15 Companies Hoping to Make Lebanon a Global Tech Hub

Often, when we talk technology here in the United States, conversation drifts the giants of the Silicon Valley in California or even the Silicon Gulch of Austin, Texas or the Silicon Prairie of Chicago. Now, however, a technology bastion is rising up in Lebanon, the small country bordered by Syria and Israel.

“Lebanon's growing tech scene is developing a cluster of entrepreneurs that have real potential to compete globally,” said program director of the U.K. Lebanon Tech HubInternational Accelerator Program.

Companies there are developing and/or manufacturing a variety of electronics-based products, from a smart cigarette lighter that reports how many smokes you have had to a cardiac monitor that delivers real time alerts to your doctor.

“Lebanon is already proving that it can nurture tech entrepreneurs, but the country's tech ecosystem is still relatively young,” said Tom Hockaday, CEO of the technology commercialization office of Oxford University, in a written statement. “The program run by our technology transfer consultants will help Lebanese universities understand the importance of successful technology transfer which will help facilitate more successful start-ups.”

These makers of these products and others have arrived in London via 15 of Lebanon's fastest rowing tech startups as part of the UK Lebanon Tech Hub program. The program, which hopes to reverse the trend of 90% of Lebanese people living abroad, is helping entrepreneurs to work University College of London and other U.K. institutions to take their ideas to the rest of the world.

Click on the image below to see a slideshow of these promising young tech companies (in alphabetical order) and their products:

15 Companies Hoping Make Lebanon a Global Tech Hub

Let us know how these innovators have sparked your imagination in the comments section below.

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