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Can a Mini-iPhone Conquer the Mobile World?

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Re: It's like an Apple pie
Jacob   7/8/2011 3:19:16 AM
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 Susan, Mini- I Phone is a good idea.  Most of the I Phone is costing around $500 and its little bit costlier when compare with other brands. That means for branding “Apple”, we are paying the extra, which may not be affordable to certain category (weaker section) of peoples. So I think mini- I phone with lesser cost can be affordable to such peoples too and everybody can afford an I phone.

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Re : Can a Mini-iPhone Conquer the Mobile World?
anandvy   7/8/2011 1:56:07 AM

"If Apple moves ahead with the mini-iPhone we will witness a tough and very interesting battle for leadership in the smartphone market"


 I totally agree with you. If APPLE releases handsets in the price range of 200$, it will surely dent the profit margin of Android phones, especially Samsung which is doing very well in Developing markets like India.

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Re: Can a Mini-iPhone Conquer the Mobile World?
DennisQ   7/7/2011 10:14:54 PM

@Ariella, well, you got to admit that Steve Jobs looks at least vaguely like a James Bond villain...

Anyhow, at first I was skeptical that Apple would attempt to cater to the "lower-end" market, but then I remembered the direction they took with the iPod, introducing smaller, cheaper iPods that were still cool, but not nearly as jam-packed with gizmos as the latest iPods.

So despite that past history and the fact that a mini-iPhone does make sense, I'm still SLIGHTLY skeptical that Apple is actually working on this... but then again, I think they do realize that they've got to do something if they want to capture market share outside of the gadget-obsessed early adopter types.

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Re: There are also some annoying problems for Apple
Hospice_Houngbo   7/7/2011 10:07:58 PM

I Think that Apple's mini-iPhone worldwide success will depend on the price tag Apple puts on it. $200 is still a lot of money in many emerging and developing countries. Apple may probably not conquer the world with the mini-iPhone and I even doubt it will get that closer to its competitors in emrging countries in terms of the number of items sold. 

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Re: Can a Mini-iPhone Conquer the Mobile World?
pocharle   7/7/2011 9:54:15 PM

"You would think if they were rational, they would be content with several billion dollars, but no, it's always the whole world or bust."

I would argue that for those of us that would be content with 'several billion dollars', we should not be in the same realm of Apple. The strive to improve and take over more market share is what keeps the engine churning.. or causes your downfall.

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There are also some annoying problems for Apple
Nemos   7/7/2011 4:59:10 PM

"My bet is that if Apple makes the less expensive iPhone dream come true"

Selling at higher prices than the competitor is one of the problems that Apple should solve if it wants to continue to have a dominate role in the market. However, except that there are also some annoying problems for Apple that must be solved. It must stop selling "black box products" and if it wants to surpass the competitors must adapt the android platform.

Susan Fourtané
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It's like an Apple pie
Susan Fourtané   7/7/2011 10:52:53 AM


I have a good analogy for this one. It's like an Apple pie. You know you can eat only two slices and yet, you want to eat the whole pie. And yes, will a little more effort you can eat half of the pie. :)


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Can a Mini-iPhone Conquer the Mobile World?
Ariella   7/7/2011 10:22:27 AM

They certainly do think big: "Instead of targeting 25 percent of the global mobile phone market, Apple would be going after 100 percent."  I don't know if it is realistic to expect to quadruple one's market and attain that 100%, but I suppose that they believe that aiming for 100% might get them 50% or more, which would still be quite an improvement. 

World domination: it's what all the evil masterminds are after in thrillers. You would think if they were rational, they would be content with several billion dollars, but no, it's always the whole world or bust. For a real business plan, though, you have to not revert to the bust if the 100% doesn't happen.

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