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Slideshow: 2014 CES: Cool Gadgets for Fit Fashion

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Re : Slideshow: 2014 CES: Cool Gadgets for Fit Fashion
anandvy   12/27/2013 3:16:25 AM

I'm waiting for the smart watch eagerly. When it is integrated with the IOT formula, it will aquire quite a market share for people willing to communicate with the cloud.

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Re: wearable gadgets may likely tilt to one side.
rsanders   12/24/2013 10:06:19 AM

Quite likely. But I'll give a big thumbs up to the amazing potential of glasses...which may be sunglasses or auto-tint and even prescription, already 'on' your face and in contact with your head, wrapped around your ears.

It's a natural for all kinds of embedded sensors, speakers and mics for audio, and heads-up display tech for display right in front of your eyes, for augmented reality overlays.

Siri's got nothing on an overlay that shows you a path to walk to the nearest toilet in a foreign city, or to the nearest fresh cup of barrista mochaccino with a pop-up coupon and electronic instant payment; let alone finding the quickest route around backed-up traffic to get to the cheapest gas station with an electronic wireless payment and through a back street or two to pick up your wife in time to make the show...with an online game no one else knows you're playing to get you through the boring

Glasses could communicate wirelessly with a separate/remote processor/smartphone in your pocket, or operate standalone for smaller apps, with endless possibilities for multi-functional interfacing.

Sci-Fi come to life; I'm loving just watching the tech develop, and past that looking forward to the day ST-NG style sensors start helping the "Geordi La Forge's" among us to see. 

Adeniji Kayode
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wearable gadgets may likely tilt to one side.
Adeniji Kayode   12/17/2013 2:40:39 AM

On-going discoveries in the world of wearable gadets are really amazing but it seems it will gain more recognition in the world of sport and medicine than any other aspect of our daily lives.

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