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Kevin Fogarty 4/16/2014 (0) comments
In a not-too-distant version of a future invented by Google, it may be considered normal to see cars that pilot themselves while drivers wave their arms wildly for direction and ...
Steve Taranovich 4/13/2014 (8) comments
Mike Worry, Nuvation CEO, put together a brief slideshow regarding his view of why it should be illegal for humans to drive and his solution to that problem. Here is a summary of that ...
Junko Yoshida 4/12/2014 (1) comment
Let's be blunt: Not many serious players in the electronics industry today are sanguine about the survival chances for MIPS processors in a global mobile market where, in the last decade ...
Caleb Kraft 4/11/2014 (3) comments
Festo may very well be building the robot version of Noah's Ark. The series of bio-inspired robots that have come out of their labs is simply breathtaking. Their latest release is a ...
Michael Rigsby 4/10/2014 (1) comment
One of the challenges to consumer 3D printing involves leveling the print platform. Current methods (insert a business card or piece of paper and adjust screws until it "just fits") lack ...
Vijay Anand 4/9/2014 (10) comments
For a long time, we have been talking about the connected car and how in-car connectivity would enhance the driving experience -- from compelling infotainment to effortless navigation. ...
Rich Krajewski
Nuvation CEO Examines the Autonomous Vehicle Concept  
Rich Krajewski   4/14/2014 1:03:11 AM
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