Consistency Concerns Loom Larger as Chips Get Smaller

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Mary E. Shacklett
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Re: Variability disorders in chips
Mary E. Shacklett   8/4/2014 1:41:20 PM

It's a good point, because all of the talk about mobile and shrinking footprints does not answer all application needs.

Manufacturers and designers know this, too. 

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Re: We can
anandvy   7/30/2014 2:33:35 AM

@Rich: Or we can just think new things to reduce costs while maintaining product quality. We need more ideas for this, and this can be facilitated by engineers. We also need more designs, which can be facilitated by electronic architects. We also cannot compromise of quality, for that we need Quality Testing people.

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Variability disorders in chips
anandvy   7/30/2014 2:31:32 AM

What you are saying is that malfunction risks increase with reduction of size. But we are forgetting that with better technology, chip architectures will be changing too. This reduction of size is good as long as mobile manufacturing is concerned, but what about those places where chip size is essential to have a desired power output?

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New Challenges - move to optical processing
_hm   7/19/2014 9:22:30 AM

Yes, these are new challenges. One way to mitigate is evolve optical processing. Quantum computing is also a new trend.

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