10 Supply Chain Infographics that Speak Louder than Words

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words… and in some cases, it may be worth even more. Every week, EBN shares at least one infographic that rounds up the current best research, practices or wisdom on technology, business, and the electronics supply chain.


We decided to look back at some of the most popular topics and graphics from the past year. As we move into 2017, supply chain digitization promises to continue to be a hot topic. Organizations will also be looking at the newest and best ways to manage and reduce risk and increase resilience in the supply chain.  We predict you’ll be hearing more about blackchain as well, as it migrates from financial organizations to the world of supply chain finance. In terms of technology, autonomous cars and Internet of Things (IoT) caught readers attention.

Here, in order of popularity, are the top 10 infographics we’ve shared in the last year.

  1. Digitization Tops the List of Supply Chain Priorities  Most organizations are focused on leveraging advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things and big data, to create a quicker and more agile supply chain.
  2. Autonomous Vehicles Take to the Roads  In the not too distant future, autonomous driving technology will likely be part of every electronic OEMs logistics planning.
  3. Blockchain Set to Transform Supply Chain Blockchain has supply chain aficionados excited because the technology will support new business processes that allow for assets to be transferred over the Internet without the need for a centralized third party.
  4. IoT Takes Business World By Storm  In the next five years, the use of IoT in business is going to explode, and security concerns will grow right along with the market.
  5. Consumers Get on Board with Connected Cars Industry pundits and consumers alike agree that connected cars are just plain cool. Here's a look at the market, and what consumers are saying they want.
  6. Amazon: the Next Big Electronics Supply Chain Gorilla? Will Amazon be a boon or a blight to the electronics industry? Does this e-commerce gorilla make you feel concerned?
  7. Engage Employees in the Supply Chain Employee disengagement is a bigger problem than you may think. Here's a way to maximize your supply chain results by getting workers on their best behavior.
  8. Supply Chain in Flex Presents Major Challenges for OEMs Risk continues to increase with the complexity of the supply chain. Unfortunately, many organizations don't have the technology, systems or people in place to effectively manage it, a new survey found.
  9. Terrorism & Oil Prices Impact Global Supply Chain Resilience  Released earlier this week, the 2016 FM Global Resilience Index ranks of countries’ business resilience to supply chain disruption.
  10. Procurement Faces at Digital Tipping Point  Technology trends are creating a new tipping point for procurement, in addition to offering new ways for the function to prove its worth.

What topics would you like to see more about in infographic form in the coming year? Let us know in the comments section below. 

1 comment on “10 Supply Chain Infographics that Speak Louder than Words

  1. Deeptib
    January 14, 2017

    Informative Post and agreed to your points. Many Organizations do not have well managed supply chain procedure in place whether it is technology, manpower or simply management aspect. 

    Amazon is definitely the giggest supply chain Gorilla. No doubt. 

    It was nice to read what you think as it was a confirmation to everything that I was observing and analysed as well. 

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