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gary.meyers   4/13/2013 12:45:08 AM

Lalit, there is a remarkable amount of data within the enterprise that isn't being leveraged to make better operational decisions.  We've been surprised that even the largest companies don't have access to supply chain analytics that answer critical questions about their operations.  Some companies have developed hundreds or thousands of hundred-column reports, but they sit on the shelf, unused.  The IT team delivers what the business wants, but the latency in doing so, and the static nature of the analytics make them effectively unusable.  Need another column?  Go back to IT, and by then, the decision you could have made in real time has passed.  We identified the problems inherent in the way analytics are developed for the supply chain and came up with a better way - a cloud-based big data application that embeds deep supply chain knowledge - so that deployment is rapid, the analytics run in seconds on even the largest ERP datasets (and are easily customizable), and the UI is powerful and business-user friendly.  Thanks for identifying the problem; we're trying to help!  Check us out at

Finding strong supply chain candidates is no easy task. One answer is close collaboration between industry and educational institutions.
Organizations used to have little real usable direction in making important decisions. However, big data and analytics begin to offer a solution.
Big-data initiatives allow procurement organizations to transform planning, procurement, inventory management, and supply risk management by leveraging supply side analytics.
What is the total cost of providing your company's products and services, and is the supply chain success measured on this basis? Parts Search

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