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Susan Fourtané
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Re: Tablet overload
Susan Fourtané   12/18/2012 5:09:02 AM


I agree. It seems not long ago we discussed about the need for more and varied tablet options in the market. Today, the tablet market is oversaturated. As you said, it's become too complicated, and I would add too time consuming. 


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Re: Tablet overload
Clairvoyant   12/5/2012 2:10:13 PM

That's a good point, Barbara. Apple has been successful in marketing their products, so they are becoming the first name to pop into people's heads when looking at buying mobile devices.

Barbara Jorgensen
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Tablet overload
Barbara Jorgensen   11/19/2012 4:30:48 PM

@Adenji: I read an articel today that suggested that many consumers default to the iPad becuase there are just too many choices in tablets. I tend to agree. There is a wide range of prices, which works in the consumers' favor, but the array of brands, op systems, features and ecosystems is becoming complicated for consumers. I think the article concluded that decisions will be made more on the ecosystem than the tablet features in the future.

Adeniji Kayode
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Why Ipad is STILL unbeatable.
Adeniji Kayode   11/19/2012 11:08:34 AM

Even though the price of Ipad is falling gradually, its still very expensive, one would wonder why or what is the reason for that?

For me I discovered that Ipad still have the best of the battery life and its a bit scarce to find an android that has a close battery performance with Ipad.

Also, apps on Ipad seems to do a better job when compared to those on android.

In terms of design and perfornmance, Ipad seems much more better too.

As long as there is no product that can compete with Ipad on thises platform,Apple will keep dominating and making more sales. 


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