Fiscal Cliff

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Re: Fiscal cliff
jimmydurant   7/8/2014 6:53:04 AM

Ending the payroll tax cuts spreads a burden across most Americans.  Our esteemed legislators continue to look for revenue in all the wrong places. While Wall Street and the "job creators" like Romney will see a slight nudge in their tax obligation, hundreds of millions of ordinary consumers who don't buy Bentleys, third and fourth homes, yachts and private planes spend their earnings on food, clothing, education for their kids, house payments or rent, utilities, insurance and the rest of the stuff regular folks need to survive. These ordinary Americans are the nation's real consumers and too many of them need jobs to be able to help support our nation's businesses. For the next several months the TPGOP will not be rushing to pass a jobs bill but will be concentrating on how to slash more programs that help human beings in exchange for agreeing to a debt ceiling increase to pay the bills they played a big role in running up. No talk of ending the oil empire or corporate farming subsidies or maybe tackling the grossly discriminatory tax code. Let the ordinary people  pay -again.

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Re: Fiscal cliff
Daryl   1/4/2013 12:06:27 PM


Ariella I agree absolutely... can I also add.. oink oink oink and more oink!!!! the pork in all of these bills is unbelievable. I am hosed as well as my children and their children.

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Fiscal cliff
Ariella   1/3/2013 8:56:13 AM

From what I've seen about it so far, this scenario will prove more hurtful than helpful to businesses. Parts Search

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