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William Murray 4/24/2014 (3) comments
The lithium-ion battery is a fact of modern life. Cellphones, laptops, cameras, tablets, and many other items take advantage of this convenience. Even so, we still read news ...
Steve Taranovich
Steve Taranovich 4/23/2014 (8) comments
I recently came across a really unique book written by Thomas Scarborough. It is an anthology of small designs of six electronic components or less. Sometimes simplicity is all that is ...
Carolyn Mathas 4/22/2014 (5) comments
IHS Technology predicts that the industrial machinery market will grow substantially over the next five years, and double its growth this year alone. The company's recent report cites ...
Max Maxfield 4/21/2014 (1) comment
A few days ago, the cyberworld was embarrassed to discover a major memory-handling bug in the Heartbeat extension of the Transport Layer Security protocol used in the popular OpenSSL ...
Lawrence Lundy 4/18/2014 (25) comments
The Galaxy S5 is indicative of a broader trend in the smartphone: evolution over revolution. We have been spoiled with revolutionary new features and game-changing performance increases. ...
Jonah McLeod 4/17/2014 (2) comments
The problem with Smart TV is that its main value is an Internet connection, something that is not unique.
How the Heartbleed Bug Performs Its Nefarious Activities  
t.alex   4/23/2014 9:55:24 AM
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