11 Goofy & Glorious Gadgets Launching on Kickstarter

One person’s genius idea is another person’s killer gadget, at least if you are cruising around the Kickstarter crowdsourcing platform.  We found nearly dozen gadget projects that are just days or weeks away from being funded. Which do you think would make your life better?

Gadgets, whether pricey or inexpensive, are devices or accessories that make life better or another device more usable.  We’ve handpicked some of the most cool and kooky but popular offerings on Kickstarter. We skipped over the non-electronic offerings. There were tons of new ways to hold a cell phone or tablet device. But we wanted to find the items that will be hitting the electronics supply chain, moving from manufacturer to end user.

Many of these projects have already been fully funded, while others are looking for a few dollars more to make their goal. We found projects from at least four continents. Some extend the usability of another product, such as the Alexa from Amazon. Others are useful on their own, such as a wearable, customizable camera or a bike safety lights. Exercise equipment, magnetic speakers, fidget spinners, toilet bowl night light… there’s something for everyone.

Click on the image below to start a slideshow of gadgets that might be the next big thing. Let us know in the comments section if any of them would change your life.

11 Goofy & Glorious Gadgets Launching on Kickstarter

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