10 Kickstarter Projects that Prove Hardware Innovation Isn’t Dead

The death of electronics hardware has been a topic of discussion for years—as pundits predicted that new products would be evolutionary rather than evolution. Inventive entrepreneurs, however, are betting on new electronics hardware as the next big thing, and consumers continue to get excited about helping to fund the next promising hardware offering on Kickstarter.

In recent memory, revenue associated with global consumer electronics manufacturing has been in a slump, as it tried to find new directions beyond the traditional television market that provided the industry's mainstay. The global market represents a $283 billion market, with an annual growth rate of 6.6%, according to IBISWorld’s Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturing market research report. “Over the five years to 2020, revenue is expected to increase thanks to higher demand in emerging economies resulting from higher disposable incomes and relatively lower penetration of many consumer electronic products,” the report said.

Designers are trying to help this boon along, with new ideas emerging from all over the world. On Kickstarter, hardware captured a lion's share of the attention from users. Of nearly 2,700 technology projects that were successfully funded in the past year and a half (from January 2014 to August 2015), the biggest share of the pie fell into the general electronics category. Kickstarter members threw more than $16.5 million combined at the top 10 project alone—which spanned promises of a pocket-sized molecular sensor, a nine dollar computer, a smart remote control, wireless ear buds, a personal theatre and more. 

The projects originated in a variety of countries from the US to Sweden. All were funded in four to six weeks, with the average contribution per backer ranging from $52 to $453, depending on the project. All were funded at many times over—with the most popular hitting 4144% funded compared to the tenth place winner which was funded at 534%. Clearly, all fired the imagination of consumers to get these products to market.

Take a look at the details behind these favored projects by clicking on the image below to start the slideshow.

10 Kickstarter Projects that Prove Hardware Innovation Isn't Dead

What's the project you would like to see hit the commercial market most? Personally, I'm voting for the Arist coffee maker… but let me know which is your favorite project in the comments section below. 

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