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American Manufacturing: An Expanding Frontier

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What impact will the Rising Dollar have on this Boom?
tech4people   11/22/2014 1:02:44 PM


As I Am sure you do realize as well we live in a Zero-sum world(where Growth as whole is negligible today thanks to Recessions in Japan,Brazil &Italy with some more European Countries to join this list shortly).

So if American Manufacturing is Growing then Some other country is seeing a Decline in their manufacturing sector.

WHich is that country??

Also,how do you see the fast rising US Dollar(vs other Currencies like the Euro ,the Pound,the Yen and other Asian Countries) affecting our Exports here in America?

This can complicate things enormously for any Manufacturing renaissance going ahead.

Won't it?


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"Manufacturing has been the backbone of the US economy and it's ingrained in the culture.
tech4people   11/22/2014 12:54:14 PM


Could'nt agree more!

Most States in America have a strong History of Manufacturing ingrained into their entire Economy.

You get every single sector of the Manufacturing Supply Chain relatively easily and if you don't;you can always count on the Authorities to step up and deliver.

I was recently listening to a speech by Nikki Haley the Governor of South Carolina.

She was inspirational beyond words.

Any Manufacturer Owner/CEO who has a base in her state ;has her Personal Mobile Number on which she is accessible to them and their various needs 24/7/365.

Is it a wonder that the manufacturing Space in South Carolina is Booming bigtime!!!

That's the kind of vision and commitment we need in today's hyper-competitive day and age.



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Re: Home return and lessons learned
tech4people   11/22/2014 12:49:20 PM


The Top 4 reasons for Manufacturing coming back home(to the US) are-

1)Lower Energy Costs(thanks to Super-cheap Shale gas).

2)Highest IP Protection globally(this is especially important in specialized manufacturing)

3)Ample supply of Highly Skilled and (relatively) cheap Manpower;Wages are not rising as fast in other Developing Economies today.

& finally

4)Clean Governance and Good Infrastructure(as well as access to markets).

These are the major reasons why Manufacturing is coming home.


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Home return and lessons learned
_hm   11/22/2014 5:26:50 AM

This sudden going offshore and returning to home land is little intriguing.

What are the genuine reason behind this? Was it to dump all polluting industries to desperate China and third world countrires or other like that? What else?

It is nice to summrize lessons learned from such expensive faux pas. 

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Good days are coming
_hm   11/22/2014 5:21:35 AM

@Hailey: Thanks for this good post. Yes, good days are coming back to America. This looks wonderful for one and all.

But in hindsight, all those facts you narrated were true in last one or two decades. It was only mad rush by organization with pretty dumb senior management. Or may be it was politically manipulated and motivated move.

At the end this looks like cosy early Xmas gift.

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