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stochastic excursion
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stochastic excursion   2/23/2012 3:27:24 PM

Devices targeted by proposed regulations are mainly those that interact visuals with hand operated input.  Since GPS has a visual component, even eliminating manual input may not keep it off the banned deviecs list.

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Re: Emphasizing safety
elctrnx_lyf   2/23/2012 12:46:31 PM

I do not understand how government can do anything impactful to actually take care of this issue. If the person himself doen't care for himself how does the government imlications on automative mfrs will help. The only way is to spread across the awareness and let the people know the dangers associated with distracted driving.

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Re: Emphasizing safety
Eldredge   2/23/2012 9:17:10 AM


Unfortunaltely, I don't think that encouraging drivers not to use the capability to be connected while driving will work. Connectivity is an addiction.


Barbara Jorgensen
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Emphasizing safety
Barbara Jorgensen   2/23/2012 8:52:35 AM

I wonder if the auto industry or an auto brand would ever consider changing its marketing strategy to advertise cars as a quiet haven away from it all. All the ads I see emphasize the bells and whistles of being constantly connected, yet my favorite part of driving (as long as I am alone) is listening to my music, not have three phones ringing and a bunch of other things going on all at once.

There are a few like that--a Mom locks herself in a minivan to relax

I think drivers should have the option to be connected, but encouraged not to use capability unless necessary (like OnStar and an accident.)

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What about mind
WaqasAltaf   2/23/2012 8:28:23 AM

"Keeping eyes on the road and hands on the wheel is clearly the priority. "

Few years back i saw a documentary of discovery channel where they tested a drunk man driving a car and a man who was talking on the mobile phone while driving. The outcome of the comparison based on the analysis by psychologists (or some other specialists) revealed that the concentration level on driving of both guys was similiar i.e. unacceptable for safety.

The point I am trying to make is that importance of mind (concentration level) is as important as eyes and hands.

While I see most communication or other tech devices as an obstacle to concentration of the driver, I also am unable to deny the numerous benefits that flow to the drivers. 

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Jay_Bond   2/23/2012 7:19:55 AM

While some of this new technology is great, some of it just adds to the distractions already present. The most obvious change would be with voice controls. If you can speak to your GPS and then receive directions, you would have no need to look at the map or try to program it while driving. Clearly we can't stop everybody from doing things behind the wheel that are inapproriate while driving, but we can make tougher laws for those who choose to be unsafe. Enforce these laws, and some people will have second thoughts.

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