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Big Blue Cranks Innovation Engine

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DennisQ   10/5/2011 5:28:11 PM

Good article Diane... It's frustrating for me to hear people blast IBM as being old and stagnant... nothing could be further from the truth: if IBM wasn't a gigantic innovator in this space, they would have ceased to exist decades ago. In some ways, to counter-act the perception of being old-fashioned, I think IBM actually has to work even harder on being innovative and cutting edge than their competitors.

IBM is working on a wide variety of interesting technical endeavors. I believe the upper management is most certainly aware that they need to continue to innovate and find new sources of revenue. In addition, I think IBM has done a great job in marketing... Watson on Jeopardy, for example, was just a brilliant bit of exposure demonstrating to the mainstream audience that IBM is working on some near-magical technology.

Anyhow, I'm confident about IBM's future. And as a NY resident, it's nice to see the investment being made in the region to support G450C.

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larkforsure   10/5/2011 11:12:24 PM



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hwong   10/6/2011 3:35:10 AM

IBM was once a very diversified company with strong hold in semiconductor and software. But the process technology was never good and that might be the reason why AMD finally parted with them. It's a little surprising IBM still wants to invest money as a foundry even they have been pushing into the IT consulting with huge success and high profit margin.

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anandvy   10/6/2011 4:23:41 AM

"if IBM wasn't a gigantic innovator in this space, they would have ceased to exist decades ago"

@DennisQ, I totally agree with you. From mainframes to PCs, from software to operating systems, from open source to services-IBM has done it all. It's rare to last 100 years in a business, but to last 100 years in the technology business is next to impossible.And IBM has prooved that it can indeed last 100 years in the technology business.

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jbond   10/6/2011 7:01:21 AM

It is amazing to see how many people are still blasting IBM for being old. IBM is still one of the leading innovators and R&D companies around, couple that with the vast knowledge and customer base, IBM is going nowhere and it would be hard to imagine an electronics landscape without IBM being involved.

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TaimoorZ   10/6/2011 9:59:04 AM

I think one of the reasons why IBM has been the leader is because it has continued to innovate. Over the years, IBM has always invested into the latest technology. Cloud is the in-thing today in the IT world today and IBM is well ahead of others in that technology.

Diane Trommer
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Diane Trommer   10/6/2011 2:26:09 PM

Dennis, I, too, am a NYer and definitely felt a little "Take That Silicon Valley" when I wrote the piece  LOL. In any case, the 450mm program should be great for NY, maybe my taxes will go down :) 

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Ariella   10/7/2011 7:22:12 AM

@Diane, at least we'd be able to say that something positive is happneing in Albany, even if it is not on the government end.

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