10 Ways to Woo Supply Chain Talent

In the electronics industry, supply chain and logistics organizations have been worried about the looming talent shortfall for years. Like global warming, though, the trend will continue unless everyone involved hops on the bandwagon and tries to make a difference.

Deloitte’s third annual Supply Chain Survey, released last year, said: “Many organizations are confronting critical shortfalls of talent. Years of headcount reduction, training-budget cuts, and the retirement of highly skilled individuals have hollowed out the ranks of veteran professionals.”

It's time for supply chain and logistics pros to start getting the word out about all the benefits and satisfactions in store for those who choose a career in their field. One place to start is to let students and early-career workers about why this field offers promising opportunities. The infographic below fromMorai Logistics lays out some compelling promises. Why not share it with potential talent today?

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