10 PCBs That Merge Function & Art

The artistic impulse is human nature. Sometimes artistic passion spills over into the technical, or perhaps it is the technical inclination that effects the art. Either way, the results can amaze us, make us laugh, or in the very least, admit that, hey, that was cool.

To the creators of these pieces — we applaud your effort. You could have chosen a different route. You could have kept your creation all traditional, dry and rectilinear. Instead, form was allowed to stand on equal footing with function. The organic, analog output of human effort shaped these projects into more than just utilitarian green rectangles.

First board, done in a graffiti street art style, comes from industrial designer Gijs Gieskes in the Netherlands. This is a mini synthesizer circuit. It is is capable of creating some really neat sounds by twiddling all those potentiometers on-board. Just check out that video in the link. The board could have been laid out in the traditional sense, all right angles a no fun, but style like this is definitely going to be more fun while you are getting your Kraftwerk on. Gijs Gieskes has a whole site full of wonderfully weird and cool projects. His site is very much worth checking out. It is a piece of art in itself. He also sells things in his online store. Most of it seeming to be modules for Eurorack Modular Synthesizers.

Look at this beautiful nixie tube clock designed by user yanzeyuan on Tube Clock Database.

Aside from the artistically done traces, the board also has a short description of what a nixie tube is and how it works. Often nixie tube clocks will be installed into beautifully worked enclosures of wood and/or brushed metal. In this case, the working bits have been designed and showcased in a way that is unique and as attractive than any transitional nixie clock enclosure. If you would like to own one of these dazzling works of art, yanzeyuan sells nixie tube clock kits at his site

Maybe Lincoln has deep personal significance for the author of this board. Maybe it is just an astonishing coincidence that proper functioning requires a likeness of Abraham Lincoln etched into the ground plane. Very little info is available about this board. It was posted one night long ago in Adafruit's “ask an engineer” chat way back in the year 2010. So, who made it and why seem lost to the past. In the very least, it is a cool example of PCB art.

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