25 Million-Dollar Technology Ideas That Started on Kickstarter

Whether you explore the design labs of the largest electronics OEMs in the world, or peek into the garage of the individual innovator, everyone is hoping to come up with an innovation that will take the consumer electronics world by storm.

We looked at Kickstarter to see what new ideas are exciting consumers the most. We found a couple dozen projects that asked for tens of thousands of dollars in support and raked in a million dollars or more. In many cases, these projects are still available for more investors who want to get in on the ground floor.

We immediately spotted some trends and patterns in the winning ideas. The most popular ideas combine a practical solution to a real problem with a clever addition of cool features. The designs combine practicality and beauty. Some of these innovative products create an entirely new product category while others extend the features of an existing product set.

Consumers are clearly excited about electric bikes, 3D printing, smart phones, and, most of all, headphones and earbuds that promise to transform the listening experience. Users want tech that is tuned to them. They are excited with the promise of being able to do more with equipment that they already have, such as a smartphone or camera.

No country has cornered the market on innovation. The United States, and California in particular, has more than its share of winning ideas. At the same time, unique ideas came from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Click on the image below to start a slideshow of some cool products that, with good supply chain planning and a little bit of luck, will be in the hands of consumers soon.

25 Million-Dollar Technology Ideas That Started on Kickstarter

Take a look and let us know what products and categories that you think are the most promising. Let us know in the comments section below.

2 comments on “25 Million-Dollar Technology Ideas That Started on Kickstarter

  1. Pablo Valerio
    January 12, 2017

    An old friend of mine from Denmark launched The Dash, and raised $3,390,551 with 15,998 backers in 2014. Now Bragi, the company behind it, is selling two different wireless earbuds.

  2. Hailey Lynne McKeefry
    January 17, 2017

    Thanks, Pablo. This cerowdsourcing trend is so interesting since designers who could never have gotten traction even with a fabulous idea are getting the attention they deserve. At the same time, building a robust supply chain remains a key part of the success formula–and one that is often not top of mind for smaller designers. 

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