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LPDDR4 Remains a Work in Progress

SK Hynix 8-Gb LPDDR3 memory module.
SK Hynix 8-Gb LPDDR3 memory module.

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FLYINGSCOT   12/27/2013 1:34:43 PM

Double the rate at half the power......sounds like magic.  I guess there will be a much larger burden on the signal processing TX and RX as the rates are going up and voltages are going down so the signal to noise ratio must be significantly reduced.

Rich Krajewski
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So how low?
Rich Krajewski   12/27/2013 5:25:57 AM

"LPDDR3 features low I/O capacitance."

So how low is low? I understand that the low(er) capacitance should increase I/O speed, but how much lower is the capacitance, and how much faster did that make the I/O rate? I wouldn't have thought there was that much room to jiggle these numbers.

By the way, I looked around the Internet by searching for "LPDDR3 capacitance" on Google, and--guess what?--the most I'm seeing is that it's "low."

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