15 New & Old Ports Emerge as Global Trade Players

Over a dozen ports around the word are expected to emerge as new global logistics hubs by 2020, reflecting how several factors are shaking up supply chain distribution networks around the world. 

From a supply chain management perspective, these new mega-hub ports are growing and adapting in order to meet a surge in distribution demand from locations around the world. They also share a set of common factors accounting for why they will become major worldwide ports by 2020.

“While each of these hubs are changing due to influences unique to each location, there are a set of especially important factors that are common across the world and play a role in the growth of logistics hubs from regional to global players,” David Egan, head of industrial and logistics for CBRE Research, said. “While none of these hubs are exactly the same, they all share certain key characteristics that made them natural locations for the consolidation of global logistics and supply chain activity. Shifts in these factors have altered the status of some locations, and will do the same for others in the future.”

Click on the image below to start a slideshow of these 15 significant ports, then we'll take a look at the underlying business and political catalysts catapulting these ports to the status of global distribution hubs.

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