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You Might Not Be a Good Agency Client If ...

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golden rule
t.alex   10/31/2014 12:52:17 AM

This article is a very common sense business practice that every businesses should know.There are so many good companies out there so companies do not treat their agencies/employees good will not last for sure

Hailey Lynne McKeefry
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Re: Amen, Ford!
Hailey Lynne McKeefry   10/27/2014 5:45:11 PM

@Al Shulz, and AMEN to you too. this is good advice for all  the business relationships we have form PR/Marketing agency to vendors, distributors and others across the supply chain.

Hailey Lynne McKeefry
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Re: How to disrespect your agency
Hailey Lynne McKeefry   10/27/2014 5:44:04 PM

@Mark, i don't have a wide sample but i suspect the problems that Ford points to are particularly prevailent in the high-tech sector. We think of ourselves as sophisticated--and we can sometimes take it too far.

Ford Kanzler
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Agency/Client misunderstandings
Ford Kanzler   10/27/2014 3:57:47 PM

@Himanshugupta  - Great point. Agency pros should be clear on their desired roles, expectations, preferences and requirements (such as payment terms) from the initial engagement on. There should be agreement on that before begining any work together. Often the client contact, at whatever level, hasn't worked with a professional services organization or has worked in notably different manner than an agency requires. Having that out on the table may determine whether a client choses to engage an agency. Clients and agencies get to chose each other. Those should be good choices for the ways they want to work. Being clear from the start is certainly wise.

Certainly if a marketing services agency wants to just be a go-fer, delivery service, get jerked around by their clients and take any business they can get, then discussing the working relationship in advance may be skipped. But they'll be sorry! :)

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Re: Client/marketing agency teaming
Himanshugupta   10/27/2014 3:24:34 PM

Ford, Do these situations arise because there is wide gap between the clear understanding on client's part about the agency's role and the formal communication/PR mandate. it might also happen that in the fast changing competition landscape the priorities change due to the alignment of management and project.

Al Shultz
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Amen, Ford!
Al Shultz   10/25/2014 9:14:15 PM
1 saves

Ford speaks the truth. Mutual respect is the foundation of all good relationships and marriages -- and lack of respect is the hallmark of bad ones.And your marketing agency is your marriage partner whether you realize it or not.

If you want your marketing agency to always give you their very best work and always go the extra ten miles for you, you need to LET THEM KNOW how much you value and respect them. And you need to PROVE IT in all the ways you treat them.


Ford Kanzler
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Client/marketing agency teaming
Ford Kanzler   10/25/2014 3:34:01 PM

@ Mark - Thanks for seconding my ideas. The ideal situation is when the agency/client team forgets about what it says on their business cards and just works the problem together. That's the scenario where I've experienced maximum success.

Having a client contact that feels threatened by the agency people is perhaps the worst and wierdest. Then all kinds of crazy stuff happens, such as having the internal person take agency plans and recommendations to their management claiming they developed them without agency help.

Mark Shapiro
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How to disrespect your agency
Mark Shapiro   10/25/2014 12:02:54 PM

Great post and absolutely so true. Why do companies hire a professional consultant if the company is unwilling to listen or if the marcom team is afraid of being eclipsed? I have found that the more compentent and experienced the internal marcom team, the more willing they are to listen and value their PR agency's advice. 

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