tablet market for the foreseeable futrure.

Anna young
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Re: Android Vs iphone Apps
Anna young   4/17/2011 6:31:40 AM

I don’t think so. We'll rather see a revised and updated version. This is often the case.

Susan Fourtané
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Re: yes but
Susan Fourtané   4/17/2011 6:18:30 AM

@Bruce - There are many different facts playing in the tablet game. More than just great hardware and a certain marketing vision plus what you have added and also a determination to be the first in innovation. 

As we have been discussing with @nemos, customers' attitude and response toward the brand plays an important role at the time of defining who the winning tablet in the market is or could be, too. 


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