5 Logistics Mobile Apps for Small Biz

The logistics business is complex, and enterprise-level software to manage the process may prove to complex and expensive for smaller organizations. However, a few inexpensive apps can help managers and drivers control the chaos. They are easy to use and powerful enough to make a difference. Most of these apps (and others like them) work to gather data and make it easily accessible by managers, drivers, and in some cases, even the end customers. 

Driver's Daily Log
The Driver’s Daily Log app collects data, such as delivery time, miles driven, and hours clocked, so that managers can measure efficiency and drivers using a trustworthy network have access to the data they need to fill out reports. It is compatible with a variety of mobile devices, such as those from Samsung, and all operating systems. The price is $3.99, a small cost for a tool that can help ease reporting requirements. 

Bill of Lading
Since the Bill of Lading is the legal contract between the carrier and shipper, it is an essential document. This handy Bill of Lading app from Formville keeps all the relevant information for logistics: shipper, receiver, billing, and itemized lists for both the customer's order and the carrier's tracking information. It is compatible with every device platform. Cost: Starts with a 30-day free trial, giving managers ample time to evaluate this app and to discover its value. 

Delivery Confirmation with GPS
Upon delivery of a package, this scalable app will GPS-stamp the location, date, and time. That data is then conveyed to the carrier, the receiver, and the shipper in PDF format. The benefit to small businesses is that an average smart device becomes a logistics tool. Because it's so easy to use, you do not need to purchase additional scanners or equipment. It works on iOS and Android platforms.

Package Track
This app records all the important data needed to track a package. It includes proof of delivery and the location of the package during transit. With this information business owners can solve problems quickly so that clients are not left wondering where their package is. It works with all mobile device platforms.

Route Plan Form
The Route Plan Form app allows you to outline and plan routes, and keeps driver data and signatures on file. It is customizable to fit any company, and is compatible with all mobile device platforms. There is a special version for Motorola Solutions devices. The benefits are reduction in fuel costs and employee time costs, and an improvement in customer satisfaction.

These five apps are among the many available to help simplify logistics for smaller organizations. They provide information so that you can control customer satisfaction and employee time management as well as evaluate the entire logistics cycle. With these apps you can pinpoint problem areas, help redesign common routes, and improve your efficiency. 

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