4 Biggest Boons Enterprise Labeling Integration with SAP

The overall benefits an enterprise labeling solution provider can offer – the ability to respond more quickly to customer demands, the efficiencies that standardization brings, and the ability to meet compliance requirements, among others – are well known. Further, there are many specific benefits that SAP-based organizations realize when deploying an enterprise labeling solution that integrates to SAP.

Meet enterprise-class requirements
Organizations drive all of their business processes through SAP. They choose SAP because of its ability to meet the requirements of a global enterprise: the wide range of capabilities, scalability, reliability, and availability that SAP offers. A robust enterprise labeling solution that integrates with SAP enables an organization to leverage the value of their SAP deployment more fully. This type of labeling solution is designed to support a global deployment. It must be able to easily scale as an organization's needs grow, whether it's adding new locations or increasing daily production runs to meet increasing demand. Another aspect of scale is the ability to communicate across an organization's full printer landscape, which may include thousands of different printers – all of which need to work with a centralized labeling solution. It must be able to perform reliably on a day-to-day basis, and offer the degree of availability that will protect an organization from business interruption stemming from labeling system failures.

Draw data from the source of truth

One of the greatest single advantages to using an enterprise labeling solution that integrates with SAP is that labeling draws on a source of truth from centralized repositories including master data that an organization has invested heavily in and which is the most vetted information in the organization. Whether its transactional data from inventory, order, or shipping processes or warning data from the SAP EH&S module, drawing on a source of truth offers consistency and is far more efficient than having multiple, possibly duplicative, sources of data. More importantly, it eliminates many of the issues associated with local approaches to labeling (e.g., manual data entry problems).

Cut costs dramatically & simplify maintenance

An enterprise labeling solution with a business rules engine provides customers with ultimate labeling flexibility. A configurable business rules engine removes the need to write code to support the complexities of labeling in SAP, and enables an organization to dramatically reduce the number of label templates required. Rather than writing code or having to develop a separate template for each labeling instance, with Enterprise Labeling, an organization can create a small number of templates that includes variables. Through these variables, an organization can dynamically alter label content to reflect differences in images, warnings, languages, etc. Business users can perform label changes, no coding required, without IT involvement. Through business rules, an organization can also establish processes that print multiple and different labels from a single request, pull data from multiple data sources, and automatically select printers. 

Improve customer responsiveness and time to market
Customers continually request labeling changes. While they want to respond quickly to their clients, SAP business users are challenged by waiting for expensive technical resources to free up so that these resources can create needed label changes. Even if the change is made quickly, business users – and their customers – may have to wait for the next release window to update their SAP production instance with the new label templates. With the right Enterprise labeling solution, business users easily create and maintain labels for the SAP environment. The ability to design even the most complex labels empowers users to make changes to labels in minutes instead of weeks or months. 

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