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Better and lower cost iPad
_hm   3/1/2012 8:50:58 PM

Cheaper may not be appropriate word to use. You may call it lower cost.

But important point is not cost but many more new features including siri, better display, faster with longer battery life, thunderbolt and many more.

100 million people will purchase it in 2012 if it is $249!

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I need to find out how it will be useful to me first
Cryptoman   3/1/2012 7:51:53 PM


Price is certainly important for me when it comes to buying technology. However, I apply this rule differently for work and leisure.

When I buy technology for leisure, I am very price conscious. I think twice before I decide to buy something that I will use to entertain and to use as a hobby every now and then. At least, I look for cheaper deals.

However, my attitude for work related technologies is different. I do not bother with the price first. My first concern is 'will the product do what I want it to do?'. For example, I would not mind paying $2500-$3000 for a performance laptop that I will use everyday to work with as long as it does what I need it to do. Having said that I am not going to pay more than $3000 either because I know good enough alternatives do exist for less.

Regarding a cheaper iPad, I certainly cannot see a place for it on my workbench. I really don't know see how I can make use of it. The best application I saw for it in my line of business was a digital oscilloscope. The concept was great: small measurement tool with little cable clutter and little real estate requirements on the desk. Unfortunately, the bandwidth of the iPad application was quite limited and therefore it remained quite basic in terms of the functionality it offered. Since I also don't need to impress any execs or clients in a meeting room by showing off with the most recent model of an iPad as I flick through the pages of a marketing/sales presentation either, I cannot think of how I can make it useful for my work.

For leisure, I think I would buy a cheaper iPad. I don't need a huge RAM and a Quad processor for playing a few games, listening to music, browsing the web and watching videos etc. I don't even need a battery that will last for 10 hours. So why pay more?



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Would consider cheaper iPad
Eldredge   3/1/2012 7:17:50 PM

@Barbara: I would consider purchasing the cheaper iPad - but I am in the population that currently doesn't have one at all. Your question seems ro be directed to current, larger iPad owners?

Wale Bakare
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It Depends...
Wale Bakare   3/1/2012 7:11:36 PM

Thanks Barbara for the article. From consumer perspective bandwagon people would love to buy iPad for cheap price irrespective of features or additional functional parts. I bet you, normal ritual (queue) is likely to double by the time Apple launches its iPad 3

Dave Sasson
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Re: iPhone vs iPad
Dave Sasson   3/1/2012 5:57:54 PM

Android devices and tablets are coming out in all different shapes and sizes, specifically by manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and now ZTE, among others.  It would make sense that Apple looks to provide additional form factors.  I think a smaller tablet would be a good seller.

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TIOLUWA   3/1/2012 5:19:54 PM

I might buy a cheaper iPAD if i don't have to pay through lower functionality, although i'm more of a nokia and android fan.

I find the news that iPAD sales was eaten into by iPhone sales, that speaks volumes, as efficient smart phones are just as good as tablets, except for screen size.

I think it all depends on the kind of customer: those who buy just for the fun or hype of it, and those who buy out of the need for such protable, smart devices.

for the later, a cheaper iPad, might just not make any difference, but for the former, it could make a big difference.


Bolaji Ojo
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iPhone vs iPad
Bolaji Ojo   3/1/2012 4:57:54 PM

Would I buy a cheaper iPad? Many current Apple iPad users probably would if the form factor is different, that is, if it is smaller and can readily fit into a jacket pocket. But isn't the iPhone itself able to perform the same functions? Businesses might, though, and that is one set of buyers that Apple is targeting with a wide range of products.

I have no intentions of buying an iPad just because of the price. I have looked at tablet PCs over the last year and haven't quite decided why I should add one to the electronic products I carry around. I have a Samsung smartphone that is bigger than the iPhone, a Blackberry and a laptop. Why do I need another device? I believe my Samsung Galaxy phone qualifies enough as a tablet PC.

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