3 Essential Technologies to Meet Same Day Shipping Expectations

Customers today are used to having things when they want them, how they want them. With the consumerization of the supply chain comes the customer expectation that they will receive the package as quickly as possible, if not on the exact same day as the order was placed.

While same day shipping is great for delivering a positive customer experience, it does place quite a strain on resources for the shipper and the supply chain manager. Not only does it mean the shipper has to act more quickly to set the process in motion, it also means having to ensure that logistically, same-day shipping can even occur.

Embrace Drop-Ship Technologies

The reason same-day shipping can place such a strain on all of the resources and parties involved is that in order to occur, the product must be in-stock and available, and there must be a transportation method available to deliver it.

Drop-shipping is extremely beneficial for same-day shipping because it removes warehouse storage and replaces it with a product that comes directly from the supplier. As soon as the order is placed, the product will be shipped directly from the supplier to the customer. This means that instead of the buyer having to check to make sure it is in stock, from the supplier, the supplier is immediately alerted and therefore able to begin the shipping process.

The use of drop-shipping automates the order-to-delivery process across the entire supplier network, and also offers real-time detail ordering abilities to allow orders to process faster, reducing cycle lead times – absolutely essential for same-day shipping. It also means that out-of-season attire and products do not have to be stored in the warehouse, which can be costly, as the shipper is connected with the supplier and has access to goods on demand.

In addition, the software that supports drop-shipping provides information fast for real-time visibility into order details, and the status of key steps in the fulfillment process are clearly outlined. If there are any red flags with the order, the drop-ship platform can flag them immediately, before they impact the shipping time to the customer.

Embrace a Wide Carrier Network

A big challenge to same-day shipping is having the transportation available at the ready to get the good from the supplier to the customer. This can be accomplished by having a robust carrier network. Having options for transportation is especially helpful in the rapidly changing world of omni-channel retail, as users need to be nimble and agile to keep pace with customer expectations.

The carrier network helps to alleviate operational pressures that can be a result of the expectations of the sender combined with the reality of the increased cost of same day shipping, helps to buffer these costs, given the choice of carrier to the sender. Costs that are able to be lowered include the networks ability to ensure carrier compliance, including electronic manifesting for domestic and international origin carriers.

Bigger retailers are beginning to embrace these methods, including Nordstrom, who see it as an opportunity for more vendors to partner with them and costs they can afford.  

Embrace End-to-End Visibility

Another key to same-day shipping is having the technology in place to enable end-to-end visibility throughout the entirety of the supply chain. This means having a single platform for all supply chain managers to connect to for real time status updates on shipments and transportation.

Having complete insight into every aspect of the transportation process means that if needed, shipping can be course-corrected on the spot. These platforms can be accessed from the desktop or mobile devices, reaching all parties where they are. For example, the supplier of the winter coat can communicate over the platform with both the shipper and the customer in case there are any changes in delivery time or problems with the product. Staying connected ensures a better overall experience.

The need for same-day shipping is only going to continue as customers get more and more dependent on having items arrive instantly. Whether you are on the side of the shipper or the transporter, embracing these tools will ensure your team is always ready to handle same-day shipping requests as they arrive, maintaining excellent customer experience at the lowest cost possible.  

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