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In SCM, Attitude Is (Almost) Everything

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Re : In SCM, Attitude Is (Almost) Everything
anandvy   11/21/2013 2:07:12 AM

Apple and other companies that are the top performers are going head strong because of their influence built up through the years, also their marketing and management systems, and their customer support. For example, an iPhone has a better after sales service than a Gionee. They replace the iPhone completely if there is a damaging issue plaguing the phone, however most companies would opt for a solution and try to repair the damages, that takes time and may be deal breaking for the customer. And to make things even easier, data sharing and reaching out to customer bases is easier than ever, mostly through cloud services. The cloud services work under the canopy of Apple too, that makes employee satisfaction guaranteed. 

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Parameter selection
Jacob   11/11/2013 2:10:23 AM
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"However, it is not just the size of these organizations that distinguishes them; it's their attitude about their supply chains that sets them apart. These companies recognize that their supply chains, when properly managed, can be true growth enablers, not just vehicles for cutting cost as many,"

Lynn, it's all based on the parameters selected and most of the case that's not fair too. For a simple example, they used to compare then sales of all Samsung smartphones with Apple.  

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SP   11/8/2013 1:54:13 PM

Apple is able to maintain its position just for the fact how its SCM is disciplined. Yes you got to keep attitude, positive and result oriented.

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