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Recycling: A Question of Convenience

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Max Maxfield
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It is a question of convenience
Max Maxfield   1/21/2015 1:12:13 AM

I'm lucky in that there's a technology recycling center about 1 mile from my office, so if I ever have any old electronics I want to get rid of I just run it round the corner.

One big one for me is disposable batteries -- so many people just dump them in the trash, after which they head into a landfill somewhere. The problem is (a) a lot of folks don;t know where to take them and (b) once again it's a matter of convenience. That's why I started my own battery recycling initiative at work as described in my blog Stop! Recycle Those Old Batteries!

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As we design more electronic devices and as these products hit the consumer stream, e-waste handling is going to become a critical issue.
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